有关获取 Power BI 问题解答的 10 个提示10 tips for getting help with your Power BI questions

使用 Power BI 时,是否会因遇到的 Power BI 问题得不到及时解答(即“实时”帮助)感到灰心失望或很费劲?Do you ever get frustrated using Power BI, or struggle because you can't get answers to your Power BI questions when you need them -- i.e. "just-in-time"?

下面介绍了 Power BI 专家(包括 Microsoft 产品使用人员)在查找 Power BI 问题答案时通常遵循的 10 条提示。Here are 10 tips that Power BI experts (including people who work on the product at Microsoft) commonly follow to find answers to their Power BI questions.

提示 1:使用搜索引擎1 Use a search engine

需要 Power BI 答案的专家经常使用搜索。Experts who need answers for Power BI often use search. 要查找用于常见业务计算的 DAX 公式吗?Want to find a DAX formula for a common business calculation? 可以在 Internet 上找到。You can find this on the internet. 可以为包含最佳答案的页面添加书签。Bookmark where you find the best answers. 请为自己创建一个文件夹来保存找到的提示和答案。Create a folder for yourself on tips and answers you find.

提示 2:查看 Power BI 文档2 Check the Power BI documentation

Power BI 团队在不断更新和改进 Power BI 文档和培训内容。The Power BI team is continually updating and improving the Power BI documentation and training. 可以在其中找到精彩内容,包括录制的在线讲座、白皮书、引导式学习以及涵盖所有最新功能的博文链接。You can find great content including recordings of webinars, white papers, guided learning, and links to blog posts on all the latest features.

提示 3:阅读 Power BI 博客,了解最新资讯3 Read the Power BI blog for the latest news

Power BI 团队在其 Power BI 博客文章中定期介绍所有新增功能。The Power BI team explains all the new features in their regular Power BI blog posts. 可以了解一切最新资讯,从 Power BI Desktop 到 Power BI 移动应用,无所不包。Find out what's new in everything from Power BI Desktop to the Power BI mobile apps. 请养成经常回来看看博文的习惯,了解最新资讯:每周花几分钟的时间来浏览博客。Make a habit of returning often to see what's new: Take a few minutes each week to scan the blogs. 说不定你就会从数月前看到的一点信息中获益。You never know when you'll benefit from that bit of information you noticed months ago.

提示 4:尝试 Twitter4 Try Twitter

很多 Power BI 客户和专家都在使用 Twitter。Lots of Power BI customers and experts are on Twitter. 通过推文提问。Ask your question in a tweet. 添加井号标签 #powerbi 和 #powerbihelp,以便了解情况的人可以看到你的推文。Add the hashtags #powerbi and #powerbihelp so the people who know will see your tweet.

提示 5:观看 YouTube 视频5 Watch videos on YouTube

视频是否更贴合你的学习方式?Do videos fit your learning style better? Power BI 提供了两组你可能会感兴趣的视频:Power BI has two sets you'll be interested in:

提示 6:参加培训6 Attend training

我们提供近乎无限的海量培训选项,从面对面实验室培训到简短视频培训,无所不包。The training options available to you are nearly endless, from in-person lab training to short videos.

还可以在网上找到其他培训选项,例如:You can find additional options online, such as:

提示 7:在 Power BI 社区中提问或搜索7 Ask or search in the Power BI community

Power BI 社区中提问并查找答案。Ask questions and find answers in the Power BI community. 世界各地的 BI 专家都积极参与此社区。BI experts around the world are active in the community. 请务必使用此资源从他们的知识中受益。Make sure to benefit from their knowledge by using this resource.

提示 8:加入或创建 Power BI 用户组8 Join or create a Power BI user group

加入 Power BI 用户组并让你的组来帮助回答你的问题。Join a Power BI user group and ask your group for help in answering your questions. 也可以创建自己的用户组,搭建一个供大家互相帮助的社区,但主要还是为了满足你的需求,即在你所在的区域和时区以你的数据为依据。Or you start your own user group and create a community of people who help each other out, focused on your needs: in your area, for your data, in your time zone.

提示 9:检查服务状态9 Check the service status

如果遇到服务问题,可能是服务本身存在问题。If you're having an issue with the service, it may be that the service itself is having issues. 请查看任意报表的支持页Check the Support page for any reports.

提示 10:试试看10 Just try it

如果其他所有方法均失败,最后一条提示是观察系统。If all else fails, the final tip is to observe the system. 人们通常会问 Power BI 有哪些功能。Often, people ask what capabilities Power BI has. 回答此类问题的方法通常是,转到 Power BI 服务或 Power BI Desktop,查看用户界面中的选项,然后尝试使用这些选项。You can often answer this type of question by going into the Power BI service or Power BI Desktop, looking at the options in the user interface, and then trying to use them.

例如,假设你想知道能否与安全组共享仪表板。For example, say you're wondering if you can share dashboards with a security group. 为了回答这个问题,请转到共享对话框,然后尝试添加安全组。To answer that question, go to the sharing dialog box and try adding a security group. 无论采用上述哪种方式,都可以在此测试后获得答案。Either way, you'll have your answer after this test.

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