在 Power BI 中与 ArcGIS 地图交互Interact with ArcGIS maps in Power BI

适用于:是面向消费者的 Power BI 服务 是面向设计师和开发者的 Power BI 服务 是Power BI Desktop 否需要 Pro 或 Premium 版许可证 APPLIES TO: yesPower BI service for consumers yesPower BI service for designers & developers yesPower BI Desktop noRequires Pro or Premium license

本主题从在 Power BI 服务、Power BI Desktop 或 Power BI 移动版中使用 ArcGIS 地图的人员的角度进行编写。This topic is written from the point of view of a person using an ArcGIS map in the Power BI service, Desktop, or mobile. 设计器与你共享 ArcGIS map for Power BI 视觉对象后,便可以通过多种方式与相应视觉对象进行交互。Once a designer shares an ArcGIS map for Power BI visual with you, there are many ways to interact with that visual. 若要详细了解如何创建 ArcGIS 地图,请参阅 ESRI ArcGIS 地图教程To learn more about creating an ArcGIS map, see ArcGIS maps by Esri tutorial.


与 Power BI 同事共享报表时,你和这位同事都应具有独立的 Power BI Pro 许可证,并且应将报表保存在 Premium 容量中。Sharing your report with a Power BI colleague requires that you both have individual Power BI Pro licenses or that the report is saved in Premium capacity. 请参阅共享报表See sharing reports.

ArcGIS 地图和 Power BI 的结合将超越地图点表示法的地图绘制技术提升到全新水平。The combination of ArcGIS maps and Power BI takes mapping beyond the presentation of points on a map to a whole new level. 报表设计器从地图开始,并将人口统计数据层附加到该地图。Report designers start with a map and attach layers of demographic data to that map. 将地图上基于此位置的数据层(如人口统计数据)与空间分析相结合,可以让用户更深入地了解可视化效果中的数据。The combination of this location-based data layers (such as census data) on a map with spatial analysis conveys a deeper understanding of the data in your visualizations.


GIS 指的是地理信息系统。GIS stands for Geographic Information System.

这幅 ArcGIS map for Power BI 视觉对象按城市显示了去年的销售额,并使用了街道基础地图和平均家庭收入参考层。This ArcGIS map for Power BI visual shows last year's sales by city and uses a street base map and an average household income reference layer. 此地图包含两个大头针(红色和黄色)和一个驾驶时间半径区域(紫色)。The map contains two pins (red and yellow) and one drive time radius (in purple).

使用气泡、大头针和驾驶时间显示美国的 ArcGIS 地图


请访问 Power BI 上的 ESRI 页面,查看多个示例并阅读推荐证明。Visit Esri's page on Power BI to see many examples and read testimonials. 然后查看 Esri 的 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 地图入门页And then see Esri's ArcGIS Maps for Power BI Getting Started page.

同事首次与你共享 ArcGIS 地图时,Power BI 会显示一条许可提示。The first time a colleague shares an ArcGIS map with you, Power BI will display a consent prompt. ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 由 Esri (https://www.esri.com) 提供,使用 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 时,必须遵守 Esri 的条款和隐私政策。ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is provided by Esri (https://www.esri.com) and your use of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is subject by Esri's terms and privacy policy. 若要使用适用于 Power BI 的 ArcGIS 地图视觉对象,Power BI 用户必须接受同意对话框。Power BI users wishing to use the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visuals need to accept the consent dialog.

了解层Understand the layers

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 视觉对象可以有多种不同类型的人口统计位置信息层。An ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual can have several different types of layers of demographic location information.

基本地图Base maps

每个 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 视觉对象都从基本地图开始。Each ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual starts with a base map. 将基本地图视为数据的画布。Think of base maps as the canvas for the data. 基本地图可能是基本的深色或浅色画布,A base map might be a basic dark or light canvas,


或带有街道和交通详情的画布。or a canvas with street and transportation detail.


基本地图会完全应用于画布,当进行平移和缩放时,地图将更新。The base map is applied to the canvas entirely - as you pan and zoom, the map updates. 放大可查看更加详细的街道和交通信息。Zoom in to see increasingly more detailed street and transportation information. 从一个洲平移到另一个洲,详细程度保持不变。Pan from one continent to another and the level of detail remains constant. 现在,我们已从波尔图平移到北京。Here, we've panned from Porto to Beijing.


引用层Reference layers

报表“设计器”可以添加一个引用层。A report designer can add one reference layer. 参考层由 Esri 托管,并提供有关位置的附加人口统计信息层。Reference layers are hosted by Esri and provide an additional layer of demographic information about a location. 下面的示例具有一个人口密度引用层。The example below has a reference layer for population density. 较深的颜色代表较高的密度。Darker colors represent higher density.



报表“设计器”可以添加多个信息图层。A report designer can add many infographics layers. 信息图是显示在视觉对象画布右侧的快速可视指示器。Infographics are quick visual indicators that display along the right side of the visual canvas. 信息图由 Esri 托管,并提供有关位置的附加人口统计信息层。Infographics are hosted by Esri and provide an additional layer of demographic information about a location. 下面的示例应用了三个信息图。The example below has three infographics applied. 它们不会显示在地图上,而是显示在卡片上。They don't display on the map itself, but on cards. 当你缩放、平移并选择地图上的区域时,信息图卡就会更新。The infographics cards update as you zoom, pan, and select areas on the map.



别针表示精确的位置,如城市或地址。Pins represent precise locations, like a city or address. 有时,“设计器”报表使用具有驾驶时间半径的别针。Sometimes report designers use pins with drive time radius. 此示例显示北卡罗来纳州夏洛特 50 英里半径内的商店。This example shows stores within a 50-mile radius of Charlotte, North Carolina.


与 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 视觉对象交互Interact with an ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual

可以使用的功能取决于与你共享报表的方式和 Power BI 帐户类型。The features available to you depend on how the report was shared with you and your Power BI account type. 如果有疑问,请与系统管理员联系。Check with your system administrator if you have questions. ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 视觉对象的行为与报表中的其他视觉对象非常相似。ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visuals behave much like other visuals in a report. 你将能够显示用于创建可视化效果的数据,在焦点模式和全屏模式中查看地图,通过“设计器”报表添加注释与筛选器进行交互等等。You'll be able to show the data that is used to create the visualization, see the map in Focus mode and full screen mode, add comments, interact with the filters set by the report designer, and more. ArcGIS 视觉对象可以交叉筛选报表页面上的其他视觉对象,反之亦然。ArcGIS visuals can cross-filter other visuals on the report page and vice versa.

将鼠标悬停在基本地图位置(例如,气泡)上以显示工具提示。Hover over base map locations (for example, a bubble) to reveal tooltips. 此外,使用 ArcGIS 视觉对象选择工具显示其他工具提示,并在基本地图或参考层上进行特定选择。Additionally, use the ArcGIS visual selection tools to display additional tooltips, and to make specific selections on the base map or reference layer.

选择工具Selection tools

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 有五种选择模式。ArcGIS Maps for Power BI allows five selection modes. 一次最多可选择 250 个数据点。A maximum of 250 data points can be selected at a time.


单项选择工具The single-select tool


从引用层中选择数据点、气泡、别针或单个数据点。Select a data point, a bubble, a pin, or an individual data point from the reference layer. Power BI 将显示一个工具提示,其中包含有关所选内容的详细信息。Power BI will display a tooltip with details about your selection. 根据你的选择,单项选择交叉筛选报表页面上的其他视觉效果,并更新所选区域的信息图卡。Single-select cross-filters the other visuals on the report page based on your selection, and updates the infographics cards for the selected area.

现在,我们从基本地图中选择了一个棕色气泡数据点。Here we've selected a brown bubble data point from our base map. Power BI:Power BI:

  • 突出显示所选内容,highlights our selection,
  • 显示该数据点的工具提示,displays a tooltip for that data point,
  • 更新信息图卡以显示我们选择的数据,以及updates the infographics cards to display data for just our selection, and
  • 交叉高亮显示柱形图。cross-hghlights the column chart.


如果地图有引用层,请选择要在工具提示中显示详细信息的位置。If the map has a reference layer, selecting locations displays details in a tooltip. 在这里,我们选择了 Seneca 县,并从“设计器”报表添加到地图的引用层(人口密度)中查看数据。Here we've selected Seneca County and see data from the reference layer (population density) that the report designer added to the map. 在此示例中,我们的数据点包括两个不同的县,因此我们的工具提示有两页。In this example, our data point includes two different counties, so our tooltip has two pages. 每页都有一个图表。Each page has a chart. 选择图表上的条形图以显示其他详细信息。Select a bar on the chart to display additional details.

Seneca 县的工具提示屏幕截图


有时,可以通过放大以选择特定位置来减少工具提示页的数目。Sometimes, you can reduce the number of tooltip pages by zooming in to select a specific location. 否则,如果位置重叠,Power BI 可能会一次显示多个工具提示。Otherwise, if there are overlapping locations, Power BI may present you with more than 1 tooltip at a time. 选择箭头可以切换工具提示Select the arrows to move between the tooltips


多选工具The multi-select tool


在地图上绘制一个矩形框来选择包含的数据点。Draws a rectangle on the map and selects the contained data points. 按 CTRL 可以选择多个矩形区域。Use CTRL to select more than one rectangular area. “多选”将更新所选区域的信息图卡,并根据所选内容交叉突出显示报表页上的其他视觉对象。Multi-select updates the infographics cards for the selected area, and cross-highlights the other visuals on the report page based on your selection.


引用层工具The reference layer tool


利用引用层中的边界或多边形来选择所包含的数据点。Allows boundaries or polygons within reference layers to be used to select contained data points. 很难看到,但是引用层有一个黄色的轮廓。It's hard to see, but there is a yellow outline on the reference layer. 与单项选择工具不同,我们没有工具提示。Unlike the single-select tool, we don't get a tooltip. 但我们具有该轮廓的边界内包含的任何数据点的相关数据。Instead we get data about any data points contained within the borders of that outline. 在此示例中,我们的选择确实包含一个用于 Winston Salem 的 Lindseys 商店的数据点。In this example, our selection does contain a data point -- it's for a Lindseys store in Winston Salem.


缓冲区工具The buffer tool


允许使用缓冲层选择数据点。Allows selection of data points using a buffer layer. 例如,使用此工具选择驾驶时间半径并继续与报表的其余部分交互。For example, use this tool to select a drive time radius and continue to interact with the rest of the report. 驾驶时间半径保持活动状态,信息图卡继续反映驾驶时间半径,但选择地图上的其他数据点会交叉筛选报表页上的其他视觉对象。The drive time radius remains active and the infographics cards continue to reflect the drive time radius, but selecting other data points on the map cross-filters the other visuals on the report page.


“查找相似”工具The Find Similar tool


允许查找具有相似属性的位置。Allows you to find locations with similar attributes. 首选一个或多个兴趣点或引用位置,定义最多五个要在分析中使用的维度。You begin by selecting one or more points of interest, or reference locations, defining up to five dimensions that you want to use in analysis. “查找相似”,然后计算地图上与你定义的引用位置最相似的 10 个位置。Find Similar then calculates the 10 locations on your map that are most like the reference locations you defined. 然后,你可以使用信息图卡详细了解每个结果的人口统计信息,创建驾驶时间区域以了解这些位置的驾驶距离范围内的信息,甚至可以使用“查找相似”工具本身筛选报表并获得更多见解。You can then use Infographics cards to learn more about the demographics around each of your results, create drive-time areas to get a sense of what is within driving distance of each of these locations, or even use the Find Similar tool itself to filter your report and gain more insights. 最重要的是,所有计算都在计算机本地完成,因此可以确保机密数据仍然受到保护。Most importantly, all the calculation is done locally on your machine, so you can be sure your confidential data remains protected.

注意事项和限制Considerations and Limitations

以下服务和应用支持适用于 Power BI 的 ArcGIS 地图:ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is available in the following services and applications:

服务/应用Service/App 是否支持Availability
Power BI DesktopPower BI Desktop Yes
Power BI 服务 (app.powerbi.com)Power BI service (app.powerbi.com) Yes
Power BI 移动应用程序Power BI mobile applications Yes
Power BI 发布到 WebPower BI publish to web No
Power BI EmbeddedPower BI Embedded No
Power BI 服务嵌入 (PowerBI.com)Power BI service embedding (PowerBI.com) No

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 如何运作?How do ArcGIS Maps for Power BI work together?

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 由 Esri (https://www.esri.com) 提供。ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is provided by Esri (https://www.esri.com). 使用 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 时,必须遵守 Esri 的条款隐私策略Your use of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is subject by Esri's terms and privacy policy. Power BI 用户如果希望使用适用于 Power BI 的 ArcGIS 地图视觉对象,则需要接受同意对话框(有关详细信息,请参阅《用户同意》)。Power BI users wishing to use the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visuals, need to accept the consent dialog (see User Consent for details). 使用 Esri 的 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 时,必须遵守 Esri 的条款和隐私策略,同意对话框具有相关链接。Using Esri’s ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is subject to Esri’s Terms and Privacy Policy, which is also linked to from the consent dialog. 每个用户在首次使用 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 之前,必须同意条款和隐私策略。Each user must consent prior to using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI for the first time. 一旦用户接受同意,绑定到视觉对象的数据至少会发送到 Esri 的服务以进行地理编码,这意味着将位置信息转换为可以在地图中表示经度和纬度的信息。Once the user accepts the consent, data bound to the visual is sent to Esri’s services at least for geocoding, meaning transforming location information into latitude and longitude information that can be represented in a map. 应该假定可以将绑定到数据可视化效果的任意数据发送到 Esri 的服务。You should assume any data bound to the data visualization can be sent to Esri’s services. Esri 提供基本地图、空间分析和地理编码之类的服务。ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 视觉对象与使用 SSL 连接的这些服务进行交互,该连接由 Esri 提供和维护的证书保护。Esri provides services like base maps, spatial analytics, geocoding, etc. The ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual interacts with these services using an SSL connection protected by a certificate provided and maintained by Esri. 可以从 Esri 的 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 产品页获取 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 的其他信息。Additional information about ArcGIS Maps for Power BI can be obtained from Esri’s ArcGIS Maps for Power BI product page.

Power BI PlusPower BI Plus

选择 Plus 图标以注册或登录

当用户通过 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 注册由 Esri 提供的 Plus 订阅时,他们与 Esri 建立了直接关系。When a user signs up for a Plus subscription offered by Esri through ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, they are entering into a direct relationship with Esri. Power BI 不向 Esri 发送有关用户的个人信息。Power BI does not send personal information about the user to Esri. 用户使用自己的 AAD 身份登录并信任 Esri 提供的 AAD 应用程序。The user signs in to and trusts an Esri provided AAD application using their own AAD identity. 通过此操作,用户直接与 Esri 共享其个人信息。By doing so, the user is sharing their personal information directly with Esri. 一旦用户将 Plus 内容添加到 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 视觉对象,想要查看或编辑该视觉对象的同事也需要 Esri 的 Plus 订阅。Once the user adds Plus content to an ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual, colleagues who want to view or edit that visual will also need a Plus subscription from Esri.

有关 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 的工作原理的详细技术问题,请通过其支持站点与 Esri 联系。For technical detailed questions about how Esri’s ArcGIS Maps for Power BI works, reach out to Esri through their support site.

注意事项和疑难解答Considerations and troubleshooting

ArcGIS 地图未显示 The ArcGIS map is not showing up
在不支持适用于 Power BI 的 ArcGIS 地图的服务或应用中,可视化效果将显示为带 Power BI 徽标的空视觉对象。In services or applications where ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is not available, the visualization will show as an empty visual with the Power BI logo.

地图上并非显示我的所有信息 I'm not seeing all of my information on the map
在地图上对维度/经度进行地理编码时,将显示最多 30,000 个数据点。When geocoding latitude/longitude on the map, up to 30,000 data points are displayed. 在对邮政编码或街道地址等数据点进行地理编码时,将仅对前 15,000 个数据点进行编码。When geocoding data points such as zip codes or street addresses, only the first 15,000 data points are geo-coded. 对地名或国家/地区进行地理编码时,没有前 1500 个地址限制。Geocoding place names or countries is not subject to the 1500 address limit.

使用适用于 Power BI 的 ArcGIS 地图需要付费吗?Is there any charge for using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI?

所有 Power BI 用户都可以使用适用于 Power BI 的 ArcGIS 地图,无需额外付费。The ArcGIS Map for Power BI is available to all Power BI users at no additional cost. 此组件由 Esri 提供,应在本文前面所述的由 Esri 提供的使用条款及隐私政策的限制下使用此组件。It is a component provided by Esri and your use is subject to the terms and privacy policy provided by Esri as noted earlier in this article. 如果订阅 ArcGIS Plus,将收取费用。If you subscribe to ArcGIS Plus, there is a charge.

我看到关于缓存已满的错误消息I'm getting an error message about my cache being full

此行为是要解决的 bug。This behavior is a bug that is being addressed. 在此期间,请选择错误消息中的链接,了解如何清除 Power BI 缓存。In the meantime, select the link that appears in the error message for instructions on clearing your Power BI cache.

是否能够离线查看 ArcGIS 地图?Can I view my ArcGIS maps offline?

否,Power BI 需要网络连接才能显示地图。No, Power BI needs network connectivity to display the maps.

后续步骤Next steps

获取帮助:Esri 针对 ArcGIS Maps for Power BI 的功能集提供综合文档Getting help: Esri provides comprehensive documentation on the feature set of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI.

可以在 Power BI 社区中与适用于 Power BI 的 ArcGIS 地图相关的帖子中提问题和查找最新信息,报告问题并查找答案。You can ask questions, find the latest information, report issues, and find answers on the Power BI community thread related to ArcGIS Maps for Power BI.

适用于 Power BI 的 ArcGIS 地图产品页ArcGIS Maps for Power BI product page