Power BI 白皮书Whitepapers for Power BI

阅读白皮书,可以深入探索 Power BI 主题。Whitepapers allow you to explore Power BI topics at a deeper level. 这里列出了已发布的 Power BI 白皮书。Here you can find a list of available whitepapers for Power BI.

白皮书Whitepaper 说明Description
Microsoft Power BI PremiumMicrosoft Power BI Premium 介绍了 Power BI Premium 刚刚面世时的情况以及它的发展趋势。Describes Power BI Premium, both as it exists when launched and also how it will evolve.
规划 Power BI Enterprise 部署Planning a Power BI Enterprise Deployment 这是一本技术白皮书,简要介绍了性能良好且安全的 Power BI 组织部署的注意事项。This is a technical whitepaper outlining considerations for a well-performing and secure organizational Power BI deployment.
使用 Power BI Premium规划嵌入式分析的容量Plan capacity for embedded analytics with Power BI Premium 本文为应用开发人员/ISV 提供有关如何为其业务确定最合适容量的指导。This paper provides guidance for the app developer/ISV to determine the most appropriate capacity for its business.
使用 Azure Active Directory B2B 将 Power BI 内容分发给外部来宾用户Distribute Power BI content to external guest users using Azure Active Directory B2B 本白皮书概述了如何使用 Azure Active Directory 企业到企业 (AAD B2B) 的集成将内容分发给组织外的用户。This paper outlining how to distribute content to users outside the organization using the integration of Azure Active Directory Business-to-business (AAD B2B).
设计报表和视觉对象的最佳做法Best design practices for reports and visuals 介绍了有关如何在 Power BI 中设计报表的最佳做法。Provides best practices for designing reports in Power BI.
高级 Power BI 分析Advanced Analytics with Power BI 介绍 Power BI 的高级分析功能,包括预测分析、自定义可视化效果、R 集成和数据分析表达式。Describes the advanced analytics capabilities of Power BI, including predictive analytics, custom visualizations, R integration, and data analysis expressions.
双向筛选Bidirectional filtering 介绍了 Power BI Desktop 中的双向交叉筛选(此白皮书还介绍了 SQL Server Analysis Services 2016,两者行为相同)。Explains bidirectional cross-filtering in Power BI Desktop (the whitepaper also covers SQL Server Analysis Services 2016, both have the same behavior).
SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services 中的 DirectQueryDirectQuery in SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services 针对 SQL Server 2016,DirectQuery 经过重新设计,显著提高了速度和性能,但现在的理解和实现过程也更为复杂。For SQL Server 2016, DirectQuery was redesigned for dramatically improved speed and performance, however, it is also now more complex to understand and implement.
管理Governance 介绍了用于提高 Power BI 投资回报率的框架。Provides a framework for increasing the return on investment related to Power BI.
安全性Security 详细介绍了 Power BI 中的安全性。Provides a detailed explanation of security within Power BI.
保护表格 BI 语义模型Securing the Tabular BI Semantic Model 本白皮书介绍了表格 BI 语义和 Power BI 的安全模型。This paper introduces the security model for tabular BI semantic and Power BI. 你将了解如何创建角色,实现动态安全性,配置模拟设置,管理角色,以及选择连接到在你的网络安全上下文中工作的模型的方法。You will learn how to create roles, implement dynamic security, configure impersonation settings, manage roles, and choose a method for connecting to models that works in your network security context.
Power BI 报表服务器容量计划指南Capacity planning guidance for Power BI Report Server 本文旨在通过共享针对报表服务器的各种工作负载的大量加载测试执行的结果,提供 Power BI 报表服务器的容量计划指南。This paper aims to offer guidance on capacity planning for Power BI Report Server by sharing results of numerous load test executions of various workloads against a report server.
Power BI Premium 规划和部署Power BI Premium Planning and Deployment 本文介绍了如何针对已定义的工作负载规划和部署高级容量,以及相应的最佳做法。This paper provides guidance and best practices for planning and deploying Premium capacity for well-defined workloads.

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