PowerApps 中的“列”控件Column control in PowerApps

用于在“数据表”控件中显示单个字段。Provides the display experience for a single field in a Data table control.


数据表”控件以表格格式显示数据集,表格格式中的每一列都由“列”控件表示。The Data table control shows a dataset in a tabular format, and each column in that tabular format is represented by a Column control. “列”控件为应用开发者提供用于自定义列外观和行为的属性。The Column control provides properties that the app maker can use to customize the appearance and behavior of the column.


现可用Now available

  • 更改“列”控件的宽度。Change the width of a Column control.
  • 更改“列”控件的文本。Change the text for a Column control.
  • 通过单击或点击“列”控件中的值进行导航。Navigate by clicking or tapping the value in a Column control.

尚未推出Not yet available

  • 自定义“列”控件的样式。Customize the styling of a Column control.

已知问题Known issues

  • “Visible”属性不起作用。The Visible property doesn't work yet.


  • DisplayName - 列标题文本。DisplayName – The text that appears in the header for the column.


    此属性很快将会重命名为“HeaderText”。This property will soon be renamed HeaderText.

  • IsHyperlink - 指明是否应为列中数据加上下划线以表明这是超链接的值。IsHyperlink – A value that indicates whether the data in the column should be underlined to indicate that it's a hyperlink.
  • Width -“列”控件左右边缘之间的距离。Width – The distance between the Column control’s left and right edges.


重设列大小Resize a column

  1. 创建一个空白的平板电脑应用。Create a blank tablet app.
  2. 在“插入”选项卡上,单击或点击“数据表”,再重设“数据表”控件的大小,使其全屏显示。On the Insert tab, click or tap Data table, and then resize the Data table control so that it covers the whole screen.
  3. 在右侧窗格中,依次单击或点击“未选择数据源”右侧的向下箭头和“添加数据源”。In the right pane, click or tap the down arrow to the right of No data source selected, and then click or tap Add a data source.
  4. 在连接列表中,单击或点击 Common Data Service 数据库的连接。In the list of connections, click or tap the connection for your Common Data Service database.
  5. 在实体列表中,依次单击或点击“帐户”和“连接”。In the list of entities, click or tap Account, and then click or tap Connect.

    此时,“数据表”控件已初始化,显示一组默认字段。The Data table control is initialized and shows a set of default fields.

  6. 单击或点击“全名”列。Click or tap the Full name column.


  7. 拖动右侧的装饰器,以重设字段大小。Drag the adorner on the right side to resize the field.