PowerApps 中的 Find 函数Find function in PowerApps

在其他字符串中查找文本字符串(如果存在)。Finds a string of text, if it exists, within another string.


Find 函数在其他字符串中查找字符串,且区分大小写。The Find function looks for a string within another string and is case sensitive. 若要忽略大小写,需首先对参数使用 Lower 函数。To ignore case, first use the Lower function on the arguments.

Find 返回找到的字符串的起始位置。Find returns the starting position of the string that was found. 位置 1 是字符串的第一个字符。Position 1 is the first character of the string. 如果在其中进行搜索的字符串中不包含要搜索的字符串,Find 将返回空白。Find returns blank if the string in which you're searching doesn't contain the string for which you're searching.


Find( FindString, WithinString [, StartingPosition ] )Find( FindString, WithinString [, StartingPosition ] )

  • FindString - 必需。FindString - Required. 要查找的字符串。The string to find.
  • WithinString - 必需。WithinString - Required. 要在其中搜索的字符串。The string to search within.
  • StartingPosition - 可选。StartingPosition - Optional. 开始搜索的起始位置。The starting position to start searching. 位置 1 是第一个字符。Position 1 is the first character.