PowerApps 中的 Download、Launch 和 Param 函数Download, Launch, and Param functions in PowerApps

使用参数下载或启动网页或应用。Downloads or launches a webpage or an app with parameters.


Download 函数可用于从 Web 将文件下载到本地设备。The Download function downloads a file from the web to the local device. 系统会提示用户选择保存文件的位置。The user is prompted for a location to save the file. Download 会返回文件的存储位置,并使用字符串表示。Download returns the location where the file was stored locally as a string.

Launch 函数可用于启动网页或应用。The Launch function launches a webpage or an app. 这个函数还可以将参数传递给应用(可选)。Optionally, this function can pass parameters to the app.

当应用启动时,Param 函数可用于检索传递给应用的参数。The Param function retrieves a parameter passed to the app when it was launched. 如果没有传递指定的参数,Param 会返回 blankIf the named parameter wasn't passed, Param returns blank.


Download( Address )Download( Address )

  • Address - 必需。Address - Required. 要下载的 Web 资源的地址。The address of a web resource to download.

Launch( Address [, ParameterName1, ParameterValue1, ... ] )Launch( Address [, ParameterName1, ParameterValue1, ... ] )

  • Address - 必需。Address - Required. 要启动的网页的网址或应用的 ID。The address of a webpage or the ID of an app to launch.
  • ParameterName - 可选。ParameterName(s) - Optional. 参数名称。Parameter name.
  • ParameterValue - 可选。ParameterValue(s) - Optional. 要传递给应用或网页的相应参数的值。Corresponding parameter values to pass to the app or the webpage.

Param( ParameterName )Param( ParameterName )

  • ParameterName - 必需。ParameterName - Required. 传递给应用的参数的名称。The name of the parameter passed to the app.