PowerApps 中的 Shuffle 函数Shuffle function in PowerApps

随机重新排列记录的顺序。Randomly reorders the records of a table.


Shuffle 函数重新排列表记录的顺序。The Shuffle function reorders the records of a table.

Shuffle 返回一个表,该表与参数具有相同的和行数。Shuffle returns a table that has the same columns and number of rows as the argument.


Shuffle( Table )Shuffle( Table )

  • Table - 必需。Table - Required. 要随机排序的表。Table to shuffle.


如果已将打牌时的详细信息存储在名为 Deck集合中,则此公式会返回随机排序的该集合的副本。If you stored details about playing cards in a collection named Deck, this formula would return a copy of that collection that has been randomly shuffled.