入门Getting started

了解什么是 PowerApps,及其软件元素和相关技术。Understand what PowerApps is - its software elements, and related technologies. 查看可以创建应用的不同方式,然后生成基于 SharePoint 列表的应用。Look at the different ways you can create apps, and generate an app from a SharePoint list.

You will learn how to...

PowerApps 简介Introducing PowerApps

欢迎学习 Microsoft PowerApps 引导式课程Welcome to Guided Learning for Microsoft PowerApps. 这一自主掌控进度的联机课程依序介绍 PowerApps,以便你可以从头开始搭建知识体系。This self-paced online course explains PowerApps in a sequential way, so you can build your knowledge from the ground up.

引导式课程分为多个部分,每个部分又包含多个主题。This Guided Learning course contains many sections, and each section has many topics. 本课程划分为易于理解的区块,为你提供指南。整个流程符合逻辑,有助于你学习概念、了解详细信息并浏览示例。The course is designed to provide guidance in understandable chunks, with a logical flow that helps you learn concepts, see details, and walk through examples. 其中还包含大量视觉对象,也有助于你学习。It includes lots of visuals to help you learn, too.

如果是 PowerApps 新手,本课程可以帮助你入门;如果对 PowerApps 很熟悉,本课程涵盖了所有概念,可帮助你查漏补缺。If you're a beginner with PowerApps this course gets you going, and if you're familiar with PowerApps this course ties concepts together, and fills in the gaps. 我们由衷希望你对本课程感到满意,期待着今后补充更多内容。We hope you enjoy the course, and we look forward to including more content in the future.

什么是 PowerApps?What is PowerApps?

PowerApps 包含一系列软件服务和应用,彻底改变自定义业务线应用程序的生成和共享方式,以便你可以快速生成和共享。PowerApps is a collection of software services and apps that work together to fundamentally transform and accelerate how you build and share custom line of business applications.

PowerApps 动画简介

PowerApps 连接你已在使用的云服务和数据源,以便你可以利用已掌握的技能快速生成应用来满足特定需求。PowerApps connects to the cloud services and data sources you're already using, giving you the ability to quickly build apps that suit specific needs - building on skills you already have. 可以跨 Web 、平板电脑和移动设备与同事快速共享应用。You can share apps instantly with your co-workers across the web, tablets, and mobile devices. PowerApps 还与 Microsoft Flow 集成,以便你可以在应用内触发工作流。PowerApps also integrates with Microsoft Flow, making it possible to trigger workflows from within apps. PowerApps 既简单易用,又能快速响应,可以在短短几分钟内生成应用,从而拉取 Excel 或云服务中的数据。PowerApps can be simple and fast - capable of producing an app in minutes that pulls in data from Excel or a cloud service. 此外,PowerApps 还是可靠的企业级服务,能够满足跟踪整个企业内的资产和集成到后端系统等复杂需求。But PowerApps is also robust and enterprise-grade, ready for complex requirements like tracking assets across a corporation and tying into your backend systems.

PowerApps 组成部分The Parts of PowerApps

PowerApps 包含用于创建、共享和管理应用的组件,以及用于运行这些应用的组件。PowerApps consists of components to create, share, and administer apps; and components to run those apps. 可以使用应用所需的数据连接PowerApps Studio for webPowerApps Studio for Windows 中创建应用。You create apps in PowerApps Studio for web or PowerApps Studio for Windows, using the data connections that your app requires. 可以使用 web.powerapps.com 配置和管理数据连接和本地网关,并与 Common Data Service 结合使用(后续部分将对此进行介绍)。You use web.powerapps.com to configure and manage data connections and on-premises gateways, and to work with the Common Data Service, which we will cover in a later section. 创建应用后,通常会将其共享到 Microsoft AppSource,并在管理中心内管理应用。After you create an app, you often share it to Microsoft AppSource, and administer it in the admin center.

可以在浏览器中使用 Microsoft Dynamics 365 运行应用,也可以使用适用于 Windows、iOS 和 Android 设备的 PowerApps Mobile 运行应用。You run apps in a browser from Microsoft Dynamics 365 or by using PowerApps Mobile, which is available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

PowerApps 引导式课程的剩余部分将按创建、共享、管理和运行应用这一流程进行介绍。We will follow this flow of creating, sharing, administering, and running apps as we go through the rest of PowerApps Guided Learning.

PowerApps 如何匹配角色How PowerApps matches your role

借助 PowerApps,业务分析师和其他行业专家可以轻松利用已掌握的技能创建应用PowerApps makes it easy for business analysts and other subject matter experts to create apps using the skills you already have. 不过,PowerApps 用户类型并不仅限于此。But this is not the only type of PowerApps user. 一些人只是运行其他人创建的应用。Some people simply run apps that others create. 另一些人(即以编写代码为生的专业开发者)利用 PowerApps 快速生成复杂的应用。Other people, who write code for a living (professional developers), take advantage of PowerApps to rapidly build sophisticated apps.

如何使用 PowerApps 可能取决于你在项目或团队中的角色,而你的角色可能会发生变化。How you use PowerApps may depend on your role in a project or on a team, and your role can change. 例如,你的一个同事创建了一个应用,已集成到全公司的客户关系管理 (CRM) 系统中,你经常使用此应用来跟踪潜在销售客户。For example, one of your coworkers creates an app that is tied into your company-wide customer relationship management (CRM) system, and you use this app regularly to track promising sales leads. 不过,你也可以自己编写应用,并与工作组共享你的应用,因为关系亲密的同事认为你的这些应用很有用。But you might also write apps yourself and share them within your workgroup because your close colleagues find those apps very useful.

后续步骤Next Steps

至此,你已大致了解本课程、PowerApps 的概念及其主要元素。下一主题将深入介绍各个 PowerApps 组件。Now that you have an overview of this course, what PowerApps is, and its main elements, in the next topic we will look more closely at each PowerApps component.

PowerApps 组成部分Parts of PowerApps

引导式课程的第一个主题介绍了 PowerApps 的主要组成部分。In the first Guided Learning topic you read about the main parts of PowerApps. 现在,我们将更详细地介绍每个组成部分。Now we're going to provide a little more detail on each of the parts. PowerApps 包含一系列软件服务和应用,与相关技术结合使用有助于搭建功能强大的生态系统。PowerApps is a set of software services and apps that work together, and there are related technologies that help make this a powerful ecosystem. PowerApps 组成部分包括:The PowerApps components are:

  • web.powerapps.com - 管理和共享生成的应用web.powerapps.com - manage and share the apps you build
  • PowerApps Studio - 使用易用的可视化工具生成功能强大的应用PowerApps Studio - build powerful apps with easy to use visual tools
  • PowerApps Mobile - 在 Windows、iOS 和 Android 设备上运行应用PowerApps Mobile - run apps on Windows, iOS, and Android devices
  • PowerApps 管理中心 - 管理 PowerApps 环境和其他组成部分PowerApps admin center - administer PowerApps environments and other components

我们并不希望你花大量时间就学习了 PowerApps 概念,我们认为学习更充实的课程对你更有帮助。We don't expect you to take a ton of time just to learn what PowerApps is, but we think it's helpful to flesh things out a bit more.


如果生成应用,大部分时间都是在这里执行操作。If you build apps, this is where you spend most of your time. 可以查看其中提供的示例应用和模板,以及你创建的所有应用。You learn from the sample apps and templates that are available here, and see all the apps you have created. 可以在 PowerApps Studio for webPowerApps Studio for Windows 中创建应用,并与个人和组织共享这些应用。You create apps in PowerApps Studio for web or PowerApps Studio for Windows, and share those apps with individuals and organizations. 可以管理数据:连接网关实体(很快就会逐一介绍)。可以查看在 flows.microsoft.com 中创建的全部,并能将流与应用集成。You manage data: connections, gateways, and entities (all of which we'll cover shortly.) And you see all the flows created in flows.microsoft.com, which you can integrate with your apps.

web.powerapps.com 网站

PowerApps StudioPowerApps Studio

PowerApps Studio 可以是能在任何新式浏览器中使用的 Web 应用程序,也可以是 Windows 应用程序。PowerApps Studio is available as a web application that you can use in any modern browser, and as a Windows application. PowerApps Studio 有三个窗格和一个功能区,创建应用类似于在 PowerPoint 中创建幻灯片组PowerApps Studio has three panes and a ribbon that make app creation feel similar to building a slide deck in PowerPoint:

  1. 左侧导航栏:可以显示应用中每个屏幕的缩略图或每个屏幕上所有控件的分层视图Left navigation bar, in which you can show a thumbnail for each screen in your app or a hierarchical view of all the controls on each screen
  2. 中间窗格:显示正在处理的屏幕Middle pane, which shows the screen that you're working on
  3. 右侧窗格:包含“布局”和“数据源”等设置选项Right-hand pane, where you set options such as layout and data sources
  4. 属性下拉列表:可在其中选择公式适用的属性Property drop-down list, where you select the properties that formulas apply to
  5. 编辑栏:可在其中添加定义应用行为的公式(就像在 Excel 中一样)Formula bar, where you add formulas (as in Excel) that define app behavior
  6. 功能区:可在其中添加控件并自定义设计元素Ribbon, where you add controls and customize design elements

PowerApps Studio

PowerApps MobilePowerApps Mobile

适用于 Windows、iOS 和 Android 的 PowerApps Mobile 提供了一个环境,方便你查找和使用应用。PowerApps Mobile for Windows, iOS, and Android provides an environment where you can find and use apps. 无需单独转到应用商店,不离开 PowerApps 就可以访问你自己创建的所有应用以及其他人与你共享的所有应用。Instead of going to separate app stores, you stay in PowerApps and have access to all the apps that you've created and that others have shared with you. 在 PowerApps Mobile 中使用应用时,可充分利用设备的功能,如相机控件、GPS 定位等。When you use apps in PowerApps Mobile, you get the most out of your device's capabilities like camera controls, GPS location, and more.

PowerApps Mobile

管理中心Admin center

PowerApps 管理中心是为组织集中管理 PowerApps 的位置。The PowerApps admin center is the centralized place to administer PowerApps for an organization. 在这里,可以定义不同的环境,其中包含应用、数据连接和其他元素。This is where you define different environments, which house apps, data connections, and other elements. 还可以在管理中心内创建 Common Data Service 数据库,并管理权限和数据策略。The admin center is also where you create Common Data Service databases, and manage permissions and data policies.

PowerApps 管理中心

下一主题将介绍为了搭建功能强大的生态系统进行应用开发,与 PowerApps 结合使用的一系列相关技术。In the next topic we'll learn about the set of related technologies that PowerApps works with to make a powerful ecosystem for app development.

相关技术Related technologies

通常情况下,通过结合使用以下技术和 PowerApps,在整个组织中生成和共享功能强大的应用。The following technologies are often used with PowerApps to build and share robust apps across your organization. 应用可以集成多个数据源中的数据,以及用于自动执行任务的工作流。Your apps can integrate data from multiple sources and include workflows that automate tasks.

  • Microsoft Flow - 在常用应用和服务之间创建自动执行的工作流Microsoft Flow - create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services
  • 数据源、连接、连接器和网关 - 将云和本地数据引入应用Data sources, connections and connectors, and gateways - bring cloud and on-premises data into your apps
  • Common Data Service - 使用通用数据模型集成业务数据Common Data Services - integrate business data using the common data model
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 - 在网上运行所有业务应用Microsoft Dynamics 365 - run all your business apps in the web
  • Microsoft AppSource - 将你的应用集中共享到这个位置,以便 Microsoft 和许多合作伙伴能够轻松找到Microsoft AppSource - share your apps into this centralized place for Microsoft and our many partners

Microsoft FlowMicrosoft Flow

Microsoft Flow 是一项跨业务用户依赖的日益增多的应用和服务自动处理工作流的服务。Microsoft Flow is a service for automating workflow across the growing number of apps and services that business users rely on. Microsoft Flow 可以加快业务执行,节省你在重复单调的任务上花费的时间,有更多时间来做自己想做的事情。Microsoft Flow can accelerate your business so you spend less time on mundane, repetitive tasks, and more time on what you want to do. 将 Microsoft Flow 与 PowerApps 结合使用可以生成触发和响应工作流的应用Use Microsoft Flow in conjunction with PowerApps to build apps that trigger and respond to workflows.

Microsoft Flow

数据源、连接、连接器和网关Data sources, connections and connectors, and gateways

你可能关注了许多数据源,PowerApps 使用连接器连接这些数据源。There are many data sources that you might care about, and PowerApps uses connectors to make connections to these data sources. 下图展示了一些最常用的数据源,其中许多是云服务,如 Salesforce。Some of the most popular data sources are shown below—many of them are cloud services, like Salesforce. 连接器可能不是应用开发中最棒的一部分,但却是处理你、同事和客户所关注数据时不可或缺的一部分。Connectors might not feel like the coolest part of app development, but they are essential to working with data that you, your colleagues, and your customers care about. 对于存储在本地而不是云中的数据,使用网关在 PowerApps 和数据源之间建立可靠连接。For data that is stored on-premises rather than in the cloud, you use a gateway to provide a reliable connection between PowerApps and your data source. 网关位于本地计算机上,并与 PowerApps 进行通信。The gateway sits on an on-premises computer and communicates with PowerApps.

PowerApps 数据源和连接器

Microsoft Common Data ServiceMicrosoft Common Data Service

Common Data Service 可以轻松集成多个数据源的业务数据。The Common Data Service makes it easy to integrate business data from multiple sources. 此服务的通用数据模型包括对应用和业务流程常见的许多实体,如“联系人”、“产品”和“销售订单”等实体。The service features a common data model that includes many entities common to apps and business processes: entities like Contact, Product, and Sales Order. 此服务可靠地存储可扩展的数据,让数据可供多个应用程序使用。The service stores the data in a scalable and reliable way, and makes the data available so that multiple applications can use it. 可以是在 PowerApps 中生成的应用,也可以是在其他 Microsoft 应用程序或第三方应用程序中生成的应用。The applications can be apps that you build in PowerApps, other Microsoft applications, or third party applications. 下图展示了 web.powerapps.com 中“联系人”实体的一部分。The image below shows a portion of the Contact entity in web.powerapps.com.


Microsoft Dynamics 365Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 是一款包含特制应用的云服务,可帮助你满足特定业务需求,如销售自动化、运营或客户服务。Dynamics 365 is a cloud service with purpose-built apps that enable you to address specific business needs like sales automation, operations, or customer service. 在 PowerApps 中,可以将应用共享到 AppSource 中,然后共享用户便能在 Dynamics 365 以及移动设备中查看和运行共享应用。In PowerApps, you share apps into AppSource, then users you share with view and run those apps in Dynamics 365, as well as on mobile devices. 在 Dynamics 365 中运行应用的优势在于,可以在一个位置集中运行所有业务应用,无论组织成员创建的应用、Microsoft 应用,还是第三方应用。The advantage of having the apps in Dynamics 365 is that you have one place to run all your business apps - from creators in your organization, from Microsoft, and from third parties.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft AppSourceMicrosoft AppSource

AppSource 中,可轻松找到并评估同事、Microsoft 和我们的合作伙伴共享的应用AppSource is the place to easily find and evaluate apps from your colleagues, and from Microsoft and our partners. 在 PowerApps 中共享应用后,便会将应用共享到 AppSource 中。When you share an app from PowerApps, you make it available in AppSource. 可以选择仅限组织成员使用,也可以选择允许公开访问。You can choose to make it available just for people in your organization, or you can make it available publicly.

Microsoft AppSource

至此,你已更深入地了解 PowerApps 的所有组成部分及相关技术。Now you have a little more information about all the parts of PowerApps, and related technologies. 无需记住这个列表,因为我们将在本课程中继续深入介绍每个组成部分。Don't feel like you have to memorize the list, because we will continue to deepen your knowledge on each of the parts throughout this course. 下一主题将介绍应用创建选项。Next up is an introduction to the options you have for creating apps.

快速了解如何创建应用A quick look at creating apps

至此,你已掌握 PowerApps 的基础知识,让我们直接快速导览如何开始创建应用Now that you know the basics of PowerApps, let's jump into a quick tour of how to get started with apps. 我们将介绍示例应用,以及如何创建基于模板、共享应用和数据源的应用。We'll look at sample apps, creating apps from a template, using shared apps, and creating apps from a data source. 下一主题将详细介绍有关创建应用的实际操作。In the next topic, we will get more hands-on with app creation.

探索一些示例应用Check out some sample apps

web.powerapps.com 的欢迎页中提供多个可在 Web 浏览器中使用的示例应用。In web.powerapps.com, you'll be greeted with several sample apps that you can use in your web browser. 探索这些应用,大致了解可实现的功能,以及 PowerApps 如何助你提升业务。Explore these apps to get a quick sense of what's possible and how PowerApps can help your business.

PowerApps 示例应用

每个示例应用都是针对具体用途(如管理预算、检查现场或跟踪服务票证)而专门设计的。Each sample app is designed for a specific purpose, such as managing a budget, inspecting a site, or tracking service tickets. 这些应用中的示例数据可发散你的思维These apps contain sample data to inspire your thinking. 以下应用展示了地面材料公司如何帮助服务代表在访问客户时立即提供准确的成本估算。This app illustrates how a flooring company could help service representatives deliver accurate and immediate cost estimates when visiting customer locations.

PowerApps 地面材料示例应用

从模板创建应用Create an app from a template

另一种入门的好办法是生成基于模板的应用Another good way to start is by building an app from a template. 一般来说,模板就是示例应用,你可以打开它们来了解各组成部分。Templates are basically sample apps that you can open to understand how they are put together. 模板使用示例数据,有助于你大致了解可实现的功能。在 PowerApps Studio 中打开模板有助于你了解有关生成应用的实际操作They use sample data to help you get a sense of what's possible, and opening them in PowerApps Studio will help you see hands-on how an app is built. 请注意,目前仅支持在 PowerApps Studio for Windows 中使用模板,不支持在 PowerApps Studio for web 中使用模板。Note that templates are available only in PowerApps Studio for Windows at this time, not PowerApps Studio for web.

PowerApps 应用模板

例如,使用预算跟踪器模板,可以创建一个应用来跟踪项目和活动的预算,其中包含自定义类别、简单的数据录入功能和明确显示支出的视觉对象。For example, with the Budget Tracker template, you can create an app that helps you track the budget for projects and events, with custom categories, easy data entry, and visuals that clearly show expenditures.

PowerApps 预算跟踪器模板

使用共享的应用Use shared apps

如果团队已开始使用 PowerApps,那么有可能已有人与你共享应用If your team has started using PowerApps, people might have shared apps with you already. 用户与你共享的应用会显示在 AppSource 和 Dynamics 365 中(如果你选择将共享应用添加到 Dynamics 365 中的话)。When people share apps with you, they show up in AppSource and also in Dynamics 365 if you choose to include them there. 如果你是这些应用的贡献者,它们还会显示在 web.powerapps.com 中。If you're a contributor to those apps, they also show up in web.powerapps.com.

PowerApps 共享

创建基于数据源的应用Create an app from a data source

PowerApps Studio for webPowerApps Studio for Windows 中创建应用。Create apps in PowerApps Studio for web or PowerApps Studio for Windows. 可以连接数据源,并开始在视觉对象设计器中编写应用。You'll be able to connect to data sources and start composing apps in a visual designer.

基于数据的 PowerApps 应用

一种很好的入门方法是,生成基于你自己的数据的应用A great way to get started is to generate an app from your own data. 只需将 PowerApps 连接至所选的数据源(例如,SharePoint 列表),然后 PowerApps 便会自动生成三屏应用,以便用户可以浏览列表、查看详细记录和编辑数据。Just point PowerApps at the data source of your choice (for example, a SharePoint list) and watch as PowerApps automatically builds a three-screen app for browsing the list, viewing detailed records, and editing data. 然后,可以自定义此应用,使其外观和行为完全符合自己的要求。You can then start customizing this app to look and behave exactly how you want. 下一主题将介绍如何创建以下应用。We will see how the following app is created in the next topic.

PowerApps 三屏应用

还可以从头开始生成应用并添加所有元素。不过,使用 PowerApps 生成应用的最简单方法是从示例应用或模板入手,或连接数据源,让 PowerApps 为你生成应用。You can also build applications from scratch and add all the pieces as you go, but the easiest way to learn about PowerApps is to start with a sample or a template, or connect to your data source and have PowerApps generate the app for you. 接下来,可以朝新的方向拓展,尽情发挥想象力。本课程的后续部分将带来更多精彩内容!Then you can branch out and let your imagination run wild—there will be plenty of that later in the course! 下一主题将介绍如何生成基于数据的应用。In the next topic, you will learn how to generate an app from data.

创建第一个应用Create your first app

至此,已熟悉 PowerApps 的所有组成部分和应用创建选项,是时候真正开始生成应用了。You're now familiar with all the parts of PowerApps and the options for creating apps, so it's time to actually build an app. 在此主题中,我们将生成基于 SharePoint Online 列表的手机应用。不过,也可以使用其他许多数据源,包括 Excel、Salesforce 等云服务和 SQL Server 等本地源。For this topic, we'll generate a phone app from a SharePoint Online list, but you could use data from lots of other sources, including Excel, cloud services like Salesforce, and on-premises sources such as SQL Server.

连接到数据源Connect to a data source

生成基于数据的应用的第一步是,选择要使用的 PowerApps Studio,然后连接数据源。The first step in generating an app from data is to choose which PowerApps Studio to use, then connect to your data source. 在 web.powerapps.com 上,单击或点击“新建应用”,然后选择是使用 PowerApps Studio for Windows,还是使用 PowerApps Studio for web。In web.powerapps.com, click or tap New app, then choose whether to use PowerApps Studio for Windows or PowerApps Studio for web.

在 web.powerapps.com 上开始操作

在 PowerApps Studio 中,可以视需要选择是根据数据、模板还是从头开始创建。In PowerApps Studio you have the option of starting from data, from a template, or from scratch. 由于我们要生成的是基于 SharePoint 列表的手机应用,因此单击或点击“SharePoint”下的“手机布局”。We're building a phone app for a SharePoint list, so under SharePoint click or tap Phone layout.

基于 SharePoint 列表的手机应用

生成的应用始终基于一个列表或表(以后可以向应用添加更多数据)。Generated apps are always based on a single list or table (you can add more data to the app later). 在接下来的三屏中,逐步完成连接 SharePoint Online 中的“地面材料估算”列表。The next three screens take you through the process of connecting to the Flooring Estimates list in SharePoint Online.

连接 SharePoint Online 列表

在你单击“连接”后,PowerApps 便会开始生成应用。After you click Connect, PowerApps starts to generate the app. PowerApps 会进行各种数据推论,生成实用应用,以便你可以在此基础上进行各种自定义。PowerApps makes all sorts of inferences about your data so that it generates a useful app as a starting point.

探索生成的应用Explore the generated app

成功!Success! 此时,新建的三屏应用会在 PowerApps Studio 中打开。Your new three screen app opens in PowerApps Studio. 所有基于数据生成的应用都有一组相同的屏幕:All apps generated from data have the same set of screens:

  • 浏览屏幕:可以在此屏幕中浏览、排序、筛选和刷新从列表中拉取的数据,并能通过单击 (+) 图标添加项。The browse screen: where you browse, sort, filter, and refresh the data pulled in from the list, as well as add items by clicking the (+) icon.
  • 详细信息屏幕:可以在此屏幕中查看项的详细信息,并能选择删除或编辑项。The details screen: where you view more detail about an item, and can choose to delete or edit the item.
  • 编辑/创建屏幕:可以在此屏幕中编辑现有项,也可以创建新项。The edit/create screen: where you edit an existing item or create a new one.

在左侧导航栏中,单击或点击右上角的图标,切换到缩略图视图。In the left navigation bar, click or tap an icon in the upper-right corner to switch to the thumbnail view.


单击或点击每个缩略图,查看相应屏幕上的控件。Click or tap each thumbnail to view the controls on that screen.


单击或点击右上角的Click or tap 启动应用预览箭头 运行应用。in the top right to run the app. 如果浏览应用,便会发现其中包含列表中的所有数据,并提供令人满意的默认体验。If you navigate through the app, you see that it includes all the data from the list and provides a good default experience.

哇,真是太简单了!Wow, that was pretty easy! 在短短几分钟内,你就了解到如何连接数据源并生成应用,以及 PowerApps Studio 和应用的三个屏幕。In a few minutes you learned how to connect to a data source, generate an app, and get acquainted with PowerApps Studio and the three app screens. 后续部分将介绍如何自定义生成的应用。In later sections, you'll see how to customize generated apps. 下一主题将回顾本课程的第一部分,为你学习后面的课程打好基础。In the next topic we review this section of the course and get you ready for future lessons.

本部分回顾Review this section

让我们快速回顾一下第一部分介绍的内容。Let's do a quick review of what you learned in the first section.

PowerApps 包含一系列软件服务和应用,彻底改变自定义业务线应用程序的生成和共享方式,以便你可以快速生成和共享。PowerApps is a collection of software services and apps that work together to fundamentally transform and accelerate how you build and share custom line of business applications.

PowerApps 连接你已在使用的云服务和数据源,以便你可以利用已掌握的技能快速生成应用来满足特定需求。PowerApps connects to the cloud services and data sources you're already using, giving you the ability to quickly build apps that suit specific needs - building on skills you already have. 可以跨 Web 、平板电脑和移动设备与同事快速共享应用。You can share apps instantly with your co-workers across the web, tablets, and mobile devices. PowerApps 还与 Microsoft Flow 集成,以便你可以在应用内触发工作流。PowerApps also integrates with Microsoft Flow, making it possible to trigger workflows from within apps. PowerApps 由多个部分组成,并与使其功能更强大的一系列相关技术结合使用。There are several components that make up PowerApps and a set of related technologies that make it even more powerful.

最简单的 PowerApps 入门方法是运行示例和模板,生成基于你自己的数据的应用。The easiest way to get started with PowerApps is to run the samples, play around with the templates, and generate apps from your own data. 你已了解如何生成基于 SharePoint 列表的应用。You have seen how to generate an app based on a SharePoint list. 现在,你已打下坚实基础,可立即生成和共享应用。You now have a solid base, and you will be building and sharing out apps in no time.

后续部分What's Next?

祝贺你!Congratulations! 你已阅读完 PowerApps 引导式课程的第一部分。You have finished the first section of PowerApps Guided Learning. 无论你最初的经验如何,我们由衷希望你现在非常明确 PowerApps 概念以及如何开始创建应用。Regardless of how much experience you began with, we hope you now have a very clear picture of what PowerApps is and how you can start creating apps. 虽然我们在下面提供了一些实用资源和下载链接,但你仍应学习本引导式课程的更多内容。We've included some useful resources and downloads below, but you should definitely take a look at more of Guided Learning. 此时,可以选择接下来要学习的部分:At this point, you can choose where to go next:

两个部分均介绍了如何生成和自定义应用。Both sections show how to generate and customize an app. SharePoint 部分详细介绍了生成的应用,而 Common Data Service 部分则介绍了更多复杂的自定义操作。The SharePoint section has a bit more information on the generated app, and the Common Data Service section includes more complex customizations. 当然可以两个部分都阅读,只需任选一个部分开始阅读即可。Of course you can go through both sections, just pick a place to start.

PowerApps 资源PowerApps resources

PowerApps 下载PowerApps downloads


你已完成“Microsoft PowerApps 引导式学习课程”中的“入门”部分。You've completed the Getting started section of Microsoft PowerApps Guided Learning.

You learned how to...

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