Microsoft PowerApps 中的限制和配置Limits and configuration in Microsoft PowerApps

本主题包含有关 PowerApps 的当前限制和配置的详细信息。This topic contains information about the current limits and configuration details for PowerApps.


这些限制适用于每个单独的传出请求:These limits apply to each single outgoing request:

名称Name 限制Limit
超时Timeout 180 秒180 Seconds
重试尝试次数Retry attempts 44


重试值可能会因具体情况而异。The retry value may vary. 对于某些错误条件,重试不起作用。For certain error conditions, it doesn't make sense to retry.

IP 地址IP addresses

PowerApps 请求使用的 IP 地址取决于该应用所在环境的区域。Requests from PowerApps use IP addresses that depend on the region of the environment that the app is in. 我们未发布适用于 PowerApps 方案的完全限定的域名。We don't publish fully qualified domain names available for PowerApps scenarios.

通过应用连接的 API(例如 SQL API 或 SharePoint AIP)的调用来自本主题后续部分中所指定的 IP 地址。Calls made from an API connected through an app (for example, the SQL API or the SharePoint API) come from the IP address specified later in this topic.

举例来说,如果必须要为 Azure SQL 数据库指定 IP 地址的允许列表,则应使用以下地址。You should use these addresses if, for example, you must whitelist IP addresses for an Azure SQL database.

区域Region 出站 IPOutbound IP
美国United States,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
美国(提前访问)United States (Early Access),,,,,,,,,,,,,,

所需的服务Required services

此列表标识了 PowerApps Studio 所谈及的所有服务及其用途。This list identifies all services to which PowerApps Studio talks and their usages. 你的网络不应阻止这些服务。Your network must not block these services.

Domain(s) 协议Protocols 使用情况Uses httpshttps RPRP httpshttps 连接器运行时/APIRuntime of Connectors/Apis
httpshttps ADALADAL
httpshttps Azure Graph - 用于获取用户信息(例如个人资料照片)Azure Graph - For getting user info (e.g. profile photo) httpshttps 示例和模板应用Sample and Template apps
** httpshttps API 中心 - 每个区域设置的不同子域Api Hubs - Different sub-domains for each locale
** httpshttps WebAuth + 门户WebAuth + Portal
** httpshttps WebAuthWebAuth
** httpshttps Blob 存储Blob storage httpshttps 遥测Telemetry