Web API Action Reference

Actions represent a operations which may have observable side effects, such as creating or updating records. An Action may require parameters and may return a value. Actions may be bound to entity types.


Name Description

AddChannelAccessProfilePrivileges Action

Adds entity privileges to a channel access profile.

AddItemCampaign Action

Adds an item to a campaign.

AddItemCampaignActivity Action

Adds an item to a campaign activity.

AddListMembersList Action

Adds members to a list.

AddMemberList Action

Adds a member to a list (marketing list).

AddMembersTeam Action

Adds members to a team.

AddPrincipalToQueue Action

Adds the specified principal to the list of queue members.

AddPrivilegesRole Action

Adds a set of existing privileges to an existing role.

AddRecurrence Action

Adds recurrence information to an existing appointment.

AddSolutionComponent Action

Adds a solution component to an unmanaged solution.

AddToQueue Action

Moves an entity record from a source queue to a destination queue.

AddUserToRecordTeam Action

Adds a user to the auto created access team for the specified record.

ApplyRecordCreationAndUpdateRule Action

Applies record creation and update rules to activities in CRM created as a result of the integration with external applications.

ApplyRoutingRule Action

Applies the active routing rule to an incident.

AutoMapEntity Action

Generates a new set of attribute mappings based on the metadata.

CalculateActualValueOpportunity Action

Calculates the value of an opportunity that is in the "Won" state.

CalculatePrice Action

Calculates price in an opportunity, quote, order, and invoice.

CanBeReferenced Action

Checks whether the specified entity can be the primary entity (one) in a one-to-many relationship.

CanBeReferencing Action

Checkes whether an entity can be the referencing entity in a one-to-many relationship.

CancelContract Action

Cancels a contract.

CancelSalesOrder Action

Cancels a sales order.

CanManyToMany Action

Checks whether an entity can participate in a many-to-many relationship.

CloneAsPatch Action

Creates a solution patch from a managed or unmanaged solution.

CloneAsSolution Action

Creates a new copy of an unmanaged solution that contains the original solution plus all of its patches.

CloneContract Action

Copies an existing contract and its line items.

CloneProduct Action

Copies an existing product family, product, or bundle under the same parent record.

CloseIncident Action

Closes an incident (case).

CloseQuote Action

Closes a quote.

CompoundUpdateDuplicateDetectionRule Action

Updates a duplicate rule (duplicate detection rule) and its related duplicate rule conditions.

ConvertOwnerTeamToAccessTeam Action

Converts a team of type owner to a team of type access.

ConvertProductToKit Action

Converts a product to a kit.

ConvertQuoteToSalesOrder Action

Converts a quote to a sales order.

ConvertSalesOrderToInvoice Action

Converts a sales order to an invoice.

CopyCampaign Action

Copies a campaign.

CopyCampaignResponse Action

Creates a copy of a campaign response

CopyDynamicListToStatic Action

Creates a static list from the specified dynamic list and add the members that satisfy the dynamic list query criteria to the static list.

CopyMembersList Action

Copies the members from the source list to the target list without creating duplicates.

CopySystemForm Action

Creates a new entity form that is based on an existing entity form.

CreateActivitiesList Action

Creates a quick campaign to distribute an activity to members of a list (marketing list).

CreateException Action

Creates an exception for the recurring appointment instance.

CreateInstance Action

Creates future unexpanded instances for the recurring appointment master.

CreateKnowledgeArticleTranslation Action

Creates translation of a knowledge article instance.

CreateKnowledgeArticleVersion Action

Creates a major or minor version of a knowledge article instance.

CreateWorkflowFromTemplate Action

Creates a workflow (process) from a workflow template.

DeleteAndPromote Action

Replaces managed solution (A) plus all of its patches with managed solution (B) that is the clone of (A) and all of its patches.

DeleteAuditData Action

Deletes all audit data records up until a specified end date.

DeleteOpenInstances Action

Deletes instances of a recurring appointment master that have an “Open” state.

DeleteOptionValue Action

Deletes an option value in a global or local option set.

DeliverIncomingEmail Action

Creates an email activity record from an incoming email message.

DeliverPromoteEmail Action

Creates an email activity record from the specified email message

DeprovisionLanguage Action

Deprovisions a language.

DistributeCampaignActivity Action

Creates a bulk operation that distributes a campaign activity.

ExportMappingsImportMap Action

Exports a data map as an XML formatted data.

ExportSolution Action

Exports a solution.

ExportTranslation Action

Exports all translations for a specific solution to a compressed file.

FulfillSalesOrder Action

Fulfills a sales order.

GenerateInvoiceFromOpportunity Action

Generates an invoice from an opportunity.

GenerateQuoteFromOpportunity Action

Generates a quote from an opportunity.

GenerateSalesOrderFromOpportunity Action

Generates a sales order (order) from an opportunity.

GenerateSocialProfile Action

Returns an existing social profile record if one exists, otherwise generates a new one and returns it.

GetInvoiceProductsFromOpportunity Action

Retrieves the products from an opportunity and copy them to the invoice.

GetQuoteProductsFromOpportunity Action

Retrieves the products from an opportunity and copy them to the quote.

GetSalesOrderProductsFromOpportunity Action

Retrieves the products from an opportunity and copy them to the sales order.

GetTrackingTokenEmail Action

Returns a tracking token that can then be passed as a parameter to the SendEmailRequest message.

ImportFieldTranslation Action

Imports translations from a compressed file.

ImportMappingsImportMap Action

Imports the XML representation of a data map and create an import map (data map) based on this data.

ImportRecordsImport Action

Submits an asynchronous job that uploads the transformed data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

ImportSolution Action

Imports a solution.

ImportTranslation Action

Imports translations from a compressed file.

InsertOptionValue Action

Inserts a new option value for a global or local option set.

InsertStatusValue Action

Inserts a new option into a StatusAttributeMetadata attribute.

InstallSampleData Action

Installs the sample data.

InstantiateFilters Action

Instantiates a set of filters for Dynamics CRM for Outlook for the specified user.

InstantiateTemplate Action

Creates an email message from a template (email template).

LockInvoicePricing Action

Locks the total price of products and services that are specified in the invoice.

LockSalesOrderPricing Action

Locks the total price of products and services that are specified in the sales order (order).

LoseOpportunity Action

Sets the state of an opportunity to Lost.

Merge Action

Merges the information from two entity records of the same type.

OrderOption Action

Sets the order for an option set.

ParseImport Action

Submits an asynchronous job that parses all import files that are associated with the specified import (data import).

PickFromQueue Action

Assigns a queue item to a user and optionally remove the queue item from the queue.

ProcessInboundEmail Action

Processes the email responses from a marketing campaign.

ProvisionLanguage Action

Provisions a new language.

PublishAllXml Action

Publishes all changes to solution components.

PublishDuplicateRule Action

Submits an asynchronous job to publish a duplicate rule.

PublishProductHierarchy Action

Publishes a product family record and all its child records.

PublishTheme Action

Publishes a theme and set it as the current theme.

PublishXml Action

Publishes specified solution components.

QualifyMemberList Action

Qualifies the specified list and either override the list members or remove them according to the specified option.

ReassignObjectsOwner Action

Reassigns all records that are owned by the security principal (user or team) to another security principal (user or team).

ReassignObjectsSystemUser Action

Reassigns all records that are owned by a specified user to another security principal (user or team).

Recalculate Action

Recalculate system-computed values for rollup fields in the goal hierarchy.

ReleaseToQueue Action

Assigns a queue item back to the queue owner so others can pick it.

RemoveFromQueue Action

Removes a queue item from a queue.

RemoveMembersTeam Action

Removes members from a team.

RemoveParent Action

Removes the parent for a system user (user) record.

RemovePrivilegeRole Action

Removes a privilege from an existing role.

RemoveSolutionComponent Action

Removes a component from an unmanaged solution.

RemoveUserFromRecordTeam Action

Removes a user from the auto created access team for the specified record.

RenewContract Action

Renews a contract and create the contract details for a new contract.

RenewEntitlement Action

Renews an entitlement.

ReplacePrivilegesRole Action

Replaces the privilege set of an existing role.

ResetUserFilters Action

Resets the offline data filters for the calling user to the default filters for the organization.

RevertProduct Action

Reverts changes done to properties of a product family, product, or bundle record, and set it back to its last published (active) state.

ReviseQuote Action

Sets the state of a quote to Draft.

RevokeAccess Action

Replaces the access rights on the target record for the specified security principal (user or team).

RouteTo Action

Routes a queue item to a queue, a user, or a team.

SendEmail Action

Sends an e-mail message.

SendEmailFromTemplate Action

Sends an e-mail message to a recipient using an e-mail template.

SendFax Action

Sends a fax.

SendTemplate Action

Sends a bulk email message that is created from a template.

SetBusinessEquipment Action

Assigns equipment (facility/equipment) to a specific business unit.

SetBusinessSystemUser Action

Moves a system user (user) to a different business unit.

SetDataEncryptionKey Action

Sets or restore the data encryption key.

SetLocLabels Action

Sets localized labels for a limited set of entity attributes.

SetParentSystemUser Action

Sets a new parent system user (user) for the specified user.

SetProcess Action

Sets the process that associates with a given target entity. The user can set to another business process or specify null to clear out the current process.

SetReportRelated Action

Links an instance of a report entity to related entities.

TransformImport Action

Submits an asynchronous job that transforms the parsed data.

TriggerServiceEndpointCheck Action

Validates the configuration of a Microsoft Azure Service Bus solution’s service endpoint.

UninstallSampleData Action

Uninstalls the sample data.

UnlockInvoicePricing Action

Unlocks pricing for an invoice.

UnlockSalesOrderPricing Action

Unlocks pricing for a sales order (order).

UnpublishDuplicateRule Action

Submits an asynchronous job to unpublish a duplicate rule.

UpdateOptionValue Action

Updates an option value in a global or local option set.

UpdateProductProperties Action

Updates values of the property instances (dynamic property instances) for a product added to an opportunity, quote, order, or invoice.

UpdateSolutionComponent Action

Updates a component in an unmanaged solution.

UpdateStateValue Action

Updates an option set value in for a StateAttributeMetadata attribute.

Validate Action

Verifies that an appointment or service appointment (service activity) has valid available resources for the activity, duration, and site, as appropriate.

ValidateSavedQuery Action

Validates a saved query.

WinOpportunity Action

Sets the state of an opportunity to Won.

WinQuote Action

Sets the state of a quote to Won.


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