About data preparation

更新: 2009-04-30

Before you can integrate data, you must prepare it in the staging area so that it can be uploaded to the application database. This topic describes a single method for conforming data just before you move it to the 规划服务器 application database.

Label-Based Data Preparation

Because the 规划服务器 application only supports the loading of ID-based tables from the staging database to the application database, stored procedures are provided to simplify data preparation in the staging database.

Stored procedures perform label-based table creation from existing ID-based hierarchy, dimension, and measure group tables in the following ways:

  • For all dimensions

  • For one hierarchy

  • For all hierarchies in a dimension

  • For one measure group

  • For all measure groups in a model

Label-based data preparation enables you to prepare dimension (D_), hierarchy (H_) and measure group (MG_) tables that have labels. After that, you can convert the labels to IDs to load the application database. The primary reason to use label-based data loading is that source systems do not provide IDs that are consistent with MemberIDs in application tables from 规划业务建模器. Database administrators might also prefer to work with fact data by using related dimension member labels instead of cryptic IDs.

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