About performing measure group validation in a model

更新: 2009-04-30

You can use one of the following methods to validate measure groups before you load data from the staging database to the application database.

For each row that is not valid, the procedure sets the BizSystemFlag column to a 900+ value. The BizSystemErrorDetails column indicates the location of the values to which the error code applies.

If the validation reports errors, you must fix the errors before you load data to the application database. After you fix the errors, reset the BizSystemFlag value to 200, and run the validation procedure again. To learn more about validation errors, see BizSystemFlag errors.

You can decide not to validate data when you load a database by using the 规划命令实用工具 with the /novalidation switch. For more information, see Scriptable data integration.

Loading data without validation might deliver unwanted results. We recommend that you run the validation stored procedures for measure groups before you load data. Use the 规划命令实用工具 with the /novalidation switch.

To validate annotations, you must set the @AnnotationsOnly parameter to True in the bsp_DI_ValidateLabelTable T-SQL stored procedure. The stored procedure will set the BizsyStemFlag to 930 to rows that are not valid.

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