Step 2: Synchronizing the staging database

Synchronizing the staging database is the second step in the data integration process. Synchronization can occur many times because data integration is an iterative process when models and dimensions are created or modified in 规划业务建模器. You can also script synchronization by using the 规划命令实用工具. For more information, see Scriptable data integration.


   The synchronization operation overwrites the existing tables for those dimensions and models that you select.

To synchronize dimension and hierarchy data that has changed because of actions in 规划业务建模器, you can run a partial synchronization. For more information about the tools that you can use to run a partial synchronization, see Step 5: Loading data from staging to application database


The following are considerations and procedures for synchronizing dimensions, models, and associations.

  • Synchronize models
    Describes the steps that you can follow to synchronize models, dimensions, hierarchies, and related annotations.


  • Data integration overview
    Provides an overview of the architecture of the 规划服务器 data integration system and of the data load processes.
  • Step 2: Synchronizing the staging database
    Provides background information about how 规划服务器 synchronizes the structures and data of each database, and describes the steps that are required to perform synchronization.
  • Scriptable data integration
    Describes the commands in the 规划命令实用工具 that you can use to write a script that performs data integration steps.