Security roles

更新: 2009-04-30

This topic describes the security configurations that apply to members of the Data Administrator role in 规划服务器.

The User Administrator role can add or remove users of the Data Administrator role.

To learn more about the roles that are established during application setup, review security role documentation for 规划管理控制台. To review more about permissions of the Modeler, see documentation for 规划业务建模器.

Data Integration Roles

A member of the Data Administrator role can perform all the operations that a member of the Modeler role can perform. The Data Administrator can also perform operations that are related to data integration.

You must give explicit permissions in the staging database to members of the Data Administrator role if they are required to perform data integration in the staging database. See About configuring staging database permissions.

The following table provides the scope in which the Data Administrator role can perform operations, together with a complete list of permitted actions.

Scope Role Entry point and permitted actions

Application and site level

Data Administrator (for 规划业务建模器 or 规划命令实用工具)

规划业务建模器 or 规划命令实用工具

  • Synchronize reference data

  • Synchronize fact data

  • Load reference data

  • Load fact data

The Data Administrator can perform all operations that a Modeler can perform.

System level

Global Administrator


  • Create staging database

  • Refresh staging database

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