Step 1: Creating the staging database

The first step to integrating data into the application database is to create a staging database. You might want to create a staging database in 规划管理控制台 for an existing application or for a new application.

The following list shows several reasons to create a staging database.

  • To start data integration by using a new staging database

  • To bring an existing staging database online after data cleansing

  • To replace the existing staging database

You must be a member of the Global Administrator role to create a staging database in 规划业务建模器 or 规划管理控制台, or by using the 规划命令实用工具. For more information, see Security roles.


  • Create the staging database
    Provides instructions on how to create a staging database for a new application in 规划业务建模器 and in 规划管理控制台.


  • Data integration overview
    Provides an overview of the architecture of the PPLS data integration system and of the data load processes.
  • Step 2: Synchronizing the staging database
    Provides background information about how 规划服务器 synchronizes the structures and data of each database, and describes the steps that are required to perform synchronization.
  • Scriptable data integration
    Describes the commands in the 规划命令实用工具. You can use these commands to write a script that performs data integration steps.