About configuring staging database permissions

更新: 2009-04-30

If you are a database administrator, you must configure permissions to the staging and source databases. These permissions enable users who are responsible for data integration to run stored procedures and perform necessary data movement. This topic provides links to learn how to grant access to the staging database and necessary database objects so that you can perform data integration operations. Each topic provides a sample scenario to help you review the process of assigning explicit permissions to a user.

Remember that when you assign database permissions, changing the default schema for a user is not supported. The default schema must remain set to "dbo".

Granting a user access to a database involves three steps. First, you create a login. The login enables the user to connect to the SQL Server 2005 Database Engine. Second, you configure the login as a user in the specified database. And third, you grant that user permissions to access the necessary database objects such as stored procedures.

These steps are described and listed in the following table.

Topic Description

Create a login

Learn how to create a login for a user.

Grant access to the database

Learn how to grant access to user to a specific database.

Grant access to database objects

Learn how to grant access to a user for specific database objects.

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