Step 4: Validating data in the staging database

Data validation helps make sure that your data is valid and ready for loading. The following list describes the validations that 规划服务器 performs.

  • Make sure that the staging database defines relationships for any foreign keys that are required.

  • Make sure that the dimension members and measure groups that are used in associated business rules are in the model.

规划服务器 performs this validation testing before it loads data from the staging database to the application database. To perform the validation, 规划服务器 creates stored procedures that perform the validations in the staging database, and runs those procedures at the appropriate time.

Validation occurs automatically when you load model data from 规划业务建模器. You can decide not to validate measure group data when you load by using the 规划命令实用工具 with the /novalidation switch. For more information see Scriptable data integration.



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