Load dimension data

In 规划业务建模器 you can load dimension data and related hierarchy data from the staging database to the application database. When you do, all changes to dimension data in the staging database are integrated into the application database. This includes new dimension member rows, updated dimension member rows, and deleted dimension member rows.


Dimension members that are not changed in the staging database remain unchanged in the application database.

You must be a member of the Data Administrator role to load dimensions. For more information, see Security roles.

All dimension data must be loaded before you load model data.

To load dimension and hierarchy data from the staging database to the application database

  1. Start 规划业务建模器, and connect to the application and model site that you want.

  2. Click Dimensions in the Workspace Browser.

  3. In the Dimensions workspace, double-click the dimension that is the destination for your data. The Summary page for that dimension is displayed.

  4. In the Dimension Tasks area, click Check Out.

  5. In the Dimension Tasks area, click Load this dimension to Staging Area.

  6. In the warning dialog box, click OK. The warning is displayed to make sure that previous steps have been completed. 规划业务建模器 loads the dimension data and associated hierarchies from the staging database to the application database. The results of this process are displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the 规划业务建模器 window.

  7. Check the Summary page to verify that members were successfully loaded.

  8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 for each dimension that is a destination for data that you will load from the staging database.

To confirm the success of dimension data load

  1. In 规划业务建模器, click Refresh (or press F5) to update the workspace with the new data.

  2. Verify that BizSystemFlag = 100 for each row in the staging database.

    A value of 900 or more for this flag indicates that the load failed for that particular row. You can reload a failed row by correcting the problem in the row and reloading.

    For detailed reference information about errors, see the BizSystemFlag errors.