Connect to Planning Server for data integration

Before you can begin the tasks that are described in Step 2: Synchronizing the staging database and Step 5: Loading data from staging to application database, you must specify the computer that is running 规划服务器 and that will act as the source for the model, dimension, form, report, and workflow metadata.


A single instance of 规划业务建模器 can connect to only one computer that is running 规划服务器.

To conect Planning Business Modeler to PerformancePoint Planning Server

  1. On the File menu, click Connect. The Connect dialog box is displayed.

  2. In the Select a server text box, enter the path and name of the 规划服务器 computer to which you want to connect.


    To connect to a 规划服务器 computer to which you successfully connected previously, in the Select a server drop-down list, select the appropriate server from the list. (Only the last ten unique 规划服务器 servers are displayed.)

  3. Click Connect.

  4. In the Select an application drop-down list, select an application.

  5. In the Select a model site drop-down list, select the model site that you want to open.

  6. Optional. Select the Connect automatically using these settings check box.


    If you select this check box, when you open future sessions of 规划业务建模器, you will automatically be connected to the server, application, and model site that you specify. To connect to a different server, application, or model site, you must open the Connect dialog box and specify a different connection.

  7. Click OK.