Downloadable Book: Operations Guide for Planning Server in PerformancePoint Server 2007

更新: 2009-04-28

This book provides prescriptive information for maintaining and performing the daily operations of PerformancePoint Planning Server. This includes data integration steps, migrating data to production environments, backing up and restoring databases, purging data, editing the configuration files, disaster recovery, and performance tuning.

The content in this book is a copy of selected content in the Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 technical library (\&clcid=0x40) as of the publication date above. For the most current content, see the technical library on the Web.

Click the following link to open a Microsoft Word .doc file that you can download to your computer and print. The size of this document is approximately 1.6 MB.

Planning Server Operations Guide for PerformancePoint Server 2007 (