IDSFDevice::Hrm Property

The Hrm property gets a hardware redirection module (HRM) for a specified resource type.

This property is read-only.


HRESULT get_Hrm(
  [in]           DSFResourceType ResType,
  [out, retval]  IUnknown **ppunkHrm

Property Value

HrmResTypeDSFResourceTypeThe resource type of the requested redirection module.ppunkHrmIUnknownCaller-allocated space to hold the IUnknown interface of the hardware redirection module for the resource type that ResType specifies.HRESULTHrm returns E_NOTIMPLE.

Error Codes

Hrm returns E_NOTIMPLE.


The Hrm property is reserved for future use and is included for completeness.

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Build date: 9/21/2010