Q# 标准库简介Introduction to the Q# Standard Libraries

Q# 由包含 Q # 标准库的各种不同的有用操作、函数和用户定义的类型支持 。Q# is supported by a range of different useful operations, functions, and user-defined types that comprise the Q# standard libraries. 安装和验证过程中安装的 Microsoft.Quantum.Development.Kit NuGet 包 提供了 Q# 编译器,以及由目标计算机实现的标准库的一部分。The Microsoft.Quantum.Development.Kit NuGet package installed during installation and validation provides the Q# compiler, and parts of the standard library that are implemented by the target machines. Microsoft.Quantum.Standard 提供了可在目标计算机之间移植的 Q# 标准库的一部分。The Microsoft.Quantum.Standard package provides the portion of the Q# standard libraries that are portable across target machines.

由 Q# 标准库定义的符号在 API 文档中更详尽地定义。The symbols defined by the Q# standard libraries are defined in much greater and more exhaustive detail in the API documentation.

在以下部分中,我们将概述标准库的每个部分的最重要功能,并提供有关如何在实践中使用每个功能的一些上下文。In the following sections, we will outline the most salient features of each part of the standard library and provide some context about how each feature might be used in practice.