Kaizala REST API

Kaizala enables 3rd party developers to integrate Kaizala into their business processes by providing the ability to perform a curated set of actions in Kaizala using REST based API calls. The scope of the API is for external systems to call the end-point and perform actions on-demand. That is, this will be a PULL model – where individual endpoints need to be called to perform specific actions using Kaizala APIs. The PUSH model where Kaizala platform can trigger actions can be configured using webhooks.

REST Operations

Operation Description
Generate Pin Generates One-time PIN for a mobile number, when Application/Connector Id is provided
Get Refresh Token Generates refresh token for the given Application/Connector Id, when pin, mobile number & Application/Connector Id is provided
Generate Access Token Generates Access token to access Kaizala resources, when refresh token, Application/Connector Id and Application/Connector Secret is provided
Create Group Allows creation of a a group, including Managed Public Groups. It takes array of string as input. Each string is mobile number(with country code). This API can take maximum of 100 mobile numbers as input.\n\tGroupType: Group/ConnectGroup. ConnectGroup for Managed public group.
Create Sub-Group Create a sub group
Add Members Add members to a group
Add Subgroup Add group as a sub-group to another group
Add Subscribers Add Subscribers to a public group
Fetch Group Details Fetch details for a group
Fetch Members Returns list of members in a group
Fetch Subscribers fetches list of subscribers of a managed public group
Fetch Sub-group Fetch sub-groups of a group
Remove Group as Sub-group Remove group as a sub-group to another group
Remove Members Removes members from a group
Remove Subscribers Remove subscribers from a managed public group
Fetch Direct Groups Returns all direct groups attached with the user
Send Message Send a message on a group
Send Message to a subscriber Send message to subscriber(s) in a public group
Upload Media Uploads media (image, document, audio, album or video)
Send Survey Lets you create a survey and send on a group
Post Custom Action to a Subscriber Post custom action to subscriber(s) in a public group
Post Response to an Action Post a response to an action
Post Response to a Survey Post a response to a survey
Fetch Jobs Fetch jobs in a group
Fetch Survey responses Fetch responses for a survey
Get All Webhooks returns all webhooks on a group
Subscribe to All Events Subscribe to all events at action level
Unsubscribe a Webhook Unsubscribing a webhook