Microsoft Azure 中的 SharePoint Server 2016SharePoint Server 2016 in Microsoft Azure

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为了实现 SharePoint 的生产力和协作优势,Microsoft 建议将 SharePoint Online 与 Microsoft Office 365 结合使用。如果 SharePoint Online 暂不是最佳选择,可以在 Intranet 服务器上部署 SharePoint Server 2016(可以位于本地数据中心内,也可以托管在 Microsoft Azure 基础结构服务中)。无论是用于开发、测试、暂存、生产还是灾难恢复目的,Azure 都是在云中托管 SharePoint 场的理想位置。To realize the productivity and collaboration benefits of SharePoint, Microsoft recommends SharePoint Online with Microsoft Office 365. If SharePoint Online is not the best option for you right now, you can deploy SharePoint Server 2016 on intranet servers, which can be in your on-premises datacenter or hosted in Microsoft Azure infrastructure services. Whether it's for development, testing, staging, production, or disaster recovery purposes, Azure is a perfect home for your SharePoint farms in the cloud.

以下是其中一些优势:Here are some of the benefits:

  • 可以快速部署 SharePoint Server 2016 场,并根据需要向上或向下扩展。You can deploy a SharePoint Server 2016 farm rapidly and scale it up or down as needed.

    可以使用多种工具和方法非常快速地创建 SharePoint 服务器基础结构。设置开发场或测试场,或通过添加更多资源扩展生产 SharePoint 部署。通过可部署的现成映像简化部署和配置,将部署复杂 SharePoint 场的时间从几天缩短到几小时。You can create the infrastructure for your SharePoint servers very quickly using multiple tools and methods. Set up development or test farms or scale out your production SharePoint deployments by adding more resources. Simplify deployment and configuration with ready-to-deploy images and reduce the time to deploy complex SharePoint farms from days to hours.

  • 可通过极具成本效益的方式托管 SharePoint Server 2016 场。You can host your SharePoint Server 2016 farm cost-effectively.

    Azure 的服务器和存储容量即付即用定价以及按分钟付费模式可以帮你节约资金。在执行应用程序或性能测试时,创建扩展和加载测试在短期内所需的其他服务器,并在完成后将其删除。仅使用所需的资源并支付其费用,不会产生额外费用,帮你减少成本。Pay-as-you-go pricing for server and storage capacity and per-minute billing from Azure helps you save money. When performing application or performance testing, create additional servers as needed for scale and load testing over short periods of time and remove them when you're finished. Using and paying for only the resources that you need—and no more—helps you reduce costs.

  • 可以在本地和 Azure 之间无缝移动虚拟机。You can seamlessly move virtual machines between on-premises and Azure.

    Azure 中运行 Windows 或 SQL Server 的虚拟机与在本地数据中心内运行的服务器没有区别。可以在本地物理服务器或托管提供商服务器和 Azure 之间轻松移动虚拟机,以便:A virtual machine in Azure running Windows or SQL Server is no different than a server running in an on-premises datacenter. You can easily move virtual machines between on-premises physical servers or servers at your hosting provider and Azure to:

    • 快速、方便地在 Azure 中复制 SharePoint Server 2016 开发测试环境或辅助生产站点。Quickly and easily replicate your SharePoint Server 2016 dev-test environments or secondary production sites in Azure.

    • 需要时将它们移回本地。Move them back on-premises when the need arises.

  • 可以在运行 Microsoft 应用程序且保持性能最佳。You can run your Microsoft applications where they run best.

    完全可以在由构建 SharePoint 和 SQL Server 的同一公司构建的云中选择 Azure 托管 SharePoint Server 2016 场。这些应用程序久经考验,可以在 Azure 上很好地运行。使用具有许可移动性的现有许可证和 Azure Hybrid Use Benefit,跨 Azure、SharePoint 和 SQL Server 获得一流的第一方支持。在 Azure 上运行 SharePoint Server 2016 场,可确保解决方案在托管 Office 365 和 Microsoft Dynamics 365 的同一云框架上运行。Choosing Azure to host your SharePoint Server 2016 farms is a safe bet on the cloud that was built by the same company that built SharePoint and SQL Server. These applications have been battle-tested to perform well on Azure. Use your existing licenses with license mobility and the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit, and get first-class, first-party support across Azure, SharePoint, and SQL Server. Running your SharePoint Server 2016 farms on Azure ensures your solution is running on the same cloud framework that hosts Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

概念证明Proof of concept

若要了解 Azure 基础结构服务的 SharePoint Server 2016 场,请参考以下开发/测试环境:To get your hands on SharePoint Server 2016 farm in Azure infrastructure services, see these dev/test environments:

设计和规划Design and planning

若要设计 Azure 基础结构服务的元素来托管自定义的开发/测试环境、生产服务器场或灾难恢复服务器场,请参阅 在 Azure 中设计 SharePoint Server 2016 场To design the elements of Azure infrastructure services to host a custom dev/test environment, a production farm, or a disaster recovery farm, see Designing a SharePoint Server 2016 farm in Azure.


请参阅在 Azure 中为 SharePoint Server 2016 部署 SQL Server AlwaysOn 可用性,了解有关如何在 Azure 中构建此高可用性 Intranet 生产服务器场的分步说明。See Deploying SharePoint Server 2016 with SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups in Azure for step-by-step instructions on how to build out this high-availability intranet production farm in Azure.

Phase 4 of the SharePoint Server 2016 highly-available farm in Azure with SharePoint servers

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