SharePoint Server 的混合Hybrid for SharePoint Server

适用于: 是 2013  是 2016  是  在 Microsoft 365 中2019是 SharePointAPPLIES TO: yes2013 yes2016 yes2019 yesSharePoint in Microsoft 365

借助 SharePoint Server 混合功能,Microsoft 365 中的 SharePoint 中的生产力服务可与本地 SharePoint Server 集成,以提供统一的功能和数据访问。With SharePoint Server hybrid, productivity services in SharePoint in Microsoft 365 can be integrated with on-premises SharePoint Server to provide unified functionality and access to data. 对于想要将其现有的本地 SharePoint Server 服务逐步移动到云的企业,SharePoint Server 混合提供了一个暂存迁移路径,具体方法是在 Microsoft 365 中将高影响 SharePoint Server 工作负载扩展到 SharePoint。For enterprises that want to gradually move their existing on-premises SharePoint Server services to the cloud, SharePoint Server hybrid provides a staged migration path by extending high-impact SharePoint Server workloads to SharePoint in Microsoft 365.

SharePoint Server 混合环境在 Microsoft 365 和 SharePoint Server 中启用 SharePoint 之间的受信任通信。A SharePoint Server hybrid environment enables trusted communications between SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Server. 当建立了这个信任框架以后,您就可以在服务和功能(例如,搜索、关注和用户配置文件)之间配置集成功能。When you have established this trust framework, you can configure integrated functionality between services and features such as Search, Follow, and user profiles.

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