规划 SharePoint 中心网站Planning your SharePoint hub sites

中心网站可帮助您组织 intranet。Hub sites help you organize your intranet. 从中心站点获取最大价值需要进行一些事先规划。Getting the most value from hub sites requires some up-front planning. 阅读以了解有关中心网站以及如何规划中心网站的详细信息。Read on to find out more about hub sites and how you can plan for them.

设置舞台Setting the stage

SharePoint 中心网站提供了 intranet 的重要构建基块。SharePoint hub sites provide an important building block for your intranet. 它们是在将团队网站和通信网站的系列组织在一起时使用的 "connective 砂纸"。They are the "connective tissue" you use when organizing families of team sites and communication sites together.

基于 Microsoft SharePoint 的新式 intranet 的主要原则之一是,每个工作单元都应获取单独的网站集,以在一段时间内最佳地管理管理和增长。One of the key principles of modern intranets based on Microsoft SharePoint is that each unit of work should get a separate site collection to optimally manage governance and growth over time. 每个通信网站和 Microsoft 365 组连接的团队网站都创建为可以拥有自己的权限的网站集。Each communication site and Microsoft 365 group-connected team site is created as a site collection that can have its own permissions. 中心网站(通常是从通信网站创建的)也应被视为自己的工作单元,从而将多个其他网站汇集在一起。A hub site (most commonly created from a communication site) should also be considered its own unit of work that brings together numerous other sites.

过去,许多组织使用子网站为其 intranet 创建 connective 砂纸,使用网站集的共享导航连接网站,使用子网站关系的层次结构在网站内嵌套网站。In the past, many organizations used subsites to create connective tissue for their intranets, using the site collection's shared navigation to connect sites and the hierarchical structure of subsite relationships to nest sites within sites. 但是,子网站不提供任何空间来提供灵活性和更改。However, subsites don't give any room for flexibility and change. 由于子网站是在内容的 URL 中反映的物理构造,因此如果您重新组织业务关系,则会断开内容中的所有 intranet 关系。Since subsites are a physical construct reflected in the URL for content, if you reorganize your business relationships, you will break all the intranet relationships in your content. 由于 SharePoint 中的许多功能(包括保留和分类等策略功能)都适用于网站集内的所有网站,因此子网站也可能会在管理中产生挑战,无论您是否希望使用这些功能。Subsites can also create challenges when it comes to governance because many features (including policy features like retention and classification) in SharePoint apply to all sites within the site collection, whether you want them to or not. 这意味着,即使仅适用于一个子网站,也必须为整个网站集频繁启用某个功能。This means that you must frequently enable a feature for the entire site collection, even if it's only applicable to one subsite.

我们可以保证在每个公司中会发生什么事情?What is the one thing that we can guarantee is going to happen in every business? 更改!Change! 随着组织的发展,您需要使用 intranet 来轻松地使体验与工作方式相适应,并且可以在工作方式中适应不可避免的更改。As our organization evolves, you need intranets that make it easy to align experiences with the way you work and that can adapt to the inevitable changes in the way you work. 这是 SharePoint 中心网站提供的主要优势;它们将关系建模为链接,而不是层次结构或所有权,以便您可以采用在动态的变化世界中工作的方式来适应所做的更改。This is a key benefit provided by SharePoint hub sites; they model relationships as links, rather than hierarchy or ownership, so that you can adapt to the changes in the way you work in a dynamic, changing world.


入门Getting started

在开始创建中心网站之前,我们先回顾一下中心网站提供的三个内容:Before you start making hubs sites, let's recap the three things hub sites give you:

  • 共享导航和品牌Shared navigation and brand

  • 汇总内容和搜索Roll-up of content and search

  • 中心的主目标A home destination for the hub

现在,让我们来思考一下你要在整个 intranet 中共享的信息,并考虑你尝试启用的业务成果。Now let's think about the information you're trying to share throughout your intranet, and consider the business outcomes you're trying to enable.

Intranet 可以在组织中扮演许多角色。An intranet can play many roles in an organization. 它是面向内部的网站,是传达重要新闻和协作平台的位置。It's an internally facing site, a place to communicate important news, and a collaboration platform. 这也是展示公司文化的一种方式。It's also a way to showcase your corporate culture. 它可以是数字工作区的基础。It can be the foundation of your digital workplace. Intranet 允许您告诉情景和共享信息。An intranet lets you tell stories and share information. 为员工提供 intranet 上的语音可提供移动到协作文化的方法,使组织能够进行转换和适应更改。Empowering employees with a voice on your intranet can provide a way to move to a culture of collaboration that enables your organization to transform and adapt to change.

许多成功的 intranet 包含以下元素:Many successful intranets include the following elements:

  • 通信:例如,包含来自组织周围的新闻的主页,以使员工得到通知、整个导航、主要工具和信息的链接、内部营销促销以及在重要主题的周围与员工接洽的位置。Communication: For example, a home page that includes news from around the organization to keep employees informed, overall navigation, links to key tools and information, internal marketing promotions, and a place to engage employees around important topics.

  • 内容:组织的功能部件的位置,例如人力资源(HR)、法律和信息技术(IT),为公司的其余人员提供服务。Content: A place for the functional parts of the organization, such as Human Resources (HR), Legal, and Information Technology (IT), to offer their services to the rest of the company. 例如,intranet 的 HR 部分可以是员工可以在多长时间内找到的休假天数、公司权益计划是否提供了远景或无牙科的覆盖范围,或单个角色的可用培训。For example, the HR part of the intranet could be where employees can find out how many vacation days they have left, whether the company benefits program offers vision or dental coverage, or what training is available for individual roles. 在与潜在供应商进行对话之前,可能会在法律领域中查找员工可以执行的无泄露协议示例。The Legal area might be where employees can find a sample Non-Disclosure Agreement they can execute prior to having a conversation with a prospective vendor.

  • 操作和活动:链接到时间跟踪系统或零用金报销单表单以及经理可以在其中批准支出或时间表的位置。Actions and activities: Links to the time-tracking system or the expense report form and a place where managers can approve expenses or timesheets.

  • 协作:放置团队可以完成工作的地方,以及角色或基于主题的社区可以在整个组织中和在扩展的企业中与外部合作伙伴共享知识和利用专业技能。Collaboration: Places where teams can get work done and where role or topic-based communities can share knowledge and leverage expertise across the organization and with external partners in the extended enterprise.

  • 区域性:允许员工参与或学习的情景和位置,包括配置文件、社区和俱乐部,甚至反映组织结构的图像和品牌。Culture: Stories and places that allow employees to engage or learn, including profiles, communities and clubs, and even images and branding that reflect the organizational structure. 有时甚至 intranet 名称也体现了该区域性。Sometimes even the intranet name embodies the culture. 例如,电动实用程序具有一个名为 "Grid" 的 intranet,其中包含消息传递和促销,以确保 "没有人能够脱离网格"。For example, an electric utility has an intranet called "The Grid" with messaging and promotions to make sure that "no one works off The Grid."

  • 移动性:员工在旅途中完成的工作的功能。Mobility: The ability for employees to get work done from any device while they're on the go.

  • 搜索:员工能够查找内容,即使他们不知道其所在的位置。Search: The ability for employees to find content even if they don't know where it lives.

每个元素的重点都可以根据组织的优先级和某一程度的不同而变化,这是组织的数字成熟度。The emphasis for each of these elements can vary based on organizational priorities and to some extent, the digital maturity of the organization. Microsoft 365 提供了三个主要构建基块,可帮助您创建 intranet,使您能够配置与您的业务、员工和准备情况相符的体验。Microsoft 365 provides three main building blocks to help you create your intranet in a way that allows you to configure experiences that align with your business, your employees, and your readiness. 不同的组织将以不同的方式使用构建基块,但构建基块本身反映了组织用于完成工作的常见模式:Different organizations will use the building blocks in different ways, but the building blocks themselves reflect common patterns that organizations use to get work done:

  • 工作组网站(协作)Team sites (collaboration)

  • 通信网站(通信)Communication sites (communication)

  • 中心网站(连接)Hub sites (connection)


在其核心中,三种类型的构建基块共享一个公用结构。At their core, the three types of building blocks share a common structure. 例如,它们共享一组相同的内部 web 部件。For example, they share the same set of internal web parts. 但是,在意图、使用预期、治理(包括如何创建)以及您可能在每种类型的网站上使用的 web 部件的情况下,存在一些基本差异。However, there are some fundamental differences in intent, usage expectations, governance (including how they are created), and how and which web parts you might use on each type of site.

团队网站Team site
通信网站Communication site
中心网站Hub site
主要业务目标Primary business objective
当您想要创建工作组成员或项目团队的成员可以在项目可交付结果中协同工作的位置时,请规划事件、跟踪状态或 exchange 创意,您需要一个团队网站。When you want to create a place where the members of a work group or project team can work together on project deliverables, plan an event, track status, or exchange ideas, you want a team site. 默认情况下,工作组网站连接到 Microsoft 365 组,以提供完整范围的通信和协作工具,包括 Microsoft 团队和规划器。Team sites are connected by default to a Microsoft 365 group to deliver a full range of communication and collaboration tools, including Microsoft Teams and Planner.
当您想要广播邮件、告诉文章、共享内容以供查看(但不可编辑)或展示服务或人员时,您需要一个通信网站。When you want to broadcast a message, tell a story, share content for viewing (but not editing), or showcase services or people, you want a communication site. 通信网站所有者通常要包含一个参与组件,例如,与业务开发有关的网站上的 "询问业务发展" 区域。Communication site owners often want to include an engagement component - for example an "Ask Business Development" area on a site communicating information about business development. 这是连接 Yammer 组的一个很好的位置。This is a great place to connect a Yammer group.
当您希望为一系列相关网站创建共享体验时,可以通过滚动网站活动和新闻来发现相关内容,并将相关网站组织起来以共享一个通用的导航,并应用常见的外观。When you want to create a shared experience for a family of related sites—to discover related content by rolling up site activity and news, organize related sites so that they share a common navigation, and apply a common look and feel.
内容作者Content authors
所有成员都是共同创建和编辑内容的内容作者。All members are content authors who jointly create and edit content.
较少的内容作者和大量的内容读者或使用者。Small number of content authors and a much larger number of content readers or consumers.
中心网站所有者定义了中心导航和主题的共享体验。Hub site owner defines the shared experiences for hub navigation and theme. 中心网站成员与任何其他 SharePoint 网站一样,在中心网站上创建内容。Hub site members create content on the hub site as with any other SharePoint site. 与父中心关联的网站的所有者和成员创建单个网站上的内容。Owners and members of the sites associated with the parent hub create content on individual sites.
(根据安全性 & 中的设置允许您的组织合规中心)(as allowed for your organization based on the settings in the Security & Compliance center)
通常由团队确定Norms typically determined by the team. 实践的最佳方式是实现工作的最佳方式。Practices are aligned in the best way to get work done.
策略通常由组织确定,以确保体验的一致性和组织信息的有效管理。Policies often determined by the organization to ensure consistency of experience and effective management of organizational information.
根据网站和组织策略的类型,由关联网站的每个所有者确定的管辖。Governance determined by each owner of the associated site based on the type of site and organizational policies. 如果每个人都至少拥有相关网站的 "读取" 权限(但这不是必需的),则可以获得访问者的最佳体验。The best experience for visitors is achieved when everyone has at least read permissions for associated sites (but this is not required).
Microsoft 365 组,以及 SharePoint 组和权限级别Microsoft 365 group, plus SharePoint groups and permission levels
SharePoint 组SharePoint group
与原始网站类型相同。Same as original site type. 中心网站不会改变相关网站的权限。Hub sites do not alter an associated site's permissions.
创建者Created by
网站所有者(除非您的组织中已禁用此功能)或管理员Site owner (unless this has been disabled in your organization) or admin.
网站所有者(除非已在您的组织中禁用此功能)Site owner (unless this has been disabled in your organization)
Microsoft 365 中的全局管理员SharePoint 管理员Global admin or SharePoint admin in Microsoft 365
项目团队协同工作以完成可交付结果和管理任务Project team working together to complete deliverables and manage tasks
假日聚会规划委员会规划每年的合作Holiday party planning committee planning the annual get-together
HR 绩效管理团队HR performance management team
执行委员会—组织内的不同领导组Executive committee—different leadership groups within the organization
与合作伙伴 A 合作的 Extranet 网站Extranet site to work with Partner A
有关公司旅行的旅行团队出版指南Travel team publishing guidelines about corporate travel
策略和过程Policies and procedures
适用于新公司计划的微网站Micro-site for a new corporate initiative
产品或服务的销售团队的资源Resources for the sales team for a product or service
为所有 HR 功能(如福利、补偿、性能管理、人才收购和经理门户)提供连接和汇总的 HR 中心HR hub that provides a connection and roll up for all HR functions, such as benefits, compensation, performance management, talent acquisition, and a manager portal
为销售组织提供企业资源以及连接区域销售团队和通信网站的销售中心Sales hub providing enterprise resources for the Sales organization and connecting regional sales team and communication sites
针对特定位置(纽约办公室)对通信和工作组网站进行分组的特定位置的中心Location-specific hub that groups the communication and team sites for a specific location (the New York office)

什么是中心网站?What should be a hub site?

中心网站有助于在上下文中发现信息,对搜索体验进行了补充。Hub sites complement the search experience by helping you discover information in context.

Intranet 设计的最大挑战之一是了解如何组织 intranet 导航。One of the biggest challenges with intranet design is figuring out how the intranet navigation should be organized. 在所有团队和通信网站都是对等网站集的新世界中,信息架构师必须考虑创建使 intranet 用户能够在多个 "查找" 方案中查找所需内容的体验:In the new world where all team and communication sites are peer site collections, information architects must think about creating experiences that will allow intranet users to find what they need in multiple "find" scenarios:

  • 我知道它存在,并且我知道它在什么位置I know it exists, and I know where it is

  • 我知道它存在,但我不知道它在什么位置I know it exists, but I don't know where it is

  • 我不知道它是否存在I don't know if it exists

使用导航、搜索和发现(或 serendipity)的组合启用这些方案,并应考虑设计和组织中心网站的方式。These scenarios are enabled with a combination of navigation, search, and discovery (or serendipity) and should be a factor in how you design and organize your hub sites. 中心网站启用的重要功能之一是信息的 serendipitous 发现,因为它们可以从您可能不关注的网站,而不是与中心相关联的网站呈现根据上下文相关内容。One of the important capabilities that hub sites enable is the serendipitous discovery of information because they can surface contextually relevant content from sites you may not follow but are associated with the hub. SharePoint 起始页是为支持整个组织内容中的发现和搜索而构建的,但是,如果您已有特定的上下文,中心网站在缩小到少数相关网站的范围时可能非常有帮助。The SharePoint start page was built to support discovery and search across the entire organization's content, but if you already have a particular context in mind, hub sites can be very helpful in narrowing those experiences down to a handful of related sites.

作为你的中心规划的起点,请考虑你的用户需要完成工作的关键功能的中心网站—例如,HR、财务、通信或公共关系、法律和 IT。As a starting point in your hub planning, think about hub sites for key functions that your users need to get work done—for example: HR, Finance, Communications or Public Relations, Legal, and IT. 这些函数可以用不同的组织部门或大型组织中的业务单位表示,也可以合并为小型组织中的几个用户的角色。These functions may be represented in different organizational departments or business units in large organizations or combined into the role of a few people in smaller organizations.

让我们以 HR 为例。Let's take HR as an example. HR 通常包含以下子函数:HR often encompasses the following sub-functions:

  • 优点Benefits

  • 支付和补偿Pay and compensation

  • 人才收购或招聘Talent acquisition or recruiting

  • 性能管理Performance management

  • 专业开发或培训Professional development or training

  • 管理器门户Manager portal

使用为每个工作单元创建网站的指导原则,您可以考虑到每个功能的 HR 系列网站,再加上将相关网站连接起来以提供整体 HR 体验的 HR 主节点。Using the guiding principle of creating a site for each unit of work, you can think about an HR family of sites that could include 6 functional sites for each of these functions plus an HR home that connects the related sites to provide an overall HR experience. 这是考虑中心站点的价值的另一种方法:它们允许您创建一个可改进特定上下文的信息发现的体验(在我们的示例中,供正在寻找 HR 信息的员工使用)。This is another way to think about the value of hub sites: they allow you to create an experience that improves information discovery for a specific context (in our example, for employees looking for HR information).

HR 中心

在经典 intranet 模型中,可能已经创建了 HR 网站,并使用了子网站来支持每个 HR 函数。In the classic intranet model, you might have created an HR site and used subsites to support each HR function. 在新的新式 SharePoint 网站的单层环境中,HR 系列使用 HR 中心进行连接,以提供该 connective 砂纸在家庭内导航,并在用户导航到 HR 主页时为 serendipitously 发现有关该系列的相关成员的内容提供机会。In the new flat world of modern SharePoint sites, the HR family is connected using the HR hub to provide that connective tissue for navigation within the family and to provide an opportunity to serendipitously discover content on a related member of the family when users navigate to the HR home. 例如,如果你正在阅读有关开放注册的新闻通知的 HR 中心,由于你正在加入新员工的过程,你可能会知道,我们刚刚在人才收购网站上发布了新版本的 "欢迎使用公司" 加入工具包。For example, if you're on the HR hub reading a news announcement about open enrollment because you're in the process of onboarding a new employee, you might be happy to know that a new version of the "Welcome to the Company" onboarding toolkit was just released on the Talent Acquisition site. 同样,如果您尝试查找 HR 团队的 office 共享策略,您将会非常感激您能够将搜索限制为仅为 HR 附属网站(而不是整个公司)。Likewise, if you're trying to find the HR team's office sharing policy, you'll appreciate being able to limit your search to only the HR-affiliated sites, rather than the entire company.

不必为每个职能部门都创建一个中心网站。You don't have to have a hub site for every function. 但如果一个职能部门提供多个逻辑上不同的服务(如 HR 示例),最好创建一个中心网站,为用户提供一个起点。However, when a function provides multiple logically different services (as in the HR example), it's a good practice to create a hub site to provide a single starting place for your users. 通常,intranet 用户通过浏览启动浏览。Often, intranet users start their exploration with browsing. 中心网站可帮助将浏览的优势("我知道这是一个 HR 主题")与更狭窄的作用域搜索的好处("我想查找有关远景优势的信息,而不是公司的战略性愿景)。Hub sites help combine the benefits of browsing ("I know this is an HR topic") with the benefits of a more narrowly scoped search ("I want to find information about vision benefits, not the company's strategic vision."). 即使用户不知道哪个子函数提供服务,它们也可以导航到 HR 中心,然后使用中心中心的搜索(或导航)提供的搜索范围来快速查找所需的内容。Even if the users don't know which sub-function provides a service, they can navigate to the HR hub and then, using the search scope provided by the hub, search (or navigate) within the HR hub to quickly find what they need.

某些组织函数具有企业范围的范围,而不是区域或产品执行。Some organizational functions have an enterprise-wide scope but a regional or product execution. 例如,考虑可能具有销售区域网站和基于位置的办公室的网站的销售部门。For example, think about a Sales department that may have sites for sales regions and sites for location-based offices. 这种类型的函数总是使用子网站向分层 intranet 内容组织带来挑战。This type of function has always presented a challenge to hierarchical intranet content organization using subsites. 我们是否将东南部销售网站设为东南部区域网站或销售网站的子网站?Do we make the Southeast Sales site a subsite of the Southeast Region site or the Sales site? 以及当东南部区域内的状态移动时,会发生什么情况。例如,从东南部区域到西北地区?And, what happens when a state within the southeast region moves; for example, from the southeast region to the northeast region? 如果您使用子网站,而不是中心网站,则这种类型的动态组织移动将为 intranet 组织带来了一个痛苦。This type of dynamic organizational movement creates a nightmare for intranet organization if you use subsites, but not with hub sites. 选取集线器可能会创建一些 angst,因为单个网站只能与一个中心相关联,但请记住,新闻、活动和突出显示的内容基于搜索,因此可能会将一个网站中的内容显示在多个中心主页上。Picking a hub may create some angst because an individual site can be associated with only one hub, but keep in mind that news, activity, and highlighted content is based on search, so it's possible to have content from one site appear on multiple hub home pages. 集线器将默认仅显示来自其自己的关联网站的内容,但也可以轻松地将其配置为包含其他相关网站,即使这些网站与不同的中心相关联也是如此。A hub will default to only showing content from its own associated sites, but it's easy to configure it to include other related sites as well, even if those sites are associated with different hubs.


您的组织限制为2000中心网站。Your organization is limited to 2,000 hub sites. 您可能不需要每个功能的中心网站,在创建集线器之前执行一些规划非常重要。You may not need a hub site for every function and it's important to do some planning before you create hubs.

在这种情况下,无 "一种大小适合" 的方法来确定如何将网站与中心对齐。There is no "one size fits all" way to determine how to align sites to a hub in this scenario. 始终从回答以下问题开始:Always start by answering these questions:

  • 谁是你的受众以及需要什么才能完成?Who is your audience and what do they need to accomplish?

  • 需要信息的人员如何完成其工作?How do the people who need the information get their work done?

让你的中心与你的中心保持联系,以创建使用户优先的体验。Align your hub to create experiences that enable the user first. 您可能需要考虑每个工作组中的人员通过将区域网站与功能进行协调来思考所做的工作,因为东北地区的 sales 内容更可能与东南部地区办事处的销售内容类似。You may want to think about how people in each work group think about the work they do by aligning regional sites with the function , since sales content for the northeast is more likely to be organized similarly to sales content for the southeast than it will be for the southeast regional office. 但这是一个 "取决于" 的情况。But this is very much an "it depends" situation. 在某些组织中,与功能中心相比,组织区域中心周围的所有功能会更有意义。In some organizations, it will make much more sense to organize all functions around a regional hub than a functional hub. 使用中心站点多地理位置功能,您可以创建更好的用户体验,将奥地利销售与奥地利中心相关联,而不是与全球销售中心相关联。With hub sites multi-geo capabilities, you can create a better user experience associating Austria Sales with the Austria hub and not the global Sales hub. 在这种类型的方案中,您可以使用奥地利销售网站上的链接将其连接到全球销售中心,并将每个区域销售网站添加到全球销售的中心导航中。In this type of scenario, you can use a link on the Austria sales site to connect it to the global Sales hub and add each regional sales site to the Hub navigation for global sales.


一个网站只能与一个中心网站系列关联。A site can only associate with a hub family. 不过,中心网站系列可以使用页面或中心导航上的链接来相互连接。However, hub families can be connected to one another using links either on the page or in hub navigation.

一种很好的做法是,对具有某种模式(如 Sales)的所有函数开始使用一致的方法。A good practice is to start with a consistent approach for all functions that have a pattern, such as Sales. 如果将区域特定的函数与区域中心对齐,请对所有函数执行此操作。If you align region-specific functions to the regional hub, do that for all functions. 无论采用哪种方式,都是有效的,但从可用性角度来说,它有助于保持一致。Either approach is valid, but from a usability perspective, it helps to be consistent.

我应如何组织我的中心网站?How should I organize my hub site?

中心网站提供了两个主要的组织体验,您应考虑将其作为中心规划过程的一部分。Hub sites provide two primary organizational experiences that you should think about as part of the hub planning process. 尽管创建中心网站必须由 Microsoft 365 中的全局管理员或 SharePoint 管理员完成,但规划、管理和组织中心网站是中心网站所有者的责任。Though creating a hub site must be done by the global or SharePoint admin in Microsoft 365, planning, managing and organizing the hub site is the responsibility of the hub site owner. “中心”的组织概念为:The organizing concepts for hubs are:

  • 关联Association

  • 导航Navigation


通过将SharePoint 网站与中心网站相关联,网站成为集线器系列的一部分。A site becomes part of a hub family by Associating a SharePoint site with a hub site. 创建中心网站时,SharePoint 管理员应仅允许特定网站所有者将网站与中心相关联When creating a hub site, SharePoint admins should allow only certain site owners to associate sites with the hub.

SharePoint 管理员向网站所有者授予了将其网站与中心网站相关联的权限后,网站所有者就可以选择将这些网站与中心网站相关联。After a SharePoint admin gives a site owner permission to associate their sites with a hub site, the site owner can then choose to associate the sites with the hub. 当用户执行此操作时,网站将继承中心网站主题和共享导航。When they do, the site inherits the hub site theme and shared navigation. 其网站中的内容将汇总到中心网站,网站将包含在中心网站搜索范围中。Content from their site will roll up to the hub site, and the site will be included in the hub site search scope.

与中心相关,不会自动将网站添加到中心导航。Associating with the hub does not automatically add the site to the hub navigation. 中心网站所有者将确定导航中包含的网站。Hub site owners determine which sites are included in the navigation. 他们还可以配置新闻、网站和突出显示的内容,以便从所有关联的网站或仅从所选网站中汇总活动。They can also configure the News, Sites, and Highlighted content to roll up activity from all associated sites or only selected sites.


与中心关联不会更改网站的权限。Association with a hub does not change the permissions on a site. 如果将受限制访问的网站与中心相关联,则只有拥有受限网站访问权限的用户才能看到汇总在中心中的内容。If you associate a site that has restricted access with a hub, only users who have access to the restricted site will see content rolled up on the hub. 在中心网站上显示的信息将被安全修整:如果您没有对内容的访问权限,将看不到它。Information surfaced on the hub site is security trimmed: if you don't have access to the content, you won't see it. 您可能需要考虑在组合您的中心系列之后调整关联网站上的权限。Something you may want to consider is adjusting permissions on the associated sites after you have assembled your hub family.

中心网站所有者确定在共享导航中反映哪些网站,还可以包含指向其他资源的链接。The hub site owner determines which sites are reflected in the shared navigation, and can also include links to other resources. 此导航将显示在顶部的套件栏下方。This navigation appears at the top, below the suite bar. 大多数情况下,想要将关联的网站添加到中心导航。Most of the time, you will want to add associated sites to your hub navigation. 这是可使用中心来实现的体验优势之一。That's one of the benefits of the experiences that you can enable with a hub. 您的中心导航最多可以有三个级别,这使您能够以一种帮助用户发现和查找相关内容的方式来组织您的中心系列。Your hub navigation can have up to three levels, which affords a lot of opportunity to organize your hub family in a way that helps users discover and find relevant content.

但是,您可能不希望将每个关联的网站添加到您的导航中,也可能需要考虑添加与导航不关联的网站。However, you may not want to add every associated site to your navigation and you may want to consider adding sites that aren't associated to the navigation. 在规划中心导航时,请考虑以下事项。Consider the following as you plan your hub navigation.

  • 是否要将私有或受限制的访问网站添加到导航?Do you want to add private or restricted access sites to the navigation? 也.Maybe. 例如,HR 可能想要将其专用团队网站与 HR 中心关联起来,以使 HR 团队成员更方便。For example, HR may want to associate their private team site with the HR hub to make it more convenient for HR team members. 但是,HR 中心所有者可能不希望将专用 HR 团队网站添加到 HR 中心的共享导航,因为这样会使组织中的所有人都能够更容易地发现专用 HR 网站,当他们单击 HR 团队网站的链接时,将会出现访问问题。But, the HR hub owner may not want to add the private HR team site to the shared navigation for the HR hub because this would make the private HR site more discoverable by everyone in the organization, who will get an access challenge when they click the link to the HR team site. 除非 HR 团队网站的所有者需要花费大量时间来拒绝访问请求,否则最好不要将专用团队网站留给 HR 中心的导航。Unless the owner of the HR team site wants to spend a lot of time denying access requests, it might be a good idea to leave the private team site off the navigation for the HR hub. 另一方面,可能有一个 "半专用" 网站,您希望让他们发现感兴趣的人。On the other hand, there may be a site that is "semi-private" that you want interested people to discover. 例如,您可能有一个社区,希望将成员资格限制为具有特定专业技能的人,但又希望发现整个组织中的专家。For example, you might have a community that wants to restrict membership to people with a specific expertise, but also wants to discover experts across the organization. 在这种情况下,用户可能会收到 "拒绝访问"/"请求访问" 消息,但网站所有者已准备好,希望向感兴趣的人员授予访问权限。In this scenario, users might get an access denied/request access message, but the site owner is prepared and wants to grant access to interested people.


    如果您在中心导航中添加指向私有网站的链接,请添加 "(受限)" 或 "(专用)" 或 "(外部)" 链接名称,以帮助用户了解他们可能无法访问导航链接。If you add links to private sites in your hub navigation, add (restricted) or (private) or (external) to the link name to help users understand that they may not have access to the navigation link.

  • 是否要将未与中心相关联的网站添加到导航?Do you want to add sites that are not associated with the hub to the navigation? 也.Maybe. 由于单个网站只能与一个中心相关联,因此添加与中心不关联的网站有助于提供将中心连接到相关网站的方法。Since an individual site can only be associated with one hub, adding sites that aren't associated with your hub helps provide a way to connect your hub to related sites. 例如,如果选择将区域中的函数与区域中心(而不是全局函数中心)相关联,则可以向每个区域网站添加来自函数中心的导航链接。For example, if you choose to associate functions within a region with a regional hub instead of the global function hub, you could add navigation links from the function hub to each of the region sites. 例如,如果您具有 HR 的函数中心,则可以将区域 HR 网站(西北、东南部、东南部等)添加到 HR 中心的导航中,以创建全面的 HR 体验。For example, if you have a function hub for HR, you could add the regional HR sites (Northeast HR, Southeast HR, and so on) to the navigation of the HR hub to create a comprehensive HR experience. 请注意,在执行此操作时,将不会在 HR 中心中显示区域 HR 网站中的新闻和活动(但它们将显示在区域中心)。Note that when you do this, the news and activity in the regional HR sites will not show up on the HR hub (but they will show up on the regional hub). 在从 HR 中心导航到区域 HR 网站时,您将位于具有区域中心导航和主题(而不是 HR 导航和主题)的网站上。And, when you navigate from the HR hub to the regional HR site, you will be on a site that has the regional hub navigation and theme, not the HR navigation and theme. 此方案本身没有任何错误或错误,但在规划中心导航体验时,您应了解其含义。There is nothing inherently wrong or bad about this scenario, but you should be aware of the implications when you plan your hub navigation experiences


    如果您不希望 extranet 用户看到共享导航,则不要将 extranet 网站与中心相关联。Don't associate extranet sites with the hub if you don't want extranet users to see the shared navigation. 请考虑只将外部站点添加到中心导航,以便内部用户可以快速访问相关的 extranet 网站。Consider just adding the external sites to the hub navigation so that internal users have quick access to relevant extranet sites.

我能否仅为整个组织制作一个中心网站?Can I make just one hub site for my whole organization?

您的组织不需要具有多个集线器,但您应考虑这对组织和信息发现的意义。There is no requirement to have more than one hub for your organization, but you should think about what this means for both organization and information discovery. 这可能是开始使用的一种方法,但它可能并不是你最终的目标。It might be a way to get started, but it will probably not be where you end up.

如果你只有一个集线器,你将错过的一件事就是能够轻松地在上下文中呈现相关信息。One thing that you will miss out on if you have only one hub is the ability to easily surface related information in context. 例如,如果您有一个企业集线器,则在 HR 网站上仅显示与 HR 相关的新闻会更难。For example, if you have a single enterprise hub, it will be harder to surface just HR-related news on the HR site. 甚至小型组织可能会发现,限制用户查找信息的上下文对管理信息超载很有帮助。Even small organizations may find that restricting the context in which users find information is helpful in managing information overload.

如果您想要开始使用单个组织中心,并且还希望能够为用户看到的信息提供上下文,可以执行此操作,但它将需要与内容作者发布 "合同"。If you want to get started with a single organizational hub and you also want to be able to provide context for the information users see, you can do it, but it will require a publishing "contract" with content authors. 以下是通过单个集线器实现这一成果的几种方法:Here are a few ways to achieve that outcome with a single hub:

  • 命名约定:将前缀添加到新闻文章标题,并使用突出显示的内容 web 部件来汇总新闻,例如,在 HR 网站上以 hr 开始,或在中心网站上对销售网站上的新闻进行分组。Naming conventions: Add a prefix to news article titles and use a Highlighted content web part to roll up news that, for example, starts with HR on the HR site and Sales on the Sales site or to group news on the hub site.

  • 页面元数据:将自定义属性映射到托管属性,并将其应用于页面。Page metadata: Map a custom property to a managed property and apply it to pages. 在任何网站上的页面上突出显示的内容 web 部件中使用您的自定义页面元数据。Use your custom page metadata in a Highlighted Content web part on a page on any site. 此方法为您提供了更大的信息呈现灵活性。This approach gives you increased flexibility in information presentation.

您可能会发现,如果内容发布分布在整个组织中,则使用小型发布组实现这些方法可能更容易,并且更难实现。You can probably see that these approaches might be easier to implement with a small publishing group and much harder if content publishing is distributed across the organization. 如果你的组织(如许多)具有或正在推动分布式发布模型,你将需要考虑的含义、培训和发布 "合同" 如果你从单个组织中心开始,你将需要实施这些 "合同"。If your organization, like many, has or is driving towards a distributed publishing model, you will want to think about the implications, training, and publishing "contracts" you will need to implement if you start with a single organizational hub.

了解受众将如何使用 SharePoint 中心网站Know how your audience will consume SharePoint hub sites

访问群体可能会通过 Microsoft 365 中的 SharePoint 起始页(网站本身和新闻从中心流向起始页)使用 SharePoint 中心网站。Your audience might consume SharePoint hub sites via the SharePoint start page in Microsoft 365—both the sites themselves and how news flows from the hub to the start page. 此外,请考虑 SharePoint 移动应用,它可用于访问中心主页、新闻和关联网站的导航。Also, consider SharePoint mobile apps, which could be used to access the hub home page, news, and navigation to associated sites. 考虑移动应用程序通知的价值。Consider the value of mobile app notifications. 鼓励您的用户在使用SharePoint 移动应用程序时保持联系。Encourage your users to stay connected on the go with the SharePoint mobile app. 请务必考虑操作系统、屏幕大小、分辨率和外形规格。Make sure that you consider operating systems, screen sizes, resolution, and form factors. 所有新式网站、页面、新闻和列表在所有这些网站中都能很好地工作,有些将在小型设备上使用内容时进行重排。All modern sites, pages, news, and lists should work well across all of these, and some will reflow as people consume content on small devices.

其他重要注意事项Additional important considerations

  • 查找集线器(如果有多个)。Finding hubs if you have more than one. 中心网站是 intranet 的重要构建基块。Hub sites are an important building block for your intranet. 但对于大多数组织而言,中心网站不打算提供 intranet 设计器所需的全局导航类型。But for most organizations, hub sites are not going to provide the type of global navigation that intranet designers want. 可以通过以下几种方法使中心网站可发现:Here are some ways you can make your hub sites discoverable:

    • 在 SharePoint 起始页上On the SharePoint start page. 将中心网站固定到 SharePoint 起始页的 "特色链接" 区域。Pin your hub sites to the Featured links area of the SharePoint start page. 鼓励所有用户 "关注" 中心网站。Encourage all users to "follow" hub sites.

    • 在 SharePoint 移动应用上On the SharePoint mobile app. 此外,还可以在 SharePoint 移动应用程序中找到中心网站,如果用户关注中心网站,则更容易发现中心网站。Hub sites can also be found on the SharePoint mobile app and are even more discoverable if users follow hub sites.

    • 从组织门户From the organization portal. 如果你已有一个现有的组织 intranet 或门户,则可以在现有导航中链接到你的中心网站。If you have an existing organizational intranet or portal, you can link to your hub sites in your existing navigation.

    • 每个中心网站On each hub site. 考虑在每个中心网站上添加指向您的组织门户主页的链接。Consider adding a link to your organizational portal home page on each hub site. 将指向组织门户的链接("主页主页")添加到中心导航的最右侧,以保持中心网站上下文的主要焦点。Add the link to the organization portal ("home home") to the far right in your hub navigation to keep the primary focus of your hub site on the hub site context.

  • 吸引了新闻的适当受众Reaching the right audience for news. 中心网站可帮助您在适当的时间和适当的上下文中向适当的人提供新闻。Hub sites help you bring news to the right people at the right time and in the right context. 新闻不会向下流动到关联的网站,而只是从关联的网站到中心。News doesn't flow down to associated sites, just up from the associated site to the hub. 如果您想要最大范围的新闻,请将其发布到中心网站。If you want the broadest reach for your news, publish it to the hub site. 若要更好地查看中心新闻,您可能需要在主页上有两个新闻 web 部件:一个用于在集线器主页上发布的新部件,另一个包含从关联网站(全部或仅选定网站)汇总的新闻。To make hub news more visible, you may want to have two news web parts on your home page: one for new published on the hub home and another that includes news rolled up from associated sites (all or just selected sites).

  • 集线器命名约定Hub naming conventions. 考虑中心网站的命名约定,使其更易于查找。Think about naming conventions for hub sites to make them more discoverable. 某些选项包括 HR Central、HR 中心中心和 HR 门户等名称。Some options include names such as HR Central, HR Hub, HR Portal. 尝试为所有中心网站选择一致的命名约定。Try to choose a consistent naming convention for all hub sites.

  • 准备好中心Getting ready to hub. 在规划集线器之后,您可以将现有网站(最好是通信网站)转换为中心网站或创建新的网站通信网站,并使其成为中心网站。Once you have planned your hubs, you can transform an existing site (preferably a communication site) to become a hub site or create a new site communication site and make it a hub site. 然后,您可以在中心网站上添加和配置 web 部件和导航,以强调集线器功能。Then, you can add and configure the web parts and navigation on the hub site to emphasize the hub capabilities.

  • 子网站Subsites. 中心网站解决以前使用子网站的许多或大多数用例。Hub sites solve many or most of the use cases for which you previously used subsites. 我们建议使用中心网站来组织 intranet 中的网站。We recommend using hub sites going forward to organize the sites in your intranet. 但是,子网站将继续作为经典功能受支持,我们会将新的团队网站模板添加为子网站选项。However, subsites will continue to be supported as a classic feature, and we'll add the new team site template as a subsite option.

当中心网站符合你的业务成果并解决你对用户的需求时,请使用中心网站。Use hub sites when they align with your business outcomes and solve a need for your users. 中心网站的功能不断发展,我们正在努力实现一些最常请求的功能,例如,将中心网站中的导航链接指向特定人员组的功能。The capabilities of hub sites are evolving, and we're working to implement some of the most requested features as soon as we can, such as the ability to target the navigation links in hub sites to specific groups of people.

需要更多帮助吗?Need more help?

提出问题 如果您有关于本主题的技术问题,您可能会发现将其发布到SharePoint 讨论论坛非常有用。 Ask a question If you have technical questions about this topic, you may find it helpful to post them on the SharePoint discussion forum. 这是一个很好的资源,用于查找已处理类似问题的其他用户或遇到相同情况的用户。It's a great resource for finding others who have worked with similar issues or who have encountered the same situation.

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