为 Microsoft Teams 桌面版添加 Viva ConnectionsAdd Viva Connections for Microsoft Teams desktop

Microsoft Viva Connections四个 Viva 模块 之一是通向现代员工体验的网关。Microsoft Viva Connections - one of the four Viva modules - is your gateway to a modern employee experience. 适用于桌面体验的 Viva Connections(以前称为 家庭网站应用)将智能 SharePoint Intranet 与 Microsoft Teams 中的聊天和协作工具相结合。The Viva Connections for desktop experience, formerly known as the Home site app, combines the power of your intelligent SharePoint intranet with chat and collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams. 通过 Viva Connections,用户可在团队的应用栏中发现和搜索来自整个组织的相关内容、站点和新闻。Viva Connections enables users to discover and search relevant content, sites, and news from across the organization right from the Team’s app bar. Viva Connections 还允许你直接在 Teams 中整合组织的品牌和身份。Viva Connections also allows you to incorporate your organization’s brand and identity directly in Teams.

使用 Viva Connections 的好处Benefits of using Viva Connections

Teams 中的 SharePoint 主页图像

  1. 突出显示特定资源: Viva Connections 使用公司策划的 全局导航 链接以及由 Microsoft Graph支持个性化内容,如网站和新闻。Highlight specific resources: Viva Connections uses the company-curated global navigation links along with personalized content like sites and news, which are powered by Microsoft Graph. 全局导航在 SharePoint 中配置,可通过选择 Teams 应用栏中的图标访问。Global navigation is configured in SharePoint and can be accessed by selecting the icon in Teams app bar.

  2. 在 Teams 中导航 Intranet 资源: 导航到 Teams 内的所有新式 SharePoint 网站、页面和新闻,而不会丢失上下文。Navigate intranet resources in Teams: Navigate to all modern SharePoint sites, pages, and news within Teams without losing context. 将在 Teams 文件预览窗口中打开所有文件。All files will open in the Teams file preview window.

  3. 在 Teams 中搜索 Intranet 内容: 主页上,可通过在 Teams 搜索栏中搜索来在 SharePoint 中搜索 Intranet 内容。Search for intranet content in Teams: On the home page, you can search for intranet content in SharePoint by searching in the Teams search bar. 搜索结果将显示在浏览器中的 SharePoint 网站上。Search results will be displayed on a SharePoint site in the browser.

Teams 中主页网站的搜索图像

  1. 轻松共享内容: SharePoint 网站标题中的功能会动态显示工具,这些工具可帮助用户根据查看的内容类型进行协作。Share content easily: Features in the SharePoint site header will dynamically display tools that help users collaborate depending on the type of content being viewed. 在 Teams 聊天中共享指向 SharePoint 页面的链接等任务更加轻松。Tasks such as sharing a link to a SharePoint page in a Teams chat are much easier.


  • 需要 SharePoint 管理员权限(或更高权限)才能在 PowerShell 中创建 Viva Connections for Teams 桌面应用,并且需要 Teams 管理员权限(或更高权限)才能在 Teams 管理中心应用该应用。You need SharePoint admin permissions (or higher) to create the Viva Connections for Teams desktop app in PowerShell, and you need Teams admin permissions (or higher) to apply the app in the Teams Admin Center.
  • Teams 移动应用尚不支持 Viva Connections 桌面版。Viva Connections for desktop is not yet supported in the Teams mobile app.
  • 在 Teams 中,仅可查看新式 SharePoint 网站和页面,所有其他内容将在浏览器中打开。Only modern SharePoint sites and pages can be viewed in Teams and all other content will open in a browser.
  • 全局导航菜单链接可以面向 受众 ,以便向特定组显示特定内容。Global navigation menu links can be audience targeted so that specific content is surfaced to certain groups of people. SharePoint 全局导航菜单中的受众定位设置将进行 Teams 中的全局导航。Audience targeting settings in the SharePoint global navigation menu will carry over to global navigation in Teams.
  • 家庭网站中时,应用于 SharePoint 网站的搜索自定义将应用于 Teams 中的搜索结果。Search customizations applied to SharePoint sites will apply to search results in Teams when on the home site. 所有开箱即用网站标题都兼容 Viva Connections 桌面版。All SharePoint out-of-the-box site headers are compatible with Viva Connections desktop. 但是,如果您修改 SharePoint 网站以删除或显著更改网站标题,则用户可能无法使用这些上下文操作。However, if you modify your SharePoint site to remove, or significantly change the site header, then these contextual actions may not be available to the user.
  • Viva Connections 最初宣布 家庭网站应用Viva Connections was originally announced as the Home site app.
  • Mobile 版 Viva Connections 将于 2021 年夏季提供,并包含对整体配置和部署体验的增强功能。Viva Connections for mobile will become available in Summer 2021 and will include enhancements to the overall configuration and deployment experience.
  • 现在Microsoft 下载中心用于桌面 PowerShell 脚本的 Viva Connections The Viva Connections for desktop PowerShell script is available now in the Microsoft download center.

观看创建应用包,然后上传到 Teams 的方法Watch how to create the app package and then upload it to Teams

准备 Viva 连接Prepare for Viva Connections

可通过 PowerShell 预配第一个版本的 Viva Connections,然后 Teams 管理中心应用上传The first version of Viva Connections can be provisioned through PowerShell and then will be uploaded as an app in the Teams Admin Center. 将来版本的 Viva Connections 将自动通过 Teams 管理中心提供。Future versions of Viva Connections will be automatically available through the Teams Admin Center. 通过查看以下要求和建议,帮助组织准备现在或将来使用 Viva Connections:Prepare your organization for Viva Connections now, or in the near future, by reviewing the following requirements and recommendations:

Teams 应用栏中全局导航图标的图像

Viva Connections 要求:Viva Connections requirements:

  • 在 SharePoint 中已启用全局导航 - 建议在 SharePoint 应用栏 中启用和自定义全局导航,以便在 Teams 中显示 SharePoint 资源。Global navigation is enabled in SharePoint - It is recommended that global navigation is enabled and customized in the SharePoint app bar so that SharePoint resources appear in Teams.

Viva Connections 建议:Viva Connections recommendations:

设置 Viva Connections 桌面的分步指南Step-by-step guide to setting up Viva Connections desktop

完成以下步骤以使用 SharePoint PowerShell 或 Viva Connections 桌面Complete the following steps to enable Viva Connections desktop using SharePoint PowerShell:

  1. 设置 SharePoint 主页: 强烈建议设置 SharePoint 主页 并使用该网站作为用户在 Teams 中的默认登录体验。Set up a SharePoint home site: We highly recommend that you set up a SharePoint home site and use that site as the default landing experience for your users in Teams.

  2. 启用全局导航和自定义导航链接: SharePoint 应用栏或网站中设置和自定义全局Enable global navigation and customize navigational links: Set up and customize global navigation in the SharePoint app bar. 了解设置主页网站导航 全局导航工具 在正确的时间显示正确内容的不同方法。Learn about the different ways you can set up the home site navigation and global navigation to surface the right content at the right time.

  3. 在 PowerShell 创建 Viva Connections 应用包: SharePoint 管理员需要从 Microsoft 下载中心下载并运行 PowerShell 脚本,以创建 Viva Connections 桌面包。Create a Viva Connections app package in PowerShell: The SharePoint admin needs to download and run PowerShell script from the Microsoft download center to create the Viva Connections desktop package. 运行脚本前,请确保正在使用 SharePoint 管理 Shell 工具的 最新版本Ensure that you are using the latest version of the SharePoint Management Shell tool before running the script.


  • 用于 PowerShell 脚本的 Viva Connections 现已可用。The Viva Connections for desktop PowerShell script is available now.
  • 需要 SharePoint 管理员凭据才能使用 SharePoint PowerShell。SharePoint admin credentials are required to use SharePoint PowerShell.
  • 创建 Viva Connections 桌面包的 SharePoint 管理员需要 SharePoint 中主网站的网站所有者权限(或更高权限)。The SharePoint admin who creates the Viva Connections desktop package needs site owner permissions (or higher) to the home site in SharePoint.
  • 如果租户使用的是早期版本的 PowerShell,请卸载较旧版本,并将其替换为 最新版本的If your tenant is using an older version of PowerShell, uninstall the older version and replace it with the most up to date version.
  • 图标需要为 PNG 文件Icons need to be PNG files
  1. 提供用于创建包的租户和网站信息: 下载 Viva Connections 桌面 PowerShell 脚本版本 并提供以下信息。Provide tenant and site information to create the package: Download the Viva Connections for desktop PowerShell script and provide the information below.

在 PowerShell 中创建新包时,需要完成以下字段:When you create a new package in PowerShell, you will be required to complete the following fields:

  • 租户主页的 URL: 以"https://"开始提供租户的主页 URL。URL of your tenant’s home site: Provide the tenant's home site URL starting with "https://". 此网站将成为 Viva Connections 的默认登录体验。This site will become the default landing experience for Viva Connections.

  • 在请求时提供以下详细信息:Provide the following details when requested:

    • 名称: Viva Connections 桌面包的名称,因为它应显示在 Teams 应用栏中。Name: The name of your Viva Connections desktop package, as it should appear in Teams app bar.
    • 应用简短说明(80 个字符): 应用简短说明,将在 Teams 应用程序目录中显示。App short description (80 characters): A short description for your app, which will appear in Teams app catalog.
    • 应用长描述(4000 个字符): 一个有关应用的长说明,将在 Teams 应用程序目录中显示。App long description (4000 characters): A long description for your app, which will appear in Teams app catalog.
    • 隐私策略: 组织中自定义 Teams 应用的隐私策略(需要以https://开头)。Privacy policy: The privacy policy for custom Teams apps in your organization (needs to start with https://). 如果没有单独的隐私策略,请按 Enter,该脚本将使用 Microsoft 的默认 SharePoint 隐私策略。If you do not have a separate privacy policy, press Enter and the script will use the default SharePoint privacy policy from Microsoft.
    • 使用条款: 组织中自定义 Teams 应用的使用条款(需要以https://开头)。Terms of use: The terms of use for custom Teams apps in your organization (needs to start with https://). 如果没有单独的使用条款,请按 Enter,该脚本将使用 Microsoft 的默认 SharePoint 使用条款。If you do not have separate terms of use, press Enter and the script will use the default SharePoint terms of use from Microsoft.
    • 公司名称: "创建者"部分中 Teams 应用目录的应用页面上显示你的组织名称。Company name: Your organization name that will be visible on the app page in Teams app catalog in “Created By” section.
    • 公司网站: 公司的公共网站(需要从 https:// 开始),该公共网站将链接到 Teams 应用程序目录中"创建者"部分中的应用页中的公司应用名称。Company website: Your company’s public website (needs to start with https://) that will be linked to your company’s app name on the app page in Teams app catalog in “Created By” section.
    • 图标: 需要提供两个 PNG 图标,这两个图标将用于表示 Teams 中的 Viva Connections 桌面应用;团队应用程序目录为 192X192 像素彩色图标,Teams 应用栏为 32X32 像素等宽图标。Icons: You are required to provided two PNG icons, which will be used to represent your Viva Connections desktop app in Teams; a 192X192 pixel colored icon for Teams app catalog and a 32X32 pixel monochrome icon for Teams app bar. 了解有关 Teams 图标准则Learn more about Teams icon guidelines.


Microsoft 不有权访问运行该脚本时提供的任何信息。Microsoft does not have access to any information provided by you while running this script.

  1. 在 Teams 管理中心上传 Viva Connections 桌面包: 成功提供详细信息后,将在设备上创建并保存 Teams 应用清单(即 .zip 文件)。Upload the Viva Connections desktop package in the Teams Admin Center: Once you successfully provide the details, a Teams app manifest, which is a .zip file, will be created and saved on your device. 租户的 Teams 管理员需将此应用清单上传到 Teams 管理中心 >管理应用The Teams administrator of your tenant will then need to upload this app manifest to Teams admin center > Manage apps.

    深入了解如何在 管理中心或网站中上传自定义Learn more about how to upload custom apps in Teams admin center.

  2. 默认为用户管理和固定应用: 在 Teams 管理中心中成功上传 Viva Connections 桌面包后,即可像管理任何其他应用一样对其进行管理。Manage and pin the app by default for your users: Once the Viva Connections desktop package is successfully uploaded in the Teams admin center, it can be managed like any other app. 配置用户权限 使此应用对正确的一组用户可用。You can configure user permissions to make this app available to the right set of users. 然后,允许的用户可以在 Teams 应用程序目录中找到该应用程序。Permitted users can then find this app in Teams app catalog.

    我们 建议 你默认为租户中的用户固定此应用,以便他们可以轻松访问其公司的 Intranet 资源,而无需在 Teams 应用程序目录中发现该应用。We highly recommend that you pin this app by default for users in your tenant so that they can easily access their company’s intranet resources without having to discover the app in Teams app catalog. 使用 Teams 应用设置策略 在 Teams 应用栏中默认固定此应用, 此策略应用到一批Use Teams app setup policies to pin this app by default in Teams app bar and then apply this policy to a batch of users.

然后为 Viva Connections 载入最终用户Then, onboard end users for Viva Connections

帮助最终用户 Viva Connections 改善工作场所沟通和协作。Help end users understand how to use Viva Connections to improve workplace communication and collaboration.


问:能否将任何网站固定为 Teams 的默认登录体验?Q: Can any site be pinned as default landing experience in Teams?

答: 新式 SharePoint 通信网站有资格通过 Viva Connections 在 Teams 中固定。A: Modern SharePoint communication sites are eligible for pinning in Teams via Viva Connections. 但是,我们 强烈建议 您在 SharePoint中指定一个主站点,并将其固定为Teams中用户的默认登录体验。However, we highly recommend that you nominate a home site in SharePoint and pin that as the default landing experience for your users in Teams.

问:能否在 Teams 中固定经典 SharePoint 网站?Q: Can my classic SharePoint site be pinned in Teams?

答: 否,Microsoft Teams 不支持经典 SharePoint 网站。A: No, classic SharePoint sites are not supported in Microsoft Teams.

问:是否需要 Viva Connections 来在 Teams 中显示全局导航?Q: Do I need Viva Connections for the global navigation to show up in Teams?

答: 是,全局导航菜单链接存储在租户的主页中,需要此链接才能在 Teams 中的 Viva Connections 中显示导航面板。A: Yes, the global navigation menu links are stored in the home site of a tenant, and is required in order for the navigation panel to appear in Viva Connections in Teams. 详细了解如何 SharePoint 应用栏或栏中设置全局Learn more about how to enable and set up global navigation in the SharePoint app bar.

问:如果设置 Viva Connections 之前不配置全局导航链接,会发生什么情况?Q: What happens if I don’t configure global navigation links before setting up Viva Connections?

答: 用户仍可通过在 Teams 中选择全局导航图标访问关注网站和推荐新闻,但将不能直接访问 Intranet 导航项目。A: The user will still be able to access followed sites and recommended news by selecting the global navigation icon in Teams but will not have direct access to intranet navigational items.

问:在 Microsoft Teams 中,使用 Viva Connections 与将 SharePoint 页面添加为选项卡之间有什么区别?Q: What is the difference between using Viva Connections and adding a SharePoint page as a tab in Microsoft Teams?

答: Viva Connections 允许组织将组织品牌输入点固定到 Intranet,以创建沉浸式体验、完成导航、大幅网页菜单和支持租户范围搜索。A: Viva Connections allows organizations to pin an organization-branded entry point to their intranet that creates an immersive experience, complete with navigation, megamenus, and support for tenant-wide search. Viva Connections 还提供权限,可以快速访问组织策展资源、关注的网站和新闻(如 SharePoint 应用提供的内容)。Viva Connections also provides quick access to organization curated resources, followed sites, and news like those provided by the SharePoint app. SharePoint 页面可 固定为选项卡,显示在 Teams 频道中,这提供了将内容直接引入团队协作工作区的方法,但这些页面不提供功能导航和搜索元素。SharePoint pages can be pinned as tabs in Teams channels provide ways to bring content directly into Team collaboration workspace, and these pages do not feature navigation and search elements.

问:这是否与 2020 年秋季宣布的与家庭网站应用相同的功能?Q: Is this the same feature that was announced in fall 2020 as the Home site app?

答: Viva Connections 最初作为 家庭网站应用 发布,但将称为 Viva Connections,这一操作将向前进行。A: Viva Connections was originally announced as the Home site app but will be called Viva Connections moving forward.

问:用于移动的 Viva Connections 何时可用?Q: When will Viva Connections for mobile become available?

答: 在 Viva Connections 的桌面体验之快发布之后,我们将推出一项更新,其中包括 iOS 和 Android 版 Teams 的本机移动体验、针对组合的桌面和移动应用总体 IT 配置和部署体验的增强,以及适用于桌面的新仪表板和源 Web 部件以补充体验。A: Following on our spring release of the desktop experience for Viva Connections, we are rolling out an update that includes native mobile experiences for Teams on iOS and Android, enhancements to the overall IT configuration and deployment experience for the combined desktop and mobile app, as well as new Dashboard and Feed web parts for the desktop to complement the experience.

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