SharePoint 迁移评估工具概述Overview of the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool

SharePoint 迁移评估工具是一个简单的命令行可执行文件,可用于扫描 SharePoint 场的内容,以帮助确定将服务器迁移到使用 Microsoft 365 的 SharePoint 的影响。The SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool is a simple command line executable that scans the contents of your SharePoint farm to help identify the impact of migrating your server to SharePoint with Microsoft 365.

当工具设计为在不影响您的环境的情况下运行时,您可能会发现该工具需要一到两天的时间来完成对环境的扫描。As the tool is designed to run without impacting your environment, you may observe the tool requires one to two days to complete a scan of your environment. 在这段时间内,该工具报告控制台窗口中的进度。During this time, the tool reports progress in the console window. 扫描完成后,可以在日志目录中找到输出文件。After the scan is complete, you can find output files in the Logs directory. 你可以在此处找到摘要,并深入了解可能会受迁移影响的方案。This is where you can find the summary and more detailed insights into the scenarios that could be impacted by migration.


若要下载 SharePoint 迁移工具,请转到下载 Sharepoint 迁移评估工具To download the SharePoint Migration Tool, go to Download the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool


为了提高 Microsoft 产品和服务的质量,该工具会将匿名统计信息报告回 Microsoft。To improve the quality of Microsoft products and services, the tool will report anonymous statistical information back to Microsoft. (可选)您可以在扫描结束时收到提示时标识您的组织。Optionally, you can identify your organization when prompted at the end of the scan. 如果该工具无法连接到 internet 来报告此信息,则该工具仍将按预期方式运行。If the tool is not able to connect to the internet to report this information, the tool will still function as otherwise expected.

SharePoint 迁移评估工具中的模式Modes in SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool

该工具提供了两种模式:评估和标识映射。The tool offers two modes: Assessment and Identity Mapping.


这是默认模式。This is the default mode. 如果您运行 SMAT.exe,将运行评估。If you run SMAT.exe, the assessment will run. 评估过程对 SharePoint 服务器场和相关内容运行扫描,以查找已知的问题,这些问题将导致向迁移到 SharePoint 的客户带来的问题。The assessment process runs scans against the SharePoint farm and associated content looking for issues that have been known to cause issues for customers migrating into SharePoint. 有关可用扫描的详细信息,请参阅SharePoint 迁移评估工具:扫描报告路线图For more info about the scans that are available, see SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool: Scan Reports Roadmap

标识映射Identity Mapping

通过标识映射,可以生成对 SharePoint 环境具有访问权限的所有用户和组标识的报告,并尝试将这些标识映射到 Azure AD 用户和组标识。Identity Mapping lets you to generate a report of all the user and group identities that have access to your SharePoint environment and attempts to map those identities to Azure AD user and group identities.

此过程对于迁移来说非常重要。This process is very important to migration. 如果在迁移之前未正确设置标识,则可能会导致用户无法访问内容以及网站中的信息不正确。If identities are not properly set up prior to migration, it can result in users losing access to content as well as information being incorrect in the site. 例如,"创建者" 和 "修改时间" 字段将不会显示迁移的正确标识。For example, the Created By and Modified fields will not show the correct identity post migration.

有关标识映射的详细信息,请参阅SharePoint 迁移标识映射工具For more info about Identity Mapping, see SharePoint Migration Identity Mapping Tool.


此工具是为从 SharePoint 2010 或2013场中运行而构建的。The tool is built to be run from within a SharePoint 2010 or 2013 farm.

  • 若要运行该工具,必须先从任何压缩包中提取所有文件,然后再执行。To run the tool, all files must be extracted from any compressed package before execution.

  • 该工具必须以服务器场服务帐户的形式运行。The tool must run as the Farm service account. 只要帐户已被授予对所有 web 应用程序的 "读取" 访问权限,服务器场管理员帐户就是可接受的。A farm administrator account is acceptable as long as the account has been given read access to all web applications. 该帐户还需要对这两个操作的显式完全控制权限 |管理员和共享 |对 User Profile Service 应用程序的权限。The account also needs explicit Full Control permissions on both Operations | Administrators and Sharing | Permissions on the User Profile Service Application. 在扫描环境之前,有一系列检查可确保帐户具有足够的权限。There are a series of checks to ensure the account has enough permissions prior to scanning the environment.

  • 该工具仅支持英文版的 SharePoint。The tool only supports English versions of SharePoint.

配置文件Config files

您可以修改 SMAT 的两个配置文件。You can modify two config files for SMAT.

SiteSkipList.csv与 SMAT.exe 安装在同一目录中。SiteSkipList.csv is installed in same directory as SMAT.exe. 将网站添加到此 CSV 将告知 SMAT 在报告输出中不包含这些网站。Adding sites to this CSV will tell SMAT not to include these sites in the report output. 有关如何将网站添加到跳过列表的示例,请参阅 SiteSkipList.csv。For examples about how to add sites to the skip list, see SiteSkipList.csv.

ScanDef.js与 SMAT 安装在同一目录中。ScanDef.json is installed in the same directory as the SMAT. 您可以使用上的 ScanDef.js来启用或禁用 SMAT 的单个扫描。You can use ScanDef.json to enable or disable individual scans for SMAT. 此文件包含有关 SharePoint 2010 和2013以及标识映射的评估配置。This file contains configurations for assessment on both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 as well as Identity Mapping.

若要禁用扫描,请在 ScanDef.js的文件中找到该条目,并将 "已启用" 设置为falseTo disable a scan, locate the entry in the ScanDef.json file, and set Enabled to false. 如果你的业务不介意扫描,这将非常有用。This is useful if there is a scan that your business doesn't care about. 禁用扫描可减少 SMAT 的总执行时间。Disabling the scan reduces the overall execution time of SMAT.

以下项将禁用警报扫描。The following disables the Alerts scan.

{"Name": "警报","类型": "AlertsScanner","SupportedVersions": ["2010","2013","2016"],"ReportCategoryType": "SPSite","Enabled": false}{ "Name": "Alerts", "Type": "AlertsScanner", "SupportedVersions": [ "2010", "2013", "2016" ], "ReportCategoryType": "SPSite", "Enabled": false }

SupportedVersion 通知 SMAT 应用给定扫描的 SharePoint 版本。The SupportedVersion informs SMAT which versions of SharePoint a given scan applies to. 例如,SharePoint 2010 没有 SharePoint 外接程序,因此应用程序扫描程序不会将2010列为受支持的版本。For example, SharePoint 2010 did not have SharePoint Add-ins, so the Apps scanner does not list 2010 as a supported version.

{"Name": "Apps","Type": "AppsScanner","SupportedVersions": ["2013","2016"],"ReportCategoryType": "SPSite","Enabled": true}{ "Name": "Apps", "Type": "AppsScanner", "SupportedVersions": [ "2013", "2016" ], "ReportCategoryType": "SPSite", "Enabled": true }

某些扫描具有其他配置选项。Some scans have additional configuration options. 这些文件可在 ScanDef.js的文件中进行配置。These are configurable in the ScanDef.json file. 并非所有扫描都具有可配置属性。Not all scans have configurable properties. 但是,如果扫描确实具有属性,则会在 ScanDef.js上为可修改的文件配置默认值。However, if a scan does have a property, there is a default configured in the ScanDef.json file that can be modified. 例如,SiteTemplateLanguage 扫描具有一个排除英语网站的筛选器 [区域设置 1033]。For example, the SiteTemplateLanguage scan has a filter to exclude English sites [locale 1033]. 如果您的团队关注迁移英语网站,则可以修改筛选器以包含这些网站:If your team has concerns about migrating English sites, you could modify the filter to include those sites:

{"Name": "SiteTemplateLanguage","Type": "SiteTemplateLanguageScanner","SupportedVersions": ["2010","2013","2016"],"Property": {"ExcludedLanguages": ""},"ReportCategoryType": "SPSite","Enabled": true}{ "Name": "SiteTemplateLanguage", "Type": "SiteTemplateLanguageScanner", "SupportedVersions": [ "2010", "2013", "2016" ], "Property": { "ExcludedLanguages": "" }, "ReportCategoryType": "SPSite", "Enabled": true }

如果您删除或损坏了文件上的 ScanDef.js,则将改为使用嵌入在 SMAT.exe 可执行文件中的默认配置。If you remove or corrupt the ScanDef.json file, a default configuration that is embedded in the SMAT.exe executable will be used instead. 这在 SMAT 文件中进行了说明。This is noted in the SMAT.log file. 如果进行了更改以禁用扫描或属性,并注意在运行 SMAT.exe 时未选取更改,请查看 SMAT 文件以了解详细信息。If you make a change to disable a scan or a property and notice the change is not picked up when you run SMAT.exe, look in the SMAT.log file for details.


从提取的文件位置运行 smat.exe。Run smat.exe from the extracted files location. 若要查看所有可用参数,请运行: smat.exe/help。To see all the available parameters, run: smat.exe /help.

SMAT.exe 是一个启动器程序,它根据传入的参数确定你的意图,然后加载适当的应用程序以执行所请求的工作。SMAT.exe is a launcher program that determines your intentions based on the parameters passed in, and then loads the appropriate application to do the work requested. 在封面下,有三个可执行文件负责工作:Under the covers, there are three executables that are responsible for doing the work:

  • SMAT2010.exe-对 SharePoint 2010 环境执行评估。SMAT2010.exe - Performs assessment on SharePoint 2010 environments.

  • SMAT2013.exe-对 SharePoint 2013 环境执行评估。SMAT2013.exe - Performs assessment on SharePoint 2013 environments.

  • SMIT.exe-对 SharePoint 2010 和2013环境执行标识映射工作。SMIT.exe - Performs identity mapping work for both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 environments.

运行 SMAT.exe 从 PowerShell.exe 执行评估时,将执行以下操作。When running SMAT.exe to perform assessment from PowerShell.exe, the following actions occur. 运行 SMAT.exe 的 PowerShell 窗口将启动应用程序以执行工作。The PowerShell window running SMAT.exe launches the app to perform the work. 加载工作的应用程序后,SMAT.exe 加载程序程序将终止,并将控制返回给运算符。After the working app is loaded, the SMAT.exe loader program terminates, and returns control to the operator. 执行工作的工具在其自己的窗口中运行,直到它完成。The tool performing the work runs in its own window until it completes.

日志文件Log files

在输出目录中,您可能会看到最大三个日志文件。You may see up to three log files in the output directory.

  • SMAT -此文件包含工具执行过程中的所有日志记录。SMAT.log - This file contains all the logging from the tool execution. 这将包含3个级别的日志记录。This will contain 3 levels of logging. 信息、警告和错误。Information, Warning, and Errors. 信息有助于跟踪进度和解决问题。Information help track down progress and troubleshooting issues. 警告通常是预期的错误条件。Warnings are typically expected error conditions. 错误是我们的工具无法确定是否将阻止程序向前移动时的意外情况。Errors are unexpected conditions that our tooling was unable to determine if they will be a blocker to moving forward. 需要查看这些。These need to be reviewed.

  • SMAT_Errors .log -这仅包含错误事件。SMAT_Errors.log - This contains only the Error events. 如果此文件在工具完成后丢失,则指示没有发现任何错误。If this file is missing after the tooling completes, it indicates there were no errors found.

  • SMATTelemetry -其中包含遥测上载工具的日志记录。SMATTelemetry.log - This contains logging for the telemetry upload tooling. 此处的任何问题都不会影响生成报告。Any issues in here do not impact generating your reports.

自动化评估Automating assessment

如果您需要安排评估过程,可以通过运行特定 EXE 来执行此操作。If you have the need to schedule the assessment process, you can do so by running the specific EXE. 例如,如果要在 SharePoint 2010 场中设置计划的任务以进行评估,则需要将计划的任务指向 SMAT2010.exe。For example, if you want to setup a scheduled task on a SharePoint 2010 farm for assessment, you would point the scheduled task to SMAT2010.exe. 如果要在 SharePoint 2013 上编写运行评估的 PowerShell 脚本,请将该脚本指向 "SMAT2013.exe"。If you wanted to write a PowerShell script that ran assessment on SharePoint 2013, you would point the script to SMAT2013.exe.

任何脚本应用场景都必须使用-q 开关在安静模式下运行 EXE。Any scripting scenario must use the -q switch to run the EXE in quiet mode. 此模式不会将任何内容输出到控制台,并避免将提示操作员输入的任何内容。This mode does not output anything to the console and avoids anything that would prompt the operator for input.

目前,身份映射 [SMIT.exe] 的可执行文件不支持脚本。At this time, the executable for Identity Mapping [SMIT.exe] does not support scripting. 此过程会至少向 Azure 提供凭据,并且可能会提示凭据以连接到 Active Directory。This process prompts for credentials to Azure at a minimum and may prompt for credentials to connect to Active Directory. 如果您尝试针对此可执行文件编写脚本,它将挂起,并且在程序提示输入凭据时从不完成。If you attempt to script against this executable, it hangs and never completes when the program prompts for credentials.

详细信息More info

若要下载 SharePoint 迁移工具,以及如何解决评估报告中标识的问题的详细信息,请参阅To download the SharePoint Migration Tool, and for more info about how to address issues identified in the assessment reports, see