SPMT 支持的 SharePoint Web 部件SPMT supported SharePoint web parts


允许或阻止自定义脚本 (NoScript)Allow or prevent Custom Script (NoScript)
在 Microsoft 365 租户中,可以控制用户是否可以在个人网站和自助创建的网站上运行自定义脚本。With Microsoft 365 tenants, you can control whether users can run custom script on personal sites and self-service created sites.

在迁移期间,某些 Web 部件要求将此设置设置为“允许”****。否则,将不迁移 Web 部件。During migration, some web parts require this setting set to allow. Otherwise, the web part will not be migrated.

迁移前的至少 24 小时内,请执行下列操作:At least 24 hours before you start migration, do the following:

  1. 在“SharePoint 管理中心”中,选择“设置”。From the SharePoint Admin Center, select Settings.
  2. 向下滚动到“自定义脚本”。Scroll down to "Custom Script".
  3. 如果使用新式体验,请单击 "转到经典设置" 页If using the modern experience, click on Go to the classic settings page
  4. 需要以下两个操作:Select both of the following:
    允许用户在个人网站上运行自定义脚本**Allow users to run custom script on personal sites
    允许用户在自助创建网站上运行自定义脚本**Allow users to run customer script on self-service created sites

迁移期间保留这些设置。Leave these settings in place for the duration of your migration.


对此设置的更改可能需要最多 24 小时才会生效。Changes to this setting might take up to 24 hours to take effect.

有关详细信息,请参阅:允许或阻止自定义脚本For more information, see: Allow or prevent custom script

下表详细介绍了 SharePoint 迁移工具 (SPMT) 当前支持的 SharePoint web 部件。The following table details the SharePoint web parts that are currently supported by the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT).

类别Category Web 部件名称Web part name 支持Supported
博客Blog 博客存档Blog Archive Yes
博客Blog 博客通知Blog notification Yes
博客Blog 博客工具Blog tools Yes
业务数据Business Data 业务数据操作(依赖于 BCS 服务)Business Data Actions (Depends on BCS service) No
业务数据Business Data 业务数据连接筛选Business Data Connectivity Filter No
业务数据Business Data 业务数据项目Business Data Item No
业务数据Business Data 业务数据项生成器Business Data Item Builder No
业务数据Business Data 业务数据列表Business Data List No
业务数据Business Data 业务数据相关列表Business Data Related List No
业务数据Business Data KPI(关键性能指标)KPI (Key performance indicators) No
业务数据Business Data Excel Web AccessExcel Web Access No
业务数据Business Data 指标详细信息Indicator Details No
业务数据Business Data nnnn No
业务数据Business Data Visio Web AccessVisio Web Access No
社区Community 加入Join Yes
社区Community 工具(社区管理员)Tools (community admin) Yes
社区Community 关于此社区About this community Yes
社区Community 我的成员My membership Yes
社区Community 发生了什么事情What's happening Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup 类别Categories No
内容汇总Content Rollup 项目摘要Project Summary Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup 相关文档Relevant Documents Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup 网站聚合器Site Aggregator Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup 网站(按类别)Sites in category Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup 目录Table of contents Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup 日程表Timeline Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup WSRP 查看器WSRP viewer No
内容汇总Content Rollup XML 查看器XML viewer Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup 图表查看器Chart Viewer No
内容汇总Content Rollup 内容(按查询)Content By Query Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup 内容搜索Content Search No
内容汇总Content Rollup IviewIview No
内容汇总Content Rollup RSS 查看器RSS Viewer Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup 摘要链接Summary Link(s) Yes
内容汇总Content Rollup Web AnalyticsWeb analytics No
内容汇总Content Rollup 术语属性Term Property
文档中心Document Center 按文档 ID 查找Find By Document ID No
文档集Document Set 文档集内容Document set contents No
文档集Document Set 文档集属性Document set properties No
筛选器Filters 选择筛选器Choice Filter Yes
筛选器Filters 当前用户筛选器Current User filter Yes
筛选器Filters 日期筛选器Date Filter Yes
筛选器Filters 页面字段筛选器Page Field Filter Yes
筛选器Filters 查询字符串Query String Yes
筛选器Filters 文本筛选器Text Filter Yes
筛选器Filters 应用筛选器Apply Filter Yes
筛选器Filters 筛选器操作Filter Actions No
筛选器Filters SharePoint 列表筛选器Sharepoint List Filter Yes
筛选器Filters SQL Server Analysis Services 筛选器SQL server analysis services filters No
FormsForms HTML 表单 web 部件HTML Form web part No
FormsForms InfoPath 表单 web 部件InfoPath Form web part No
列表List 列表表单List Form No
列表List 文档库Document library Yes
列表List 列表视图List View Yes
媒体和内容Media and Content 媒体Media No
媒体和内容Media and Content 页面查看器Page Viewer Yes
媒体和内容Media and Content 图片库幻灯片Picture Library SlideShow Yes
媒体和内容Media and Content 提升的链接Promoted Links No
媒体和内容Media and Content 内容编辑器Content Editor Yes
媒体和内容Media and Content 入门Getting Started Yes
媒体和内容Media and Content 图像查看器Image Viewer Yes
媒体和内容Media and Content 脚本编辑器Script Editor Yes
媒体和内容Media and Content SilverLight Web 部件SilverLight web Part Yes
我的网站Mysite 我的网站初次运行体验My Site First Run Experience No
我的网站Mysite 我的网站在导航时个人网站升级My Site Personal Site Upgrade On Navigation No
OutLookOutLook Outlook web accessOutlook web access No
Performance PointPerformance Point 性能点 web 部件Performance Point web parts No
搜索Search 操作链接Actions Links No
搜索Search 高级搜索框Advanced Search Box No
搜索Search 最佳匹配Best Bets No
搜索Search BoxBox Yes
搜索Search 简繁中文搜索Dual Chinese Search No
搜索Search 特色内容Featured Content No
搜索Search 联合结果Federated Results No
搜索Search 分页Paging No
搜索Search 人员搜索People Search No
搜索Search 精简脚本Refinement Script No
搜索Search 相关查询Related queries No
搜索Search 结果脚本Result Script No
搜索Search 搜索导航Search Navigation No
搜索Search 统计信息Statistics No
搜索Search 分类精简面板Taxonomy Refinement Panel No
搜索驱动的内容Search-Driven Content 目录项重复使用Catalog-item reuse No
搜索驱动的内容Search-Driven Content 与标记相匹配的项Items matching a tag No
搜索驱动的内容Search-Driven Content 页面Pages No
搜索驱动的内容Search-Driven Content 图片Pictures No
搜索驱动的内容Search-Driven Content 热门项目Popular items No
搜索驱动的内容Search-Driven Content 推荐项目Recommended Items No
搜索驱动的内容Search-Driven Content 视频Videos No
搜索驱动的内容Search-Driven Content 网页Web Pages No
搜索驱动的内容Search-Driven Content Wiki 页面Wiki pages No
共享Sharing “与我共享的内容”视图Shared With Me View No
社会协作Social Collaboration 公告Announcement Yes
社会协作Social Collaboration 分析哈希标记Analytics Hash Tag Yes
社会协作Social Collaboration 联系人详细信息Contact Details Yes
社会协作Social Collaboration Micro 源Micro Feed Yes
社会协作Social Collaboration 记事板Note Board Yes
社会协作Social Collaboration 组织浏览器Organization Browser Yes
社会协作Social Collaboration 关注项计数Followed Counts No
社会协作Social Collaboration 网站源Site Feed Yes
社会协作Social Collaboration 网站用户Site Users Yes
社会协作Social Collaboration 标记云Tag cloud No
社会协作Social Collaboration 用户任务User Tasks Yes
SQL Server 报告SQL Server reporting 服务报告查看器Service Report Viewer No
XSLTXSLT XSlt Larges 客户端XSlt Larges client No
XSLTXSLT XSlt Larges 图像XSlt Larges Image No
XSLTXSLT XSlt 列表视图XSlt List View Yes