安装 Skype for Business Server 2015Install Skype for Business Server 2015

摘要:了解如何准备业务服务器 2015年安装 Skype 的环境。Summary: Learn how to prepare your environment for an installation of Skype for Business Server 2015. 有关从 Microsoft 评估中心的业务服务器 2015年下载免费试用版的 Skype:https://www.microsoft.com/evalcenter/evaluate-skype-for-business-serverDownload a free trial of Skype for Business Server 2015 from the Microsoft Evaluation center at:https://www.microsoft.com/evalcenter/evaluate-skype-for-business-server.

本文引导您完成示例安装 Skype 业务服务器 2015年个。This article walks you through an example installation of Skype for Business Server 2015. 这篇文章不会试图覆盖所有需要执行完整的 Skype 业务服务器安装的过程。This article does not attempt to cover all of the procedures you need to perform a full Skype for Business Server installation. 目的是在包含基本会议和共享功能的狭义定义拓扑中提供过程示例。The goal is to provide example procedures in a narrowly defined topology that includes basic meet-and-share functionality.

为业务服务器 2015年的 Skype 的安装过程概述Overview of the install process for Skype for Business Server 2015

Skype 业务服务器的安装过程中包括多个不同的过程。An installation of Skype for Business Server includes many different procedures. 您需要获得 Skype 业务服务器环境中运行的步骤取决于您环境的具体情况。The procedures you need to get Skype for Business Server running in your environment depend on the specifics of your environment. 例如,如果您为 DNS 使用 Windows Server,则可在提供的添加 DNS 条目示例过程中获益。For example, if you are using Windows Server for DNS, you will benefit from the example procedure for adding a DNS entry. 如果您为 DNS 使用其他系统,则需要采用适用于特定 DNS 系统的过程。If you use another system for DNS, you need to follow procedures for your particular DNS system. 本节中介绍的许多过程皆是如此。This is true for many of the procedures in this section.

商业服务器 2015年的 Skype 是在标准版和企业版中可用。Skype for Business Server 2015 is available in Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. 主要区别在于,Standard Edition 不支持 Enterprise Edition 中包含的高可用性功能。The main difference is that Standard Edition does not support the high availability features that are included with Enterprise Edition.

Skype 业务服务器是一种高级的产品,并精确安装过程极大地取决于您的特定情况。Skype for Business Server is an advanced product, and the exact installation process depends a great deal on your specific circumstances. 本节概述了该产品的一般安装步骤。This section walks you through the general steps to install the product. 但是,每个过程可能都有所不同,具体取决于您的环境和规划决策。However, each procedure might be different depending on your environment and planning decisions. 例如,小型企业一台服务器运行业务服务器 2015年标准版 Skype 可能比较适合,虽然大型多国组织可能会在全球致力于该产品的位置使用 50 台服务器。For example, for small organizations a single server, running Skype for Business Server 2015 Standard Edition might be appropriate, whereas a large multinational organization might have 50 servers at locations around the world dedicated to the product.


要了解有关最新的累积更新,请参阅更新业务服务器 2015年的 SkypeTo learn about the latest Cumulative Updates, see Updates for Skype for Business Server 2015. 安装 CU1 修补程序后管理员需要执行Update-CsAdminRolecmdlet。After installing the CU1 patch an administrator needs to execute the Update-CsAdminRole cmdlet. 需要此 cmdlet 才能通过远程 PowerShell 访问新的 GCP cmdlet。This cmdlet is required to access the new GCP cmdlets over Remote PowerShell.


本节中的过程仅用作示例,其定义了一组狭窄的要求,并且假定已制定了特定的决策。The procedures in this section serve as an example using a narrowly defined set of requirements and assume specific decisions have already been made. 您需要为业务服务器安装 Skype 的实际过程可能会非常不同。The actual procedures you need to install Skype for Business Server will likely be very different. 使用中的过程这一节示例中只并不是一个分步指南,Skype 业务服务器安装在每个环境中。Use the procedures in this section as an example only and not as a step-by-step guide for installing Skype for Business Server in every environment.

Skype 业务服务器启动并运行第一次涉及八个主要步骤。Getting Skype for Business Server up and running for the first time involves eight primary steps. 您应该了解此节中的示例过程不是所需的业务服务器中安装 Skype 的唯一过程。You should understand that the example procedures in this section are not the only procedures required for installing Skype for Business Server. 可通过以下八个示例步骤来更好地理解总体流程和让基本的工作环境上线运行。The following eight steps are simply examples to help you better understand the overall process and get a basic working environment up and running. 您可以按照任意顺序完成第 1 步至第 5 步。You can do steps 1 through 5 in any order. 但第 6、7、8 步必须在第 1 步至第 5 步之后按照图表所示顺序依次完成。However, you must do steps 6, 7, and 8 in order, and after steps 1 through 5, as outlined in the diagram. 这八个步骤包括:The eight steps are:


  • 安装系统必备组件的业务服务器 2015 Skype : 构成 Skype 业务服务器拓扑中的所有服务器上安装系统必备组件。Install prerequisites for Skype for Business Server 2015 : Install prerequisites on all servers that make up the Skype for Business Server topology. 注意,所有角色的先决条件并不一定相同。Note that prerequisites are not the same for all roles. 例如,提供前端角色的服务器具备一组先决条件,而提供控制器角色的服务器具备另一组先决条件。For example, servers that provide the front-end role have a set of prerequisites, and servers that provide a director role have a different set of prerequisites. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅先决条件规划文档。See prerequisite planning documentation for more details.

  • 创建一个文件共享中的业务服务器 2015 Skype : 创建将由业务服务器拓扑 Skype 整个服务器的文件共享。Create a file share in Skype for Business Server 2015 : Create a file share that will be used by servers throughout the Skype for Business Server topology.

  • 安装管理工具中的业务服务器 2015 Skype : 管理工具包括拓扑生成器和控制面板。Install administrative tools in Skype for Business Server 2015 : The administrative tools include Topology Builder and Control Panel. 必须至少一个服务器拓扑或运行业务服务器为 Skype 支持的 Windows 操作系统版本的 64 位管理工作站上安装管理工具。You must install the administrative tools on at least one server in the topology or a 64-bit management workstation running a Windows OS version that is supported for Skype for Business Server.

  • 准备业务服务器 2015年的 Skype 的活动目录: Skype 业务服务器的紧密合作与活动目录。Prepare Active Directory for Skype for Business Server 2015 : Skype for Business Server works closely with Active Directory. 您必须准备使用 Skype 业务服务器的 Active Directory 域。You must prepare the Active Directory domain to work with Skype for Business Server. 将在部署向导中完成此流程,且仅对该域执行一次该流程。You can do this through the Deployment Wizard, and it is only done once for the domain. 这是因为,该流程会创建组和修改域,您仅需完成一次此项操作。This is because the process creates groups and modifies the domain, and you need to do that only once.

  • 创建 DNS 记录业务服务器 2015年的 Skype : 使 Skype 业务服务器正常工作,DNS 设置编号必须已存在。Create DNS records for Skype for Business Server 2015 : In order for Skype for Business Server to work properly, a number of DNS settings must be in place. 从而使客户端知道该如何访问服务以及让服务器知道相互之间的情况。This is so that clients know how to access the services and the servers know about each other. 每个部署仅需完成一次此类设置,因为在您分配 DNS 条目之后,该条目便在整个域中可用。These settings only need to be completed once per deployment because once you assign a DNS entry, it is available throughout the domain.

  • 创建并发布新的拓扑结构在 Skype 业务服务器 2015年: 每个拓扑中的服务器上安装 Skype 业务服务器系统之前,您必须创建一个拓扑结构并将其发布。Create and publish new topology in Skype for Business Server 2015 : Before you can install the Skype for Business Server system on each of the servers in the topology, you must create a topology and publish it. 发布拓扑时,拓扑信息会载入中央管理存储数据库。When you publish a topology, you are loading the topology information into the Central Management Store database. 如果这是 Enterprise Edition 池,您将在初次发布新拓扑时创建中央管理存储数据库。If this is an Enterprise Edition pool, you are creating the Central Management Store database the first time you publish a new topology. 如果是 Standard Edition,则需要运行部署向导中的“准备第一个 Standard Edition Server”过程,之后才能发布拓扑。If this is Standard Edition, you need to run the Prepare First Standard Edition Server process from the Deployment Wizard before you publish a topology. 这将安装 SQL Server Express Edition 实例,并创建中央管理存储,从而为 Standard Edition 做好准备。This prepares for Standard Edition by installing a SQL Server Express Edition instance and creating the Central Management Store.

  • 用于在拓扑中的服务器上的业务服务器 2015年安装 Skype : 拓扑载入中央管理存储并 Active Directory 知道哪些服务器将执行哪些角色后,您需要安装 Skype 业务服务器系统上每个拓扑中的服务器。Install Skype for Business Server 2015 on servers in the topology : Once the topology is loaded into the Central Management Store and Active Directory knows which servers will perform which roles, you need to install the Skype for Business Server system on each of the servers in the topology.

  • 验证在商业服务器 2015年的 Skype 的拓扑: 发布拓扑和 Skype 业务服务器系统组件安装在每个拓扑中的服务器后,您就可以验证拓扑是否按预期的方式工作.Verify the topology in Skype for Business Server 2015 : After you have the topology published and the Skype for Business Server system components installed on each of the servers in the topology, you are ready to verify that the topology is working as expected. 这包括验证的配置传播到所有 Active Directory 的服务器,以便整个域知道 Skype 业务域中是可用。This includes verifying that the configuration has propagated out to all of the Active Directory servers so that the entire domain knows that Skype for Business is available in the domain.