ADO API 参考ADO API Reference

ADO 文档的本节包含有关每个 ADO 对象、集合、属性、动态属性、方法、事件和枚举的主题。This section of the ADO documentation contains topics for each ADO object, collection, property, dynamic property, method, event, and enumeration. 此外,它还包含要与 Microsoft Visual C++ 和 Windows 基础类(WFC)一起使用的 ADO 语法索引的列表。In addition, it contains a list of ADO syntax indexes to be used with Microsoft Visual C++ and Windows Foundation Classes (WFC).

有关详细信息,请在索引中搜索特定主题,或参阅下列主题:For more information, search for a specific topic in the index or refer to the following topics:

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