Delete 方法(ADO 参数集合)Delete Method (ADO Parameters Collection)

参数 集合中删除对象。Deletes an object from the Parameters collection.


Parameters.Delete Index  


一个 字符串 值,其中包含要删除的对象的名称,或该对象在集合中 (索引) 的序号位置。A String value that contains the name of the object you want to delete, or the object's ordinal position (index) in the collection.


通过对集合使用 Delete 方法,您可以删除集合中的某个对象。Using the Delete method on a collection lets you remove one of the objects in the collection. 此方法仅可用于 Command对象的 Parameters 集合。This method is available only on the Parameters collection of a Command object. 在调用 Delete 方法时,必须使用 参数对象的 Name属性或其集合索引-对象变量不是有效的参数。You must use the Parameter object's Name property or its collection index when calling the Delete method-an object variable is not a valid argument.

应用于Applies To

参数集合 (ADO)Parameters Collection (ADO)

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