Type 属性 (ADO)Type Property (ADO)

指示 参数字段属性 对象的操作类型或数据类型。Indicates the operational type or data type of a Parameter, Field, or Property object.

设置和返回值Settings and Return Values

设置或返回一个 DataTypeEnum 值。Sets or returns a DataTypeEnum value.


对于 参数 对象, 类型 属性是可读/写的。For Parameter objects, the Type property is read/write. 对于附加到 记录字段集合的新 字段 对象,在指定了 字段属性并且数据提供程序已通过调用 Fields 集合的 Update方法成功添加了新 字段 之后,类型 为 read/write。For new Field objects that have been appended to the Fields collection of a Record, Type is read/write only after the Value property for the Field has been specified and the data provider has successfully added the new Field by calling the Update method of the Fields collection.

对于所有其他对象, Type 属性为只读。For all other objects, the Type property is read-only.

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