DateCreated 属性 (ADOX)DateCreated Property (ADOX)

指示对象的创建日期。Indicates the date the object was created.

返回值Return Values

返回指定创建日期的 变量 值。Returns a Variant value specifying the date created. 如果提供程序不支持 DateCreated ,则该值为 null。The value is null if DateCreated is not supported by the provider.


新追加的对象的 DateCreated 属性为 null。The DateCreated property is null for newly appended objects. 追加新的 视图过程之后,必须调用 视图过程集合的 Refresh方法,以获取 DateCreated 属性的值。After appending a new View or Procedure, you must call the Refresh method of the Views or Procedures collection to obtain values for the DateCreated property.

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