什么是 Azure Data Studio?What is Azure Data Studio?

Azure Data Studio 是跨平台的数据库工具,适合在 Windows、MacOS 和 Linux 上使用 Microsoft 系列的本地和云数据平台的数据专业人员。Azure Data Studio is a cross-platform database tool for data professionals using the Microsoft family of on-premises and cloud data platforms on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Azure Data Studio 利用 IntelliSense、代码片段、源代码管理集成和集成终端提供新式编辑器体验。Azure Data Studio offers a modern editor experience with IntelliSense, code snippets, source control integration, and an integrated terminal. 它在设计时考虑了数据平台用户,带有内置查询结果集图表和可自定义的仪表板。It's engineered with the data platform user in mind, with built-in charting of query result sets and customizable dashboards.

可通过一个提供软件修改和使用权限的源代码 EULA 来获取 GitHub 上 Azure Data Studio 的源代码及其数据提供程序,但不能在云服务中重新分发或托管该源代码。The source code for Azure Data Studio and its data providers is available on GitHub under a source code EULA that provides rights to modify and use the software, but not to redistribute it or host it in a cloud service. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure Data Studio 常见问题解答For more information, see Azure Data Studio FAQ.

下载并安装 Azure Data StudioDownload and Install Azure Data Studio

带有 IntelliSense 的 SQL 代码编辑器SQL code editor with IntelliSense

Azure Data Studio 利用内置功能(例如多个选项卡窗口、丰富的 SQL 编辑器、IntelliSense、关键字完成、代码片段、代码导航和源代码管理集成 (Git))提供一种基于键盘的新式 SQL 编码体验,使日常任务变得更轻松。Azure Data Studio offers a modern, keyboard-focused SQL coding experience that makes your everyday tasks easier with built-in features, such as multiple tab windows, a rich SQL editor, IntelliSense, keyword completion, code snippets, code navigation, and source control integration (Git). 运行按需 SQL 查询,查看结果并将其保存为文本、JSON 或 Excel 格式。Run on-demand SQL queries, view and save results as text, JSON, or Excel. 编辑数据,组织你最喜欢的数据库连接,并以熟悉的对象浏览体验浏览数据库对象。Edit data, organize your favorite database connections, and browse database objects in a familiar object browsing experience. 若要了解如何使用 SQL 编辑器,请参阅使用 SQL 编辑器创建数据库对象To learn how to use the SQL editor, see Use the SQL editor to create database objects.

智能 SQL 代码片段Smart SQL code snippets

SQL 代码片段可生成正确的 SQL 语法来创建数据库、表、视图、存储过程、用户、登录名、角色,并更新现有的数据库对象。SQL code snippets generate the proper SQL syntax to create databases, tables, views, stored procedures, users, logins, roles, and to update existing database objects. 使用智能代码片段快速创建数据库副本,以便进行开发或测试,并生成和执行 CREATE 和 INSERT 脚本。Use smart snippets to quickly create copies of your database for development or testing purposes, and to generate and execute CREATE and INSERT scripts.

Azure Data Studio 还提供用于创建自定义 SQL 代码片段的功能。Azure Data Studio also provides functionality to create custom SQL code snippets. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅创建和使用代码片段To learn more, see Create and use code snippets.

可自定义的服务器和数据库仪表板Customizable Server and Database Dashboards

创建丰富的可自定义仪表板,以监视并快速排查数据库中的性能瓶颈问题。Create rich customizable dashboards to monitor and quickly troubleshoot performance bottlenecks in your databases. 若要了解见解小组件以及数据库(和服务器)仪表板,请参阅使用见解小组件管理服务器和数据库To learn about insight widgets, and database (and server) dashboards, see Manage servers and databases with insight widgets.

连接管理(服务器组)Connection management (server groups)

借助服务器组,可以组织所使用的服务器和数据库的连接信息。Server groups provide a way to organize connection information for the servers and databases you work with. 有关详细信息,请参阅服务器组For details, see Server groups.

集成终端Integrated Terminal

在 Azure Data Studio 用户界面中的“集成终端”窗口中使用常用的命令行工具(例如,Bash、PowerShell、sqlcmd、bcp 和 ssh)。Use your favorite command-line tools (for example, Bash, PowerShell, sqlcmd, bcp, and ssh) in the Integrated Terminal window right within the Azure Data Studio user interface. 若要了解集成终端,请参阅集成终端To learn about the integrated terminal, see Integrated terminal.

扩展性和扩展创作Extensibility and extension authoring

通过扩展基本安装的功能来增强 Azure Data Studio 体验。Enhance the Azure Data Studio experience by extending the functionality of the base installation. Azure Data Studio 为数据管理活动提供扩展点,并支持扩展创作。Azure Data Studio provides extensibility points for data management activities, and support for extension authoring.

若要了解 Azure Data Studio 中的扩展性,请参阅扩展性To learn about extensibility in Azure Data Studio, see Extensibility. 若要了解如何创作扩展,请参阅扩展创作To learn about authoring extensions, see Extension authoring.

与 SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 的功能比较Feature comparison with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

如为以下情况,请使用 Azure Data Studio:Use Azure Data Studio if you:

  • 需要在 macOS 或 Linux 上运行Need to run on macOS or Linux
  • 要连接到 SQL Server 2019 大数据群集Are connecting to a SQL Server 2019 big data cluster
  • 花费大量时间编辑或执行查询Spend most of your time editing or executing queries
  • 需要能够快速绘图和可视化结果集Need the ability to quickly chart and visualize result sets
  • 可以通过集成终端,使用 sqlcmd 或 Powershell 执行大多数管理任务Can execute most administrative tasks via the integrated terminal using sqlcmd or Powershell
  • 对向导体验的需求很少Have minimal need for wizard experiences
  • 不需要进行深层管理配置Don't need to do deep administrative configuration

如为以下情况,请使用 SQL Server Management Studio:Use SQL Server Management Studio if you:

  • 在数据库管理任务上花费大量时间Spend most of your time on database administration tasks
  • 要进行深层管理配置Are doing deep administrative configuration
  • 要进行安全管理,包括用户管理、漏洞评估和安全功能配置Are doing security management, including user management, vulnerability assessment, and configuration of security features
  • 对 SQL Server 查询存储使用报表Make use of the Reports for SQL Server Query Store
  • 需要使用性能优化顾问和仪表板Need to make use of performance tuning advisors and dashboards
  • 要导入/导出 DACPACAre doing Import/Export of DACPACs
  • 需要访问已注册的服务器,并希望在 Windows 上控制 SQL Server 服务Need access to Registered Servers and want to control SQL Server services on Windows


FeatureFeature Azure Data StudioAzure Data Studio SSMSSSMS
Azure 登录Azure Sign-In Yes Yes
仪表板Dashboard Yes
扩展Extensions Yes
集成终端Integrated Terminal Yes
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer Yes Yes
对象脚本Object Scripting Yes Yes
项目系统Project System Yes
从表中选择Select from Table Yes Yes
源代码管理Source Code Control Yes
任务窗格Task Pane Yes
主题Theming Yes
深色模式Dark Mode Yes
Azure 资源浏览器Azure Resource Explorer 预览Preview
生成脚本向导Generate Scripts Wizard 预览Preview
导入/导出 DACPACImport/Export DACPAC Yes
对象属性Object Properties 预览Preview
表设计器Table Designer Yes

查询编辑器Query editor

FeatureFeature Azure Data StudioAzure Data Studio SSMSSSMS
图表查看器Chart Viewer Yes
将结果导出为 CSV、JSON、XLSXExport Results to CSV, JSON, XLSX Yes
IntelliSenseIntelliSense Yes Yes
代码片段Snippets Yes Yes
显示计划Show Plan 预览Preview Yes
客户端统计信息Client Statistics Yes
实时查询统计信息Live Query Stats Yes
查询选项Query Options Yes
将结果保存到文件Results to File Yes
以文本格式显示结果Results to Text Yes
空间查看器Spatial Viewer Yes
笔记本Notebooks Yes
将查询另存为代码片段Save Query as snippet Yes

操作系统支持Operating system support

FeatureFeature Azure Data StudioAzure Data Studio SSMSSSMS
LinuxLinux Yes
macOSmacOS Yes
WindowsWindows Yes Yes

数据工程Data engineering

FeatureFeature Azure Data StudioAzure Data Studio SSMSSSMS
创建外部表向导Create External Table Wizard Yes
HDFS 集成HDFS Integration Yes
笔记本Notebooks Yes

数据库管理Database administration

FeatureFeature Azure Data StudioAzure Data Studio SSMSSSMS
备份/还原Backup / Restore Yes Yes
大数据群集支持Big Data Cluster Support Yes
平面文件导入Flat File Import 预览Preview Yes
SQL 代理SQL Agent 预览Preview Yes
SQL ProfilerSQL Profiler 预览Preview Yes
AlwaysOnAlways On Yes
Always EncryptedAlways Encrypted Yes
复制数据向导Copy Data Wizard Yes
Database Engine Tuning AdvisorDatabase Engine Tuning Advisor Yes
错误日志查看器Error Log Viewer Yes
维护计划Maintenance Plans Yes
多服务器查询Multi-Server Query Yes
Policy-Based ManagementPolicy-Based Management Yes
PolyBasePolyBase Yes
查询存储Query Store Yes
已注册的服务器Registered Servers Yes
复制Replication Yes
安全管理Security Management Yes
Service BrokerService Broker Yes
SQL MailSQL Mail Yes
模板资源管理器Template Explorer Yes
漏洞评估Vulnerability Assessment Yes
XEvent 管理XEvent Management Yes
SQL 评估 API 集成SQL Assessment API Integration Yes

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