executeQuery 方法 (SQLServerStatement)executeQuery Method (SQLServerStatement)

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运行给定的 SQL 语句并返回单一的 SQLServerResultSet 对象。Runs the given SQL statement and returns a single SQLServerResultSet object.


public java.sql.ResultSet executeQuery(java.lang.String sql)  



包含 SQL 语句的 String。A String that contains an SQL statement.

返回值Return Value

SQLServerResultSet 对象。A SQLServerResultSet object.




此 executeQuery 方法是由 java.sql.Statement 接口中的 executeQuery 方法指定的。This executeQuery method is specified by the executeQuery method in the java.sql.Statement interface.

如果给定的 SQL 语句没有生成单一的 SQLServerResultSet 对象,则会引发 SQLServerExceptionSQLServerException is thrown if the given SQL statement produces anything other than a single SQLServerResultSet object.

如果执行存储过程将产生大于 1 的更新计数,或生成多个结果集,则请使用 execute 方法执行存储过程。If executing a stored procedure results in an update count that is greater than one, or that generates more than one result set, use the execute method to execute the stored procedure.

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