SQLServerResultSet 类SQLServerResultSet Class

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表示 JDBC 结果集。Represents a JDBC result set.

包: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbcPackage: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc

实现: ISQLServerResultSetImplements: ISQLServerResultSet


public final class SQLServerResultSet  


结果集有两种类型:客户端与服务器端。There are two types of result sets: client-side and server-side.

当结果可容纳于客户端进程内存时,使用客户端结果集。Client-side result sets are used when the results can fit in the client process memory. 这些结果提供了最快性能,并由 Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL ServerMicrosoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server 从数据库中整个读取。These results provide the fastest performance and are read by the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL ServerMicrosoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server in their entirety from the database. 这些结果集并不会在创建服务器端游标时产生开销而为数据库增加额外负荷。These result sets do not impose additional load on the database by incurring the overhead of creating server-side cursors. 然而,这些结果集类型不可更新。However, these types of result sets are not updatable.

当结果不可容纳于客户端进程内存或当结果集需要调整为可更新时,可使用服务器端结果集。Server-side result sets can be used when the results do not fit in the client process memory or when the result set is to be updatable. 使用此类型的结果集,JDBC 驱动程序会在用户滚动浏览结果集时,以透明方式创建服务器端游标并提取结果集的行。With this type of result set, the JDBC driver creates a server-side cursor and fetches rows of the result set transparently as the user scrolls through it.

SQLServerResultSet 类提供了很多方法,便于用户使用任何本机 Java 数据类型和很多 Java 对象类型来更新结果集。The SQLServerResultSet class provides many methods to let you update the result set with any native Java data type and many Java object types.

此类支持取消包装 SQLServerResultSet 类、ISQLServerResultSet 接口和 java.sql.ResultSet 接口。This class supports unwrapping to SQLServerResultSet class, ISQLServerResultSet interface, and java.sql.ResultSet interface. 有关详细信息,请参阅包装器和接口For more information, see Wrappers and Interfaces.

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