SQLServerSavepoint 成员SQLServerSavepoint Members

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下表列出了由 SQLServerException 类公开的成员。The following tables list the members that are exposed by the SQLServerException class.


名称Name 说明Description
SQLServerSavepoint (SQLServerConnection, java.lang.StringName)SQLServerSavepoint (SQLServerConnection, java.lang.StringName) 基于给定的连接和名称初始化 SQLServerException 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the SQLServerException class based on the given connection and name.



继承的字段Inherited Fields



名称Name 说明Description
getLabelgetLabel 获取保存点标签的名称。Gets the name of the savepoint label.
getSavepointIdgetSavepointId 获取保存点的 ID。Gets the ID of the savepoint.
getSavepointNamegetSavepointName 获取保存点的名称。Gets the name of the savepoint.
isNamedisNamed 验证保存点是否已命名。Verifies if the savepoint has been named.

继承的方法Inherited Methods

类继承自:Class inherited from: 方法Methods
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