数据库实验助手概述Overview of Database Experimentation Assistant

数据库实验助手 (DEA) 是 SQL Server 升级的试验解决方案。Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA) is an experimentation solution for SQL Server upgrades. DEA 可帮助你评估特定工作负载的 SQL Server 目标版本。DEA can help you evaluate a targeted version of SQL Server for a specific workload. 从 2005) 开始,从到最新版本 SQL Server 的 SQL Server 升级 (的客户可以使用该工具提供的分析指标。Customers upgrading from earlier versions of SQL Server (starting with 2005) to more recent versions of SQL Server can use the analysis metrics that the tool provides.

DEA 分析指标包括:DEA analysis metrics include:

  • 具有兼容性错误的查询。Queries that have compatibility errors.
  • 降级的查询和查询计划。Degraded queries and query plans.
  • 其他工作负荷比较数据。Other workload comparison data.

比较数据可能会导致更高的置信度,并有助于确保升级成功。Comparison data can lead to higher confidence and help ensure a successful upgrade experience.


若要安装 DEA,请下载最新版本的工具。To install DEA, download the latest version of the tool. 然后,运行DatabaseExperimentationAssistant.exe文件。Then, run the DatabaseExperimentationAssistant.exe file.

用于比较工作负载的解决方案体系结构Solution architecture for comparing workloads

下图显示了用于工作负载比较的解决方案体系结构。The following diagram shows the solution architecture for a workload comparison. 在从 SQL Server 2008 升级到 SQL Server 2016 期间,工作负载比较使用 DEA 和 Distributed Replay。The workload comparison uses DEA and Distributed Replay during an upgrade from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2016.


DEA 先决条件DEA prerequisites

下面是运行 DEA 的一些先决条件:Following are some prerequisites for running DEA:

  • 最低硬件要求:具有 3.5 GB RAM 的单核计算机。Minimum hardware requirement: A single-core machine with 3.5 GB of RAM.
  • 理想硬件要求:具有 3.5 GB RAM (8 核 CPU) 。Ideal hardware requirement: An eight-core CPU (with 3.5 GB of RAM or more). 具有8个以上内核的处理器不会提高 DEA 运行时间。Processors with more than eight cores don't improve DEA run times.
  • 存储、B 和报表分析数据库需要额外33% 的性能跟踪大小。An additional 33% of performance trace size is needed to store A, B, and report analysis databases.

配置 DEAConfigure DEA

在必备的环境体系结构中,我们建议在Distributed Replay 控制器所在的同一台计算机上安装 DEA。In the prerequisite environment architecture, we recommend that you install DEA on the same machine as the Distributed Replay controller. 这种做法可以避免跨计算机调用并简化配置。This practice avoids cross-computer calls and simplifies configuration.

使用 DEA 进行工作负荷比较所需的配置Required configuration for workload comparison using DEA

DEA 使用 Windows 身份验证连接到数据库服务器。DEA connects to database servers using Windows authentication. 确保运行 DEA 的用户可以使用 Windows 身份验证连接到数据库服务器 (源、目标和分析) 。Be sure that the user running DEA can connect to database servers (source, target, and analysis) using Windows authentication.

捕获配置要求Capture configuration requirements

捕获跟踪要求运行 DEA 的用户:Capturing a trace requires that the user running DEA:

  • 可以使用 Windows 身份验证连接到源数据库服务器。Can connect to the source database server using Windows authentication.
  • 对源数据库服务器具有 sysadmin 权限。Has sysadmin rights on the source database server.

此外,运行源数据库服务器的服务帐户需要对跟踪文件夹路径的写访问权限。In addition, the service account running the source database server requires write access to the trace folder path.

有关详细信息,请参阅有关跟踪捕获的常见问题。For more information, see Frequently asked questions about trace capture.

重播配置要求Replay configuration requirements

重播跟踪要求运行 DEA 的用户:Replaying a trace requires that the user running DEA:

  • 可以使用 Windows 身份验证连接到目标数据库服务器。Can connect to the target database server using Windows authentication.
  • 具有对目标数据库服务器的 sysadmin 权限。Has sysadmin rights on the target database server.

此外,重播跟踪需要:In addition, replaying a trace requires that:

  • 运行目标数据库服务器的服务帐户具有对跟踪文件夹路径的写访问权限。The service account running the target database servers has write access to the trace folder path.
  • Distributed Replay 客户端运行的服务帐户可以使用 Windows 身份验证连接到目标数据库服务器。The service account running Distributed Replay clients can connect to the target database server using Windows authentication.
  • 为 Distributed Replay 控制器上的传入请求打开 TCP 端口。TCP ports are opened for incoming requests on the Distributed Replay controller. DEA 使用 COM 接口与 Distributed Replay 控制器通信。DEA communicates with the Distributed Replay controller by using COM interfaces.

有关详细信息,请参阅有关跟踪重播的常见问题。For more information, see Frequently asked questions about trace replay.

分析配置要求Analysis configuration requirements

执行此分析要求运行 DEA 的用户:Performing the analysis requires that the user running DEA:

  • 可以使用 Windows 身份验证连接到分析数据库服务器。Can connect to the analysis database server using Windows authentication.
  • 对源数据库服务器具有 sysadmin 权限。Has sysadmin rights on the source database server.

有关详细信息,请参阅有关分析报表的常见问题。For more information, see Frequently asked questions about analysis reports.

设置遥测Set up telemetry

DEA 具有支持 internet 的功能,该功能可将遥测信息发送给 Microsoft,以用于增强产品体验。DEA has an internet-enabled feature that can send telemetry information to Microsoft for use in enhancing the product experience. 收集的信息也保存在您的计算机上以进行本地审核,因此您始终可以查看收集的信息。The information that's collected is also saved on your computer for local audit, so you can always see what's collected. 所有 DEA 日志文件都保存在% temp% \ DEA 文件夹中。All DEA log files are saved in the %temp%\DEA folder.

可以收集四种事件类型的遥测数据:Telemetry data can be collected on four types of events:

  • TraceEvent:应用程序 (的使用事件例如,"触发停止捕获" ) 。TraceEvent: Usage events for the application (for example, "triggered stop capture").
  • 异常:应用程序使用期间引发了异常。Exception: Exception thrown during application usage.
  • DiagnosticEvent:一种事件日志,用于在出现问题时帮助诊断 (发送到 Microsoft) 。DiagnosticEvent: An event log to assist with diagnosis when problems occur (not sent to Microsoft).
  • FeedbackEvent:通过应用程序提交的用户反馈。FeedbackEvent: User feedback that's submitted through the application.

收集和发送遥测数据是可选的。Collecting and sending telemetry data is optional. 若要指定收集的事件以及收集的事件是否发送给 Microsoft,请执行以下步骤:To specify which events are collected and whether collected events are sent to Microsoft, use the following steps:

  1. 请参阅 DEA 的安装位置 (例如,C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Corporation \ 数据库实验助手) 。Go to the location in which DEA is installed (for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Corporation\Database Experimentation Assistant).
  2. 打开并修改应用程序) DEA.exe.config (的 .config 文件,并根据需要为 CLI (DEACmd.exe.config) 来处理方案:Open and modify the .config files DEA.exe.config (for the application) and DEACmd.exe.config (for the CLI) to address your scenario as appropriate:
    • 若要停止收集事件类型,请设置事件 (的值,例如,将TraceEvent) 为falseTo stop collecting a type of event, set the value of event (for example, TraceEvent) to false. 若要再次开始收集事件,请将值设置为trueTo start collecting the event again, set the value to true.
    • 若要停止保存事件的本地副本,请将TraceLoggerEnabled的值设置为falseTo stop saving local copies of events, set the value of TraceLoggerEnabled to false. 若要再次开始保存本地副本,请将值设置为trueTo start saving local copies again, set the value to true.
    • 若要停止向 Microsoft 发送事件,请将AppInsightsLoggerEnabled的值设置为falseTo stop sending events to Microsoft, set the value of AppInsightsLoggerEnabled to false. 若要再次开始向 Microsoft 发送事件,请将值设置为trueTo start sending events to Microsoft again, set the value to true.

DEA 由Microsoft 隐私声明控制。DEA is governed by the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

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