catalog.environment_variables(SSISDB 数据库)catalog.environment_variables (SSISDB Database)

适用范围:SQL Server,包括 Linux Azure SQL 数据库yesAzure SQL 数据仓库no并行数据仓库 APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server, including on Linux yesAzure SQL Database yesAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

适用对象: yesSQL ServeryesAzure SQL 数据库noAzure SQL 数据仓库no并行数据仓库APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server noAzure SQL Database noAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

显示 Integration ServicesIntegration Services 目录中所有环境的环境变量详细信息。Displays the environment variable details for all environments in the Integration ServicesIntegration Services catalog.

列名Column name 数据类型Data type 描述Description
variable_idvariable_id bigintbigint 环境变量的唯一标识符 (ID)。The unique identifier (ID) of the environment variable.
environment_idenvironment_id bigintbigint 与环境变量关联的环境的唯一 ID。The unique ID of the environment that the variable is associated with.
NAMEname sysnamesysname 环境变量的名称。The name of the environment variable.
descriptiondescription nvarchar(1024)nvarchar(1024) 环境变量的说明。The description of the environment variable.
typetype nvarchar(128)nvarchar(128) 环境变量的数据类型。The data type of the environment variable.
sensitivesensitive bitbit 当值为 1 时,变量是敏感的并在存储时加密。When the value is 1, the variable is sensitive and is encrypted when it is stored. 当值为 0 时,变量是不敏感的并以纯文本形式存储值。When the value is 0, the variable is not sensitive and the value is stored in plaintext.
value sql_variantsql_variant 环境变量的值。The value of the environment variable. 当 sensitive 为 0 时,显示纯文本值。When sensitive is 0, the plaintext value is shown. 当 sensitive 为 1 时,显示 NULL 值。When sensitive is 1, the NULL value is displayed.


此视图对于目录中的每个环境变量显示一行。This view displays a row for each environment variable in the catalog.


此视图需要下列权限之一:This view requires one of the following permissions:

  • 针对相应环境的 READ 权限READ permission on the corresponding environment

  • ssis_admin 数据库角色的成员资格Membership to the ssis_admin database role

  • sysadmin 服务器角色的成员资格Membership to the sysadmin server role


当您具有在服务器上执行操作的权限时,您还具有查看有关此操作的信息的权限。When you have permission to perform an operation on the server, you also have permission to view information about the operation. 将实施行级安全性;只显示您有权查看的行。Row-level security is enforced; only rows that you have permission to view are displayed.