版本 (Master Data Services)Versions (Master Data Services)

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Master Data ServicesMaster Data Services中,您可以创建模型中主数据的多个版本。In Master Data ServicesMaster Data Services, you can create multiple versions of the master data within a model. 在验证数据时可以锁定版本,并在验证数据之后提交。Versions can be locked while you validate your data and committed after the data is validated. 提交的版本组成可审核的更改记录。Committed versions form an auditable record of changes. 创建的每个版本包含模型的所有成员、属性值、层次结构成员、层次结构关系和集合。Each version you create contains all members, attribute values, hierarchy members, hierarchy relationships, and collections for the model.

何时使用版本When to Use Versions

使用版本可以:Use versions to:

  • 维护主数据随时间变化的可审核记录。Maintain an auditable record of your master data as it changes over time.

  • 防止用户更改,确保所有数据已根据业务规则成功验证。Prevent users from making changes while you ensure all data validates successfully against business rules.

  • 锁定模型供订阅系统使用。Lock down a model for use by subscribing systems.

  • 测试不同的层次结构,而不必立即将其实现。Test different hierarchies without implementing them right away.


更改模型的结构时,例如创建新实体或基于域的属性时,更改应用到所有版本。When you change the structure of your model, such as when you create a new entity or domain-based attribute, the change applies to all versions. 如果您查看模型的早期版本,将显示实体或属性,但数据不存在。If you view an earlier version of the model, the entity or attribute is displayed, but no data exists.

版本标志Version Flags

版本可用于用户或订阅系统时,可以设置一个标志来标识该版本。When a version is ready for users or for a subscribing system, you can set a flag to identify the version. 可以根据需要在版本间移动此标志。You can move this flag from version to version as needed. 标志帮助用户和订阅系统确定要使用模型的哪个版本。Flags help users and subscribing systems identify which version of a model to use.

版本管理的工作流Workflow for Version Management

使用以下工作流进行版本管理:Use the following workflow for version management:

  1. 创建模型并使用公司的主数据填充 Master Data ServicesMaster Data Services 数据库时,自动创建初始版本。An initial version is created automatically when you create a model and populate the Master Data ServicesMaster Data Services database with your company's master data. 用户基于权限在需要时可以更改此版本。Based on permissions, users can make changes to this version as needed.

  2. 当您要提交模型的一个版本时,锁定该版本,以便只有模型管理员可以更新数据。When you want to commit a version of a model, lock the version so that only model administrators can update the data. 有关详细信息,请参阅 管理员 (Master Data Services)For more information, see Administrators (Master Data Services). 如果配置了通知,则每次版本的状态发生更改时,电子邮件通知都会发送给模型管理员。If notifications are configured, an email notification is sent to model administrators each time the version's status changes. 有关详细信息,请参阅配置电子邮件通知 (Master Data Services)For more information, see Configure Email Notifications (Master Data Services).

  3. 将业务规则应用于锁定的版本的数据并查看任何验证问题。Apply business rules to the locked version's data and review any validation issues. 如有必要,可以填写缺少的信息或恢复导致问题的事务。If necessary, you can fill in missing information or revert the transaction that caused the issue. 还可以解锁该版本,以便用户进行更改。You can also unlock the version for users to make changes.

  4. 在所有数据通过验证后,提交该版本并将其标记为可供订阅系统使用。When all the data passes validation, commit the version and flag it for use by subscribing systems. 无法更改已提交的版本。Changes cannot be made to a committed version.

  5. 复制已提交的版本,并通知用户他们可以开始使用模型的新版本。Copy the committed version and notify users that they can begin working in a new version of the model.

顺序版本或同时版本Sequential or Simultaneous Versions

可以创建模型的顺序版本或同时版本。You can create sequential or simultaneous versions of your model.

  • 顺序版本:Sequential versions. 每次提交版本时,可以创建新的副本并为版本提供下一个序列号。Each time you commit a version, create a new copy and give the version the next sequential number. 例如,可以复制 “版本 7” 的模型,并将副本命名为 “版本 8”For example, you can copy Version 7 of your model and name the copy Version 8.

  • 同时版本:Simultaneous versions. 要同时使用数据的两个或多个版本时,可以创建模型的同时版本。Create simultaneous versions of your model when you want to work on two or more versions of your data at once. 如果您的公司存在与正常业务流程相符的重组或合并行为,并且您要确定如何使新的主数据适应现有结构,同时版本将非常有用。This is useful when your company has reorganizations or mergers that coincide with the normal course of business and you want to determine how the new master data might fit into your existing structures.


    Master Data Services 配置管理器Master Data Services Configuration Manager 中的设置确定是复制所有版本还是仅复制那些已提交的版本。A setting in Master Data Services 配置管理器Master Data Services Configuration Manager determines whether or not you can copy all versions or only those that are committed. 若要创建同时版本,必须配置 Master Data ServicesMaster Data Services 以允许您复制所有版本。To create simultaneous versions you must configure Master Data ServicesMaster Data Services to allow you to copy all versions. 此设置在“系统设置”表中也提供。This setting is also available in the System Settings table. 有关详细信息,请参阅系统设置 (Master Data Services)For more information, see System Settings (Master Data Services).

任务说明Task Description 主题Topic
更改现有版本的名称。Change the name of an existing version. 更改版本名称 (Master Data Services)Change a Version Name (Master Data Services)
锁定版本,以便只有管理员才能编辑其数据。Lock a version so only administrators can edit its data. 锁定版本 (Master Data Services)Lock a Version (Master Data Services)
取消锁定版本,以便用户可以编辑其数据。Unlock a version so users can edit its data. 取消锁定版本 (Master Data Services)Unlock a Version (Master Data Services)
验证所有数据后,提交版本。Commit a version after all data is validated. 提交版本 (Master Data Services)Commit a Version (Master Data Services)
创建新的标志来标记版本。Create a new flag to mark a version. 创建版本标志 (Master Data Services)Create a Version Flag (Master Data Services)
更改现有版本标志的名称。Change the name of an existing version flag. 更改版本标志名称 (Master Data Services)Change a Version Flag Name (Master Data Services)
将现有标志分配给版本。Assign an existing flag to a version. 向版本分配标志 (Master Data Services)Assign a Flag to a Version (Master Data Services)
创建现有版本的新副本Create a new copy of an existing version 复制版本 (Master Data Services)Copy a Version (Master Data Services)
删除现有版本。Delete an existing version. 删除版本 (Master Data Services)Delete a Version (Master Data Services)
从版本中清除软删除的成员Purge soft-deleted members from a version 清除版本成员 (Master Data Services)Purge Version Members (Master Data Services)