MDX 语句参考 (MDX)MDX Statement Reference (MDX)

多维表达式 (MDX) 语句分为三组,如下表中所述。Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) statements are separated into three groups, as described in the following table.

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MDX 脚本编写语句 (MDX)MDX Scripting Statements (MDX) 包含有关 MDX 脚本编写语句的信息,这种语句用于管理 MDX 脚本中的查询上下文、作用域和流控制。Contains information about MDX scripting statements that manage query context, scope, and the control of flow within MDX scripts.
Mdx 数据定义语句 (MDX)MDX Data Definition Statements (MDX) 包含有关 MDX 数据定义语句的信息,这种语句用于创建、删除和操作多维对象。Contains information about MDX data definition statements that create, drop, and manipulate multidimensional objects.
Mdx 数据操作语句 (MDX)MDX Data Manipulation Statements (MDX) 包含有关 MDX 数据操作语句的信息,这种语句用于检索和操作多维对象中的数据。Contains information about MDX data manipulation statements that retrieve and manipulate data from multidimensional objects.

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