Wtd (MDX)Wtd (MDX)

按照时间维度中的周级别的约束,从给定成员所在的级别返回一组同级成员,从第一个同级成员开始到给定成员为止。Returns a set of sibling members from the same level as a given member, starting with the first sibling and ending with the given member, as constrained by the Week level in the Time dimension.


Wtd( [ Member_Expression ] )  


返回成员的有效多维表达式 (MDX)。A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a member.


如果未指定成员表达式,则默认值为第一个层次结构的当前成员,该层次结构的第一个维度的类型为 Time (CurrentMember) 在该度量值组中。If a member expression is not specified, the default is the current member of the first hierarchy with a level of type Weeks in the first dimension of type Time (Time.CurrentMember) in the measure group.

Wtd函数是PeriodsToDate函数的快捷函数,其中级别设置为 ""。The Wtd function is a shortcut function for the PeriodsToDate function where the level is set to Weeks. 也就是说,Wtd(Member_Expression) 等效于 PeriodsToDate(Week_Level_Expression,Member_Expression)That is, Wtd(Member_Expression) is equivalent to PeriodsToDate(Week_Level_Expression,Member_Expression).

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