SP:Completed 事件类SP:Completed Event Class

适用于:Applies to: 是SQL ServerSQL Server(所有支持的版本)yesSQL ServerSQL Server (all supported versions) 是Azure SQL 数据库Azure SQL DatabaseYesAzure SQL 数据库Azure SQL Database适用于:Applies to: 是SQL ServerSQL Server(所有支持的版本)yesSQL ServerSQL Server (all supported versions) 是Azure SQL 数据库Azure SQL DatabaseYesAzure SQL 数据库Azure SQL Database

SP:Completed 事件类指明存储过程已执行完毕。The SP:Completed event class indicates that the stored procedure has completed executing.

SP:Completed 事件类的数据列SP:Completed Event Class Data Columns

数据列名称Data column name 数据类型Data type 说明Description 列 IDColumn ID 可筛选Filterable
ApplicationNameApplicationName nvarcharnvarchar 客户端应用程序的名称,该客户端应用程序创建了指向 SQL ServerSQL Server实例的连接。Name of the client application that created the connection to an instance of SQL ServerSQL Server. 此列由应用程序传递的值填充,而不是由所显示的程序名填充。This column is populated with the values passed by the application rather than the displayed name of the program. 1010 Yes
ClientProcessIDClientProcessID intint 主机为运行该客户端应用程序的进程分配的 ID。ID assigned by the host computer to the process where the client application is running. 如果客户端提供了客户端进程 ID,则填充此数据列。This data column is populated if the client provides the client process ID. 99 Yes
DatabaseIDDatabaseID intint 正在运行存储过程的数据库的 ID。ID of the database in which the stored procedure is running. 可使用 DB_ID 函数来确定数据库的值。Determine the value for a database by using the DB_ID function. 33 Yes
DatabaseNameDatabaseName nvarcharnvarchar 正在运行存储过程的数据库的名称。Name of the database in which the stored procedure is running. 3535 Yes
DurationDuration bigintbigint 事件占用的时间(微秒)。Amount of time (in microseconds) taken by the event. 1313 Yes
EndTimeEndTime datetimedatetime 事件结束的时间。Time at which the event ended. 对指示事件开始的事件类(例如 SQL:BatchStarting 或 SP:Starting)将不填充此列。This column is not populated for starting event classes, such as SQL:BatchStarting or SP:Starting. 1515 Yes
EventClassEventClass intint 事件类型 = 43。Type of event = 43. 2727 No
EventSequenceEventSequence intint 给定事件在请求中的顺序。Sequence of a given event within the request. 5151 No
GroupIDGroupID intint 在其中激发 SQL 跟踪事件的工作负荷组的 ID。ID of the workload group where the SQL Trace event fires. 6666 Yes
HostNameHostName nvarcharnvarchar 正在运行客户端的计算机的名称。Name of the computer on which the client is running. 如果客户端提供了主机名,则填充此数据列。This data column is populated if the client provides the host name. 若要确定主机名,请使用 HOST_NAME 函数。To determine the host name, use the HOST_NAME function. 88 Yes
IsSystemIsSystem intint 指示事件是发生在系统进程中还是发生在用户进程中。Indicates whether the event occurred on a system process or a user process. 1 = 系统,0 = 用户。1 = system, 0 = user. 6060 Yes
LineNumberLineNumber intint 显示调用此存储过程的 execute 语句的行号。Displays the line number of the execute statement that called this stored procedure. 55 Yes
LoginNameLoginName nvarcharnvarchar 用户的登录名( SQL ServerSQL Server 安全登录名或 MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 登录凭据,格式为“DOMAIN\username”)。Name of the login of the user (either the SQL ServerSQL Server security login or the MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows login credentials in the form of DOMAIN\username). 1111 Yes
LoginSidLoginSid 图像image 登录用户的安全标识号 (SID)。Security identification number (SID) of the logged-in user. 您可以在 sys.server_principals 目录视图中找到此信息。You can find this information in the sys.server_principals catalog view. 服务器中的每个登录名都具有唯一的 SID。Each SID is unique for each login in the server. 4141 Yes
NestLevelNestLevel intint 存储过程的嵌套级别。Nesting level of the stored procedure. 2929 Yes
NTDomainNameNTDomainName nvarcharnvarchar 用户所属的 Windows 域。Windows domain to which the user belongs. 77 Yes
NTUserNameNTUserName nvarcharnvarchar Windows 用户名。Windows user name. 66 Yes
ObjectIDObjectID intint 系统分配的存储过程 ID。System-assigned ID of the stored procedure. 2222 Yes
ObjectNameObjectName nvarcharnvarchar 引用的对象名。Name of the object being referenced. 3434 Yes
ObjectTypeObjectType intint 调用的存储过程类型。Type of stored procedure called. 此值对应于 sys.objects 目录视图中的类型列。This value corresponds to the type column in the sys.objects catalog view. 有关值的信息,请参阅 ObjectType 跟踪事件列For values, see ObjectType Trace Event Column. 2828 Yes
RequestIDRequestID intint 包含该语句的请求的 ID。ID of the request containing the statement. 4949 Yes
RowCountsRowCounts bigintbigint 此存储过程中所有语句的行数。Number of rows for all statements within this stored procedure. 4848 Yes
ServerNameServerName nvarcharnvarchar 所跟踪的 SQL ServerSQL Server 实例的名称。Name of the instance of SQL ServerSQL Server being traced. 2626 No
SessionLoginNameSessionLoginName nvarcharnvarchar 发起会话的用户的登录名。Login name of the user who originated the session. 例如,如果您使用 Login1 连接到 SQL ServerSQL Server ,再以 Login2 的身份执行语句,则 SessionLoginName 将显示 Login1,而 LoginName 将显示 Login2。For example, if you connect to SQL ServerSQL Server using Login1 and execute a statement as Login2, SessionLoginName shows Login1 and LoginName shows Login2. 此列将同时显示 SQL ServerSQL Server 登录名和 Windows 登录名。This column displays both SQL ServerSQL Server and Windows logins. 6464 Yes
SourceDatabaseIDSourceDatabaseID intint 对象所在数据库的 ID。ID of the database the object exists in. 6262 Yes
SPIDSPID intint 发生该事件的会话的 ID。ID of the session on which the event occurred. 1212 Yes
StartTimeStartTime datetimedatetime 该事件(如果存在)的启动时间。Time at which the event started, if available. 1414 Yes
TextDataTextData ntextntext 存储过程调用的文本。Text of the stored procedure call. 11 Yes
TransactionIDTransactionID bigintbigint 系统分配的事务 ID。System-assigned ID of the transaction. 44 Yes
XactSequenceXactSequence bigintbigint 用于说明当前事务的标记。Token that describes the current transaction. 5050 Yes

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