backupfilegroup (Transact-SQL)backupfilegroup (Transact-SQL)

适用对象:是SQL Server 否Azure SQL 数据库 否Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) 否并行数据仓库 APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server noAzure SQL Database noAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) noParallel Data Warehouse

备份时数据库中的每个文件组在表中占一行。Contains one row for each filegroup in a database at the time of backup. backupfilegroup存储在msdb数据库。backupfilegroup is stored in the msdb database.


Backupfilegroup表显示了文件组配置的数据库,而不是备份集。The backupfilegroup table shows the filegroup configuration of the database, not of the backup set. 若要确定是否将文件包括在备份集中,使用is_present的列backupfile表。To identify whether a file is included in the backup set, use the is_present column of the backupfile table.

列名Column name 数据类型Data type 描述Description
backup_set_idbackup_set_id intint 包含该文件组的备份集。Backup set containing this filegroup.
namename sysnamesysname 文件组的名称。Name of the filegroup.
filegroup_idfilegroup_id intint 文件组的 ID;在数据库中唯一。ID of the filegroup; unique within the database. 对应于data_space_idsys.filegroupsCorresponds to data_space_id in sys.filegroups.
filegroup_guidfilegroup_guid uniqueidentifieruniqueidentifier 文件组的全局唯一标识符。Globally unique identifier for the filegroup. 可以为 NULL。Can be NULL.
typetype char(2)char(2) 内容类型,可为下列类型之一:Content type, one of:

FG =“行”文件组FG = "Rows" Filegroup

SL = SQL ServerSQL Server 日志文件组SL = SQL ServerSQL Server Log filegroup
type_desctype_desc nvarchar(60)nvarchar(60) 函数类型的说明,可为下列值之一:Description of function type, one of:


is_defaultis_default bitbit 默认文件组,在 CREATE TABLE 或 CREATE INDEX 中未指定文件组时使用。The default filegroup, used when no filegroup is specified in CREATE TABLE or CREATE INDEX.
is_readonlyis_readonly bitbit 1 = 文件组为只读文件组。1 = Filegroup is read-only.
log_filegroup_guidlog_filegroup_guid uniqueidentifieruniqueidentifier 可以为 NULL。Can be NULL.



相同的文件组名称可以出现在不同数据库中;但是,每个文件组都有自己的 GUID。The same filegroup name can appear in different databases; however, each filegroup has its own GUID. 因此, (backup_set_id,filegroup_guid) 是一个用于标识的文件组中的唯一键backupfilegroupTherefore, (backup_set_id,filegroup_guid) is a unique key that identifies a filegroup in backupfilegroup.

RESTORE VERIFYONLY FROM备份设备WITH LOADHISTORY 使用的列来填充backupmediaset介质集标头中的相应值的表。RESTORE VERIFYONLY FROM backup_device WITH LOADHISTORY populates the columns of the backupmediaset table with the appropriate values from the media-set header.

若要减少此表中和其他备份和历史记录表中的行数,请执行sp_delete_backuphistory存储过程。To reduce the number of rows in this table and in other backup and history tables, execute the sp_delete_backuphistory stored procedure.

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