SQL Server 帮助和反馈SQL Server help and feedback

本文介绍了不同方式来获取有关问题的帮助,或者针对 SQL Server 或 SQL Server 技术文档提供反馈。This article explains different ways to get assistance with your issue, or provide feedback for either SQL Server, or the SQL Server technical documentation.

请联系 Microsoft 支持部门Contact Microsoft Support

具有支持计划的客户可以通过 Microsoft 支持部门票证Customers with a support plan can open a ticket with Microsoft support. 有关详细信息,请查看适用于企业的支持选项Review the support options for businesses for more information.

没有支持计划的客户可以向社区寻求帮助,或通过 https://aka.ms/sqlfeedback 上的用户心声提交 bug。Customers without a support plan can ask the community for help, or submit a bug via UserVoice at https://aka.ms/sqlfeedback.

向社区寻求帮助Ask community for help

如果有兴趣参与充满活力的 SQL Server 社区并寻求帮助,有多种方式可供选择。If you're interested in engaging the vibrant SQL Server community for assistance, there are multiple options available.

Microsoft 问答Microsoft Q & A

还可以通过在 Microsoft 问答上搜索和发布问题来获得帮助。You can also get help by searching and posting questions on Microsoft Q & A.


有一些社区可以帮助解决 SQL Server 问题。There are a few communities that can help you with your SQL Server issues.

反馈建议Feedback suggestions

可以针对以下内容提交改进建议,以及提交 bug:You can submit suggestions for improvement, as well as submit bugs for:

SQL Server 文档SQL Server documentation

联系 SQL Server 内容团队的最佳方式是通过 Git Issues。The best way to reach the SQL Server content team is through Git Issues. 你可以在我们的大多数页面底部找到一个提交 Git Issue 的选项:You'll find an option to submit a Git Issue at the bottom of most of our pages:

Git Issue 内容反馈

如果还有其他要分享的内容,例如,一条创意、建议、反馈或任何内容!If you have something else to share -- an idea, a suggestion, feedback, anything! — 可以通过访问 https://aka.ms/SQLDocsFeedback 并选择“新问题”来建立常规 Git 问题。-- you can open a general Git Issue by going to https://aka.ms/SQLDocsFeedback and selecting New Issues.

新建 Git Issue

社交媒体更新Social media updates

可通过一些社交媒体渠道获取有关最新 SQL Server 更新的信息。There are a few social media outlets to get information about the latest SQL Server updates.

经 Twitter 更新Updates via Twitter

以下 Twitter 帐户提供有关 SQL Server 的更新:The following Twitter accounts provide updates about SQL Server:


以下 SQL Server 博客提供有关 SQL Server 的最新信息:The following SQL Server blogs provide the latest information about SQL Server:

SQL Server 许可证信息SQL Server license information

如果要下载和查看 SQL Server 的许可信息,请查看 Microsoft SQL Server 附加软件许可条款If you would like to download and review the license information for SQL Server, it can be found at Microsoft SQL Server Additional Software License Terms.

参与编辑 SQL 文档

你是否知道你可以自己编辑内容?Did you know that you could edit the content yourself? 这样做不仅可以改进我们的文档,还可以获得页面贡献者的殊荣。If you do so, not only will our documentation improve, but you'll also be credited as a contributor to the page.