Stretch Database 的限制Limitations for Stretch Database

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了解有关启用 Stretch 的表的限制,以及当前为表启用 Stretch 的限制。Learn about limitations for Stretch-enabled tables, and about limitations that currently prevent you from enabling Stretch for a table.

启用 Stretch 的表的限制Limitations for Stretch-enabled tables

启用 Stretch 的表具有下列限制。Stretch-enabled tables have the following limitations.


  • 在包含迁移数据的 Azure 表中,UNIQUE 约束和 PRIMARY KEY 约束并未强制唯一性。Uniqueness is not enforced for UNIQUE constraints and PRIMARY KEY constraints in the Azure table that contains the migrated data.

DML 操作DML operations

  • 在启用 Stretch 的表中或包含启用 Stretch 的表的视图中,无法更新或删除已迁移的或符合迁移条件的行。You can't UPDATE or DELETE rows that have been migrated, or rows that are eligible for migration, in a Stretch-enabled table or in a view that includes Stretch-enabled tables.

  • 无法在链接服务器上将行插入启用 Stretch 的表。You can't INSERT rows into a Stretch-enabled table on a linked server.


  • 无法为包含启用 Stretch 的表的视图创建索引。You can't create an index for a view that includes Stretch-enabled tables.

  • SQL ServerSQL Server 索引筛选不会传播至远程表。Filters on SQL ServerSQL Server indexes are not propagated to the remote table.

当前为表启用 Stretch 的限制Limitations that currently prevent you from enabling Stretch for a table

以下为当前阻止对表启用 Stretch 的项。The following items currently prevent you from enabling Stretch for a table.

表属性Table properties

  • 其中超过 1,023 列或超过 998 个索引的表Tables that have more than 1,023 columns or more than 998 indexes

  • FileTable 或包含 FILESTREAM 数据的表FileTables or tables that contain FILESTREAM data

  • 表被复制或正在使用“更改跟踪”或“更改数据捕获”Tables that are replicated, or that are actively using Change Tracking or Change Data Capture

  • 内存优化表Memory-optimized tables

数据类型Data types

  • ntext、text 和 imagetext, ntext and image

  • TIMESTAMPtimestamp

  • sql_variantsql_variant


  • CLR 数据类型包括 geometry、geography、hierarchyid 和 CLR 用户定义类型CLR data types including geometry, geography, hierarchyid, and CLR user-defined types

    列类型Column types

  • 计算列Computed columns


  • 默认约束和 CHECK 约束Default constraints and check constraints

  • 引用表的外键约束Foreign key constraints that reference the table. 在父子关系(如 Order 和 Order_Detail)中,可以为子表 (Order_Detail) 启用 Stretch,但不能为父表 (Order) 启用 Stretch。In a parent-child relationship (for example, Order and Order_Detail), you can enable Stretch for the child table (Order_Detail) but not for the parent table (Order).


  • 全文检索Full text indexes

  • XML 索引XML indexes

  • 空间索引Spatial indexes

  • 引用表的索引视图Indexed views that reference the table

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