(AccessToSQL 的疑难解答) Troubleshooting (AccessToSQL)

不太常见的情况是在执行控制台脚本或命令的中间运行迁移问题。It is not uncommon to run into migration issues midway executing the console scripts or commands.

可修复的错误可能与以下内容相关:The fixable errors may relate to:

  1. 函数Function

  2. 过程Procedure

  3. 查看View

  4. 触发器Trigger

  5. 修改数据类型Modifying the data type

  6. 更改项目设置Changing the project settings

通过打开通过控制台创建的项目文件,可以使用 SSMA 用户界面解决这些问题。The issues can be fixed using the SSMA user interface by opening the Project File created through the console.