SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 发行说明Release notes for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

适用于: 是SQL Server是Azure SQL 数据库是Azure SQL 数据仓库否并行数据仓库APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server yesAzure SQL Database yesAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

本文提供有关 SSMS 的当前和以前版本的更新、改进和 bug 修复的详细信息。This article provides details about updates, improvements, and bug fixes for the current and previous versions of SSMS.

SSMS 18.2SSMS 18.2

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生成号:15.0.18142.0Build number: 15.0.18142.0
发布日期:2019 年 7 月 25 日Release date: July 25, 2019

SSMS 18.2 是 SSMS 的最新正式发布 (GA) 版本。SSMS 18.2 is the latest general availability (GA) release of SSMS. 如果需要 SSMS 的早期版本,请参阅 SSMS 的早期版本If you need a previous version of SSMS, see previous SSMS releases.

18.2 是对 18.1 的更新,添加了以下新项并修复了以下 bug。18.2 is an update to 18.1 with the following new items and bug fixes.

18.2 的新增功能What's new in 18.2

新项New Item 详细信息Details
Integration Services (SSIS)Integration Services (SSIS) Azure 中 SSIS 包计划程序的性能优化。Perf optimization for SSIS package scheduler in Azure.
Intellisense/编辑器Intellisense/Editor 添加了对数据分类的支持。Added support for Data Classification.
OPTIMIZE_FOR_SEQUENTIAL_KEYOPTIMIZE_FOR_SEQUENTIAL_KEY 可以在数据库引擎内启用优化,有助于提高索引中高并发插入的吞吐量。Turns on an optimization within the database engine that helps improve throughput for high-concurrency inserts into the index. 此选项旨在用于易发生最后一页插入争用的索引,常见于有顺序键(如标识列、序列或日期/时间列)的索引。This option is intended for indexes that are prone to last-page insert contention, typically seen with indexes that have a sequential key such as an identity column, sequence, or date/time column. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 CREATE INDEXSee CREATE INDEX for more details.
查询执行或结果Query Execution or Results 在消息中添加了一个完成时间,以跟踪给定查询执行完毕的时间 。Added a Completion time in the messages to track when a given query completed its execution.
查询执行或结果Query Execution or Results 允许显示更多数据(结果转换为文本)以及将其存储在单元中(结果转换为网格)。Allow more data to be displayed (Result to Text) and stored in cells (Result to Grid). 对于这两种情况,SSMS 当前最多支持 2 百万个字符(之前分别为 25.6 万和 6.4 万)。SSMS now allows up to 2M characters for both (up from 256 and 64 K, respectively). 这还解决了用户无法从网格单元中获取超过 43680 个字符的问题。This also addressed the issue of users not able to grab more than 43680 chars from the cells of the grid.
显示计划ShowPlan 在启用了内联标量 UDF 特性 (ContainsInlineScalarTsqludfs) 的情况下,在 QueryPlan 中添加了新的属性。Added a new attribute in QueryPlan when inline scalar UDF feature is enabled (ContainsInlineScalarTsqludfs).
SMOSMO 添加了对功能限制的支持 。Added support for Feature Restrictions. 有关功能本身的详细信息,请参阅功能限制For more information on the feature itself, see Feature Restrictions.
SMOSMO 添加了对 SQL 评估 API 的支持。Added support for SQL Assessment API. 有关详细信息,请参阅 SQL 评估 APIFor more information, see SQL Assessment API.

18.2 中的 bug 修复Bug fixes in 18.2

新项New Item 详细信息Details
辅助功能Accessibility 更新了按 F3 时可排序的 XEvent UI(网格)。Updated the XEvent UI (the grid) to be sortable by pressing F3.
AlwaysOnAlways On 修复了在尝试删除可用性组 (AG) 时 SSMS 引发错误的问题Fixed an issue where SSMS was throwing an error when trying to delete an Availability Group (AG)
AlwaysOnAlways On 修复了将副本配置为“同步”、使用读取扩展 AG(群集类型 = NONE)时,SSMS 显示错误的故障转移向导的问题。Fixed an issue where SSMS was presenting the wrong failover wizard when replicas are configured as Synchronous when using read scale AGs (cluster type=NONE). 现在,SSMS 显示针对 Force_Failover_Allow_Data_Loss 选项的向导,这是群集类型 NONE 可用性唯一允许的向导Now, SSMS presents the wizard for Force_Failover_Allow_Data_Loss option, which is the only one allowed for cluster-type NONE Availability
AlwaysOnAlways On 修复了向导将允许的同步数限制为三个的问题Fixed an issue where the wizard was restricting the number of allowed synchronizations to three
数据分类Data Classification 修复了尝试查看 CompatLevel 级别低于 150 的数据库的数据分类报告时,SSMS 引发“索引(从零开始)必须大于或等于零”错误 。Fixed an issue where SSMS was throwing an Index (zero-based) must be greater than or equal to zero error when trying to view data classification reports on databases with CompatLevel less than 150.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了用户无法通过鼠标滚轮水平滚动结果窗格的问题。Fixed an issue where the user was unable to horizontal scroll Results pane via mouse wheel. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 更新了“活动监视器”,使其忽略良性等待类型 SQLTRACE_WAIT_ENTRIES Updated Activity Monitor to ignore benign wait types SQLTRACE_WAIT_ENTRIES
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了某些颜色选项(“文本编辑器”>“编辑器”选项卡和状态栏)未持久化的问题 。Fixed an issue where some color options (Text Editor > Editor Tab and Status Bar) weren't persisted. 请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 在连接对话框中,将“Azure Active Directory - 含 MFA 支持的通用身份验证”替换为了“Azure Active Directory - 含 MFA 的通用身份验证”(功能相同,但希望能够减少混淆) 。In the connection dialog, replaced Azure Active Directory - Universal with MFA support with Azure Active Directory - Universal with MFA (functionality is the same, but hopefully it's less confusing).
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 更新了 SSMS,使其在创建 Azure SQL 数据库时使用正确的默认值。Updated SSMS to use correct defaults values when creating an Azure SQL Database.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了当服务器为 SQL Linux 容器时,用户无法从注册服务器中的节点启动 PowerShell 的问题 。Fixed an issue where the user was not able to Start PowerShell from a node in Register Servers when the server is a SQL Linux container.
导入平面文件Import Flat File 修复了从 SSMS 18.0 升级到 18.1 后,“导入平面文件”无法正常工作的问题 。Fixed an issue where Import Flat File was not working after upgrading from SSMS 18.0 to 18.1. 请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice
导入平面文件Import Flat File 修复了标头包含 Unicode 字符的 .csv 文件中“导入平面文件向导报告重复或无效的列”的问题 。Fixed an issue where Import Flat File Wizard was reporting a duplicate or invalid column on a .csv file with headers with Unicode characters.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了在连接到 SQL Express 时,某些菜单项(例如 SQL Server“导入和导出向导”)缺失或禁用的问题 。Fixed an issue where some menu items (for example, SQL server Import and Export Wizard) were missing or disabled when connected to SQL Express. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了将对象从对象资源管理器拖动到编辑器时导致 SSMS 故障的问题。Fixed an issue, which was causing SSMS to crash when an object is dragged from Object Explorer to the editor. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了重命名数据库导致对象资源管理器中显示错误数据库名称的问题。Fixed an issue where renaming databases was causing incorrect database names to show up in Object Explorer. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了一个长期未解决的问题,即对于设置为使用 Windows 不再支持的排序规则的数据库,尝试展开其对象资源管理器中的“表”节点时会触发错误(并且用户无法展开其表) 。Fixed a long outstanding issue where trying to expand the Tables node in Object Explorer for a database, which is set to use a collation that isn't supported by Windows anymore triggers an error (and the user can't expand their tables). 此类排序规则的一个示例是 Korean_Wansung_Unicode_CI_AS。An example of such collation would be Korean_Wansung_Unicode_CI_AS.
注册服务器Register Servers 修复了在注册服务器使用“Active Directory - 集成”或“Azure Active Directory - 含 MFA 的通用身份验证”的情况下,尝试针对多个服务器发出查询(在注册服务器的“组”下)因 SSMS 无法连接而无法正常工作的问题 。Fixed an issue where trying to issue a query against multiple servers (under a Group in Registered Servers) when the Registered Server uses either Active Directory - Integrated or Azure Active Directory - Universal with MFA did not work because SSMS failed to connect.
注册服务器Register Servers 修复了在注册服务器使用“Active Directory - 密码”或“SQL 身份验证”,且用户选择不记住密码的情况下,尝试针对多个服务器发出查询(在注册服务器的“组”下)可能导致 SSMS 故障的问题 。Fixed an issue where trying to issue a query against multiple servers (under a Group in Registered Servers) when the registered server uses either Active Directory - Password or SQL Auth and the user chose not to remember the password would cause SSMS to crash.
报表Reports 修复了“磁盘使用情况”报告中的问题,即当数据文件有大量盘区时,报告失败 。Fixed an issue in Disk Usage reports where the report was failing to when data files had a vast number of extents.
复制工具Replication Tools 修复了复制监视器无法与 AG 中的发布服务器数据库和分发服务器一起使用的问题(以前曾在 SSMS 17.x 中修复过此问题)Fixed an issue where Replication Monitor was not working with publisher DB in AG and distributor in AG (this was previously fixed in SSMS 17.x
SQL 代理SQL Agent 修复了在添加、插入、编辑或删除作业步骤时,焦点重置到第一行而不是活动行的问题。Fixed an issue that when Adding, inserting, editing, or removing job steps, was causing focus to be reset the first row instead of the active row. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
SMO/脚本SMO/Scripting 修复了“CREATE OR ALTER”不对包含扩展属性的对象编写脚本的问题 。Fixed an issue where CREATE OR ALTER was not scripting objects that had extended properties on them. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
SMO/脚本SMO/Scripting 修复了 SSMS 无法正确编写 CREATE EXTERNAL LIBRARY 的脚本的问题。Fixed an issue where SSMS wasn't able to script CREATE EXTERNAL LIBRARY correctly. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
SMO/脚本SMO/Scripting 修复了尝试对包含几千个表的数据库运行“生成脚本”导致进度对话框似乎卡滞的问题 。Fixed an issue where trying to run the Generate Scripts against a database with a few thousand tables (was causing the progress dialog to appear to be stuck.
SMO/脚本SMO/Scripting 修复了 SQL 2019 中编写外部表的脚本不起作用的问题 。Fixed an issue where scripting of External Table on SQL 2019 did not work.
SMO/脚本SMO/Scripting 修复了 SQL 2019 中编写外部数据源的脚本不起作用的问题 。Fixed an issue where scripting of External Data Source on SQL 2019 did not work. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
SMO/脚本SMO/Scripting 修复了面向 Azure SQL DB 时,未编写列扩展属性脚本的问题。**Fixed an issue where * extended properties* on columns weren't scripted when targeting Azure SQL DB. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 stackoverflowSee stackoverflow for more details.
SMO/脚本SMO/Scripting 最后一页插入:SMO - 添加属性“Index.IsOptimizedForSequentialKey” Last-page insert: SMO - Add property Index.IsOptimizedForSequentialKey
SSMS 安装程序SSMS Setup 缓解了 SSMS 安装程序错误地阻止安装 SSMS 报告不匹配语言的问题。在某些异常情况下(例如中止的安装程序或错误地卸载以前的 SSMS 版本),这可能是一个问题。有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceMitigated an issue where SSMS setup was incorrectly blocking the installation of SSMS reporting mismatching languages. This could have been an issue in some abnormal situations, like an aborted setup or an incorrect uninstall of a previous version of SSMS. See UserVoice for more details.
XEvent 探查器XEvent Profiler 修复了关闭查看器时出现的故障。Fixed a crash when the viewer is being closed.

已知问题 (18.2)Known issues (18.2)

  • 无从在计算机 B 中修改从在计算机 A 上运行的 SSMS 创建的数据库关系图(这会导致 SSMS 出现故障)。Database Diagram created from on an SSMS running on machine A cannot be modified from machine B (it would crash SSMS). 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.

  • SSMS 18.0 在多个查询窗口之间切换时的重绘问题。SSMS 18.0 redraw issues when switching between multiple query windows. 请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice. 此问题的解决方法是在“工具” > “选项” 下禁用硬件加速。A workaround for this issue is to disable hardware acceleration under Tools > Options.

  • 对于在网格、文本或文件中显示的 SSMS 结果中可以查看的数据大小,存在限制。There is a limitation on the size of the data you see from SSMS results shown in grid, text, or file.

可参考 UserVoice 了解其他已知问题,并向产品团队提供反馈。You can reference UserVoice for other known issues and to provide feedback to the product team.

SSMS 的早期版本Previous SSMS releases

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下载 SSMS 18.1download SSMS 18.1

  • 版本号:18.1Release number: 18.1
  • 生成号:15.0.18131.0Build number: 15.0.18131.0
  • 发布日期:2019 年 6 月 11 日Release date: June 11, 2019

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SSMS 18.1 是当前 SSMS 的正式发布 (GA) 版本。SSMS 18.1 is the latest general availability (GA) release of SSMS. 如果需要 SSMS 的早期版本,请参阅 SSMS 的早期版本If you need a previous version of SSMS, see previous SSMS releases.

18.1 是对 18.0 的一个小更新,修复了以下新项和 bug。18.1 is a small update to 18.0 with the following new item and bug fixes.

18.1 的新增功能What's new in 18.1

新建项New item 详细信息Details
数据库关系图Database diagrams SSMS 中再现数据库关系图Database diagrams were added back into SSMS.
SSBDIAGNOSE.EXESSBDIAGNOSE.EXE SQL Server 诊断(命令行工具)已添加回 SSMS 包。The SQL Server Diagnose (command-line tool) was added back into the SSMS package.
Integration Services (SSIS)Integration Services (SSIS) 支持 Azure 中的计划 SSIS 包,该包位于 Azure 中的 SSIS 目录或系统文件中。Support for scheduling SSIS package, located in SSIS Catalog in Azure or File System, in Azure. 启动新建计划对话框中有三个项,新计划... There are three entries for launching the New Schedule dialog, New Schedule… 右键单击 Azure 中 SSIS 目录中的 SSIS 包时会显示菜单项,“在 Azure 中安排执行 SSIS 包”菜单项,位于“工具”菜单项下的“迁移到 Migrate”菜单项下,以及右键单击 Azure SQL 数据库托管实例中的 SQL Server 代理下的作业文件夹时显示的“在 Azure 中安排执行 SSIS” 。menu item is shown when right-clicking the SSIS package in SSIS Catalog in Azure, Schedule SSIS Package in Azure menu item under Migrate to Azure menu item under Tools menu item and "Schedule SSIS in Azure" shown when right-clicking Jobs folder under SQL Server agent of Azure SQL Database managed instance.

18.1 中的 bug 修复Bug fixes in 18.1

新项New Item 详细信息Details
辅助功能Accessibility 改进了代理作业 UI 的辅助功能。Improved accessibility of the Agent Job UI.
辅助功能Accessibility 通过添加“自动刷新”按钮的可访问名称,同时添加智能可访问名称,该名称会帮助用户了解其按的是何按钮以及按下该按钮所产生的影响,从而改进了“Stretch 监视器”页面上的辅助功能 。Improved accessibility on Stretch Monitor page by adding an accessible name for Auto Refresh button and also adding an intelligent Accessible Name that helps users know not only what button they're on but the impact of pressing it.
ADS 集成ADS integration 修复了尝试使用 ADS 注册服务器时 SSMS 可能出现崩溃的问题。Fixed a possible crash in SSMS when trying to use the ADS registered servers.
数据库设计器Database designer 添加了对 Latin1_General_100_BIN2_UTF8 排序规则的支持(在 SQL Server 2019 CTP3.0 中可用)Added support for Latin1_General_100_BIN2_UTF8 collation (available in SQL Server 2019 CTP3.0)
数据分类Data classification 防止将敏感度标签添加到历史记录表中的列,这是不受支持的。Prevent adding sensitivity labels to columns in the history table, which isn't supported.
数据分类Data classification 解决了有关错误处理兼容级别(服务器与数据库)的问题。Addressed issue related to incorrect handling of compatibility level (server vs. database).
数据库设计器Database designer 添加了对 Latin1_General_100_BIN2_UTF8 排序规则的支持(在 SQL2019 CTP3.0 中可用)。Added support for Latin1_General_100_BIN2_UTF8 collation (available in SQL2019 CTP3.0).
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了以下问题:索引中伪列脚本不正确。Fixed an issue where scripting of pseudo columns in an index was incorrect.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了“登录属性”页面中的问题:单击“添加凭据”按钮可能会引发空引用异常 。Fixed an issue in Login properties page where clicking on the Add Credential button could throw a Null Reference Exception.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了“索引属性”页面中显示的 money 列大小。Fixed money column size display in the index properties page.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了以下问题:在 SQL 编辑器窗口中,SSMS 未遵循“工具/选项”中的 Intellisense 设置 。Fixed an issue where SSMS wasn't honoring the Intellisense settings from Tools/Options in the SQL editor window.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了以下问题:SSMS 未遵循“帮助”设置(联机与脱机)。Fixed an issue where SSMS wasn't honoring the Help settings (online vs. offline).
高 DPIHigh DPI 修复了不受支持的查询选项的错误对话框中的控件布局。Fixed layout of controls in error dialogs for unsupported query options.
高 DPIHigh DPI 修复了 SSMS 的某些本地化版本上“新建可用性组”页面中控件的布局 。Fixed layout of controls in New Availability Group page which on some localized version of SSMS.
高 DPIHigh DPI 修复了“新建作业计划”页面的布局 。Fixed layout of New Job Schedule page. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
导入平面文件Import flat file 修复了以下问题:在导入期间,行可能会在无任何通知的情况下丢失。Fixed in an issue where rows could be silently lost during the import.
Intellisense/编辑器Intellisense/editor 减少了流向 IntelliSense 的 Azure SQL 数据库的基于 SMO 的查询流量。Reduced SMO-based query traffic to Azure SQL databases for IntelliSense.
Intellisense/编辑器Intellisense/editor 修复了在键入 T-SQL 以创建用户时显示的工具提示中的语法错误。Fixed grammatical error in the tooltip displayed when typing T-SQL to create a user. 此外,修复了错误消息以区分用户和登录名。Also, fixed the error message to disambiguate between users and logins.
日志查看器Log Viewer 修复了以下问题:即使双击对象资源管理器中旧的存档符号,SSMS 也始终打开当前服务器(或代理)日志。Fixed an issue where SSMS always opens the current server (or agent) log, even if double-clicking an older archive sign in the Object Explorer. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
SSMS 安装SSMS setup 修复了以下问题:当安装日志路径包含空格时导致 SSMS 安装失败。Fixed the issue that was causing SSMS set up to fail when the setup log path contained spaces. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
SSMS 安装SSMS setup 修复了以下问题:SSMS 在显示初始屏幕后立即退出。Fixed an issue where SSMS was exiting immediately after showing the splash screen.
有关更多详细信息,请参阅以下站点:UserVoiceSSMS 拒绝启动数据库管理员See these sites for more details: UserVoice, SSMS Refuses to Start, and Database Administrators.
对象资源管理器Object explorer 解除了在 Linux 上连接到 SQL 时对“启用 PowerShell”的启用限制 。Lifted restriction on enabling start PowerShell when connected to SQL on Linux.
对象资源管理器Object explorer 修复了以下问题:在尝试展开 Polybase/横向扩展组节点时(连接到计算节点时)导致 SSMS 崩溃。Fixed an issue that was causing SSMS to crash when trying to expand the Polybase/Scale-out Group node (when connected to a compute node).
对象资源管理器Object explorer 修复了以下问题:即使在禁用给定索引后,“禁用”菜单项仍然处于启用状态 。Fixed an issue where the Disabled menu item was still enabled, even after disabling a given Index. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
报表Reports 将报表更正为以 KB 为单位显示 GrantedQueryMemory(SQL 性能仪表板报表)。Correcting report to display GrantedQueryMemory in KB (SQL Performance Dashboard report). 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
报表Reports 改进了对 Always-On 方案中日志块的跟踪。Improved the tracing of the log block in Always-On scenarios.
显示计划ShowPlan 在显示计划架构中添加了新的显示计划元素 SpillOccurred 。Added new showplan element SpillOccurred to showplan schema.
显示计划ShowPlan 向显示计划架构添加了远程读取(ActualPageServerReads、ActualPageServerReadAheads、ActualLobPageServerReads、ActualLobPageServerReadAheads) 。Added remote reads (ActualPageServerReads, ActualPageServerReadAheads ActualLobPageServerReads, ActualLobPageServerReadAheads) to showplan schema.
SMO/脚本SMO/scripting 避免在非图形表的脚本编写期间查询边缘约束。Avoid querying edge constraints during scripting for non-graph tables.
SMO/脚本SMO/scripting 删除了在使用数据分类编写列的脚本时,对敏感度分类的约束 。Removed constraint on sensitivity classification when scripting columns with Data classification.
SMO/脚本SMO/scripting 修复了以下问题:生成数据时图形表上的“生成脚本”失败。Fixed an issue where "Generate Script" on a graph table fails when generating data. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
SMO/脚本SMO/scripting 修复了以下问题:EnumObjects() 方法无法获取同义词的架构名称。Fixed an issue where the EnumObjects() method wasn't fetching schema name for a Synonym.
SMO/脚本SMO/scripting 修复了以下问题:在 UIConnectionInfo.LoadFromStream() 中未读取 AdvancedOptions 部分(未指定密码时) 。Fixed an issue in UIConnectionInfo.LoadFromStream() where the AdvancedOptions section wasn't read (when a password wasn't specified).
SQL 代理SQL Agent 修复了以下问题:在使用“作业属性”窗口时导致 SSMS 崩溃。Fixed an issue that was causing SSMS to crash while working with a Job Properties window. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 UserVoiceSee UserVoice for more details.
SQL 代理SQL Agent 修复了以下问题:“作业步骤属性”中的“查看”按钮不会始终处于启用状态,从而阻止查看给定作业步骤的输出 。Fixed an issue where the "View" button on the Job-Step Properties wasn't always enabled, thus preventing viewing the output of a given job step.
XEvent UIXEvent UI 在 XEvents 列表中添加了“Package”列,以区分具有相同名称的事件。Added "Package" column to XEvents list to disambiguate events with identical names.
XEvent UIXEvent UI 向 XEventUI 添加了缺少的“EXTERNAL LIBRARY”类类型映射。Added missing "EXTERNAL LIBRARY" class type mapping to XEventUI.

已知问题 (18.1)Known issues (18.1)

  • 用户在将对象资源管理器中的表对象拖动到查询编辑器时可能收到错误。Users may see an error when dragging a table object from the Object Explorer into the Query Editor. 我们已注意到此问题并计划在下一版本中提供修补程序。We are aware of the issue, and the fix is planned for the next release.

  • 关闭 SSMS 18.1 之后,“选项”->“文本编辑器”->“编辑器选项卡”和“状态栏”->“状态栏布局和颜色”下的“组连接”和“单服务器连接”颜色选项将消失 。The Group connections and Single-server connections color options under the Options -> Text Editor -> Editor Tab and Status Bar -> Status Bar Layout and Colors do not persist after closing SSMS 18.1. 重新打开 SSMS 后,“状态栏布局和颜色”选项会还原为默认设置(白色)。After you reopen SSMS, the Status Bar Layout and Colors option revert to default (white).

  • 对于在网格、文本或文件中显示的 SSMS 结果中可以查看的数据大小,存在限制There is a limitation on the size of the data you see from SSMS results shown in grid, text, or file

下载 SSMS 18.0download SSMS 18.0

  • 版本号:18.0Release number: 18.0
  • 生成号:15.0.18118.0Build number: 15.0.18118.0
  • 发布日期:2019 年 4 月 24 日Release date: April 24, 2019

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18.0 的新增功能What's new in 18.0

新建项New item 详细信息Details
支持 SQL Server 2019Support for SQL Server 2019 SSMS 18.0 是第一个可以完全识别 SQL Server 2019 (compatLevel 150) 的版本 。SSMS 18.0 is the first release that is fully aware of SQL Server 2019 (compatLevel 150).
支持 SQL Server 2019Support for SQL Server 2019 支持 SQL Server 2019 和 SQL 托管实例中的“BATCH_STARTED_GROUP”和“BATCH_COMPLETED_GROUP”。Support for "BATCH_STARTED_GROUP" and "BATCH_COMPLETED_GROUP" in SQL Server 2019 and SQL managed instance.
支持 SQL Server 2019Support for SQL Server 2019 SMO:添加了对 UDF 内联的支持。SMO: Added support for UDF Inlining.
支持 SQL Server 2019Support for SQL Server 2019 GraphDB:在 Graph TC 序列的显示计划中添加标志。GraphDB: Add a flag in showplan for Graph TC Sequence.
支持 SQL Server 2019Support for SQL Server 2019 Always Encrypted:添加了对 AEv2/Enclave 的支持。Always Encrypted: added support for AEv2 / Enclave.
支持 SQL Server 2019Support for SQL Server 2019 Always Encrypted:用户单击“选项”按钮以启用/配置 Enclave 支持时,连接对话框将显示新的“Always Encrypted”选项卡。Always Encrypted: connection dialog has a new tab "Always Encrypted" when the user clicks on the "Options" button to enable/configure Enclave support.
减小了 SSMS 下载大小Smaller SSMS download size 当前大小约为 500 MB,约为 SSMS 17.x 捆绑包的一半。The current size is ~500 MB, approximately half of the SSMS 17.x bundle.
SSMS 基于 Visual Studio 2017 独立 ShellSSMS is based on the Visual Studio 2017 Isolated Shell 新的 shell(SSMS 基于 Visual Studio 2017 15.9.11)解锁了 SSMS 和 Visual Studio 中的所有辅助功能修复程序,并包含最新的安全修复程序。The new shell (SSMS is based on Visual Studio 2017 15.9.11) unlocks all the accessibility fixes that went into both SSMS and Visual Studio, and includes the latest security fixes.
SSMS 辅助功能改进SSMS accessibility improvements 我们进行了大量的工作以解决所有工具(SSMS、DTA 和探查器)中的辅助功能问题Much work went in to address accessibility issues in all the tools (SSMS, DTA, and Profiler)
SSMS 现可安装在自定义文件夹中SSMS can now be installed in a custom folder 此选项在命令行(适用于无人参与安装)和设置 UI 中均可用。This option is available from both the command line (useful for unattended installation) and the setup UI. 从命令行中,将此额外参数传递给 SSMS-Setup-ENU.exe: SSMSInstallRoot=C:\MySSMS18 默认情况下,SSMS 的新安装位置为:%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18\Common7\IDE\ssms.exe。From the command line, pass this extra argument to the SSMS-Setup-ENU.exe: SSMSInstallRoot=C:\MySSMS18 By default, the new install location for SSMS is: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18\Common7\IDE\ssms.exe. 这并不意味着 SSMS 为多实例。This does not mean that SSMS is multi-instance.
SSMS 允许使用 OS 语言以外的其他语言进行安装SSMS allows installing in a language other than the OS language 已解除阻止混合语言设置。The block on mixed languages setup has been lifted. 例如,可以在法语版 Windows 上安装 SSMS 德语版。You can, for example, install SSMS German on a French Windows. 如果 OS 语言与 SSMS 语言不匹配,则用户需要通过“工具” > “选项” > “国际设置”更改语言,否则 SSMS 会显示英语 UI 。If the OS language does not match the SSMS language, the user needs to change the language under Tools > Options > International Settings, otherwise SSMS shows the English UI.
SSMS 与 SQL 引擎不再共享组件SSMS no longer shares components with the SQL Engine 我们为避免与 SQL 引擎共享组件付出了大量努力,共享组件通常会导致可维护性问题(一方强制改写另一方安装的文件)。Much effort went in to avoid sharing components with SQL Engine, which often resulted in serviceability issues (one clobbering the files installed by the other).
SSMS 需要 NetFx 4.7.2 或更高版本SSMS requires NetFx 4.7.2 or greater 我们将最低要求从 NetFx4.6.1 升级到 NetFx4.7.2:这让我们能够利用新框架公开的新功能。We upgraded our minimum requirement from NetFx4.6.1 to NetFx4.7.2: this allows us to take advantage of the new functionality exposed by the new framework.
迁移 SSMS 设置的功能Ability to migrate SSMS settings 当 SSMS 18 首次启动时,系统会提示用户迁移 17.x 设置。When SSMS 18 is started for the first time, the user is prompted to migrate the 17.x settings. 用户设置文件现存储为纯 XML 文件,从而提高了可移植性并且可能允许编辑。The user setting files are now stored as a plain XML file, thus improving portability and possibly allowing editing.
支持高 DPISupport for High DPI 现默认启用高 DPI。High DPI is now enabled by default.
SSMS 附带 Microsoft OLE DB 驱动程序SSMS ships with the Microsoft OLE DB driver 有关详细信息,请参阅下载适用于 SQL Server 的 Microsoft OLE DB 驱动程序For details, see Download Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server.
Windows 8 不支持 SSMS。SSMS isn't supported on Windows 8. Windows 10 和 Windows Server 2016 需要 1607 (10.0.14393) 或更高版本Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 require version 1607 (10.0.14393) or later 由于 NetFx 4.7.2 上新的依赖项,SSMS 18.0 不会安装在 Windows 8、较旧版本的 Windows 10 和 Windows Server 2016 上。Due to the new dependency on NetFx 4.7.2, SSMS 18.0 does not install on Windows 8 and older versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. SSMS 安装程序会阻止这些系统。SSMS setup blocks those systems. 仍然支持 Windows 8.1。Windows 8.1 is still supported.
SSMS 不再添加到 PATH 环境变量SSMS is no longer added to the PATH environment variable SSMS.EXE 的路径(以及常规工具)不再添加到路径中。Path to SSMS.EXE (and tools in general) isn't added to the path anymore. 用户可以手动添加它,也可以在新式 Windows 计算机上使用“开始”菜单添加。Users can either manually add it, or if on a modern Windows computer, use on the Start menu.
不再需要包 ID 来开发 SSMS 扩展Package IDs are no longer needed to develop SSMS Extensions 以前 SSMS 仅选择性地加载已知包,因此需要开发人员注册其自己的包。In the past, SSMS was selectively loading only well-known packages, thus requiring developers to register their own package. 这种情况不会再出现。This is no longer the case.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 在 SSMS 中公开文件组的 AUTOGROW_ALL_FILES 配置选项。Exposing AUTOGROW_ALL_FILES config option for Filegroups in SSMS.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 从 SSMS GUI 中删除了有风险的“轻型池”和“优先级提升”选项。Removed risky 'lightweight pooling' and 'priority boost' options from SSMS GUI. 有关详细信息,请参阅优先级提升详细信息 - 以及不建议这样做的原因For details, see Priority boost details – and why it’s not recommended.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 用于创建文件的新建菜单和键绑定:Ctrl+Alt+N 。New menu and key bindings to creates files: CTRL+ALT+N. CTRL + N 继续创建一个新查询 。CTRL+N continues to create a new query.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 用户现在可以使用“新防火墙规则”对话框指定规则名称,而不是代表用户自动生成一个规则名称 。New Firewall Rule dialog now allows the user to specify a rule name, instead of automatically generating one on behalf of the user.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 特别针对 v140+ T-SQL 改进了编辑器中的 IntelliSense。Improved IntelliSense in Editor especially for v140+ T-SQL.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 在 SSMS UI 中的排序规则对话框上为 UTF-8 添加了支持。Added support in SSMS UI for UTF-8 on collation dialog.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 为连接对话框 MRU 密码切换到了“Windows 凭据管理器”。Switched to "Windows Credential Manager" for connection dialog MRU passwords. 这将解决一个长期未解决的问题,即密码的持久性并非始终可靠。This addresses a long outstanding issue where persistence of passwords wasn't always reliable.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 通过确保在预期监视器上弹出越来越多的对话框和窗口,改进了对多监视器系统的支持。Improved support for multi-monitor systems by making sure that more and more dialogs and windows pop up on the expected monitor.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 在“服务器属性”对话框的“新建数据库设置”页中公开了“备份校验和默认”服务器配置。Exposed the 'backup checksum default' server configuration in the new Database Settings page of the Server Properties Dialog. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/08035-sql-server/suggestions/34634974For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/08035-sql-server/suggestions/34634974.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 在“配置 SQL Server 错误日志”下公开了“错误日志文件的最大大小”。Exposed "maximum size for error log files" under "Configure SQL Server Error Logs". 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/33624115For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/33624115.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 在“工具”菜单下添加了“迁移到 Azure”– 我们集成了数据库迁移助手和 Azure 数据库迁移服务,提供快速便捷的访问,帮助加快迁移到 Azure 的过程。Added "Migrate to Azure" under Tools menu – We have integrated Database Migration Assistant and Azure Database Migration Service to provide quick and easy access to help accelerate your migrations to Azure.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 添加了逻辑,提示用户在使用“更改连接”时提交打开的事务。Added logic to prompt the user to commit open transactions when "Change connection" is used.
Azure Data Studio 集成Azure Data Studio integration 添加了启动/下载 Azure Data Studio 的菜单项。Added menu item to start/download Azure Data Studio.
Azure Data Studio 集成Azure Data Studio integration 向对象资源管理器添加了“启动 Azure Data Studio”菜单项。Added "Start Azure Data Studio" menu item to Object Explorer.
Azure Data Studio 集成Azure Data Studio integration 右键单击 OE 中的数据库节点时,将向用户显示上下文菜单,以在 Azure Data Studio 中运行查询或创建新笔记本。When right-clicking on a database node in OE, the user is presented with context menus to either run a query or create a new notebook in Azure Data Studio.
Azure SQL 支持Azure SQL support SLO/Edition/MaxSize 数据库属性现在接受自定义名称,方便支持 Azure SQL 数据库的未来版本。SLO/Edition/MaxSize database properties now accept custom names, making it easier to support future editions of Azure SQL databases.
Azure SQL 支持Azure SQL support 添加了对 vCore SKU(常规用途和业务关键)的支持:Gen4_24 和所有 Gen5。Added support for vCore SKUs (General Purpose and Business Critical): Gen4_24 and all the Gen5.
Azure SQL 托管实例Azure SQL managed instance 连接到 Azure SQL 托管实例时,在 SMO 和 SSMS 中添加了新的“AAD 登录”作为新登录类型。Added new "AAD logins" as a new login type in SMO and SSMS when connected to an Azure SQL managed instance.
AlwaysOnAlways On 在 SSMS Always On 仪表板中重新处理 RTO(估计恢复时间)和 RPO(估计的数据丢失)。Rehash RTO (estimated recovery time) and RPO (estimated data loss) in SSMS Always on Dashboard. 请参阅 https://docs.microsoft.com/sql/database-engine/availability-groups/windows/monitor-performance-for-always-on-availability-groups 中更新后的文档。See the updated documentation at https://docs.microsoft.com/sql/database-engine/availability-groups/windows/monitor-performance-for-always-on-availability-groups.
始终加密Always Encrypted “连接到服务器”对话框中新“Always Encrypted”选项卡的“启用 Always Encrypted”复选框现在提供为数据库连接启用/禁用 Always Encrypted 的简便方法。The Enable Always Encrypted checkbox in the new Always Encrypted tab in the Connect to Server dialog now provides an easy way to enable/disable Always Encrypted for a database connection.
具有安全 Enclave 的 Always EncryptedAlways Encrypted with secure enclaves 已在 SQL Server 2019 预览版中进行多项增强来支持具有安全 Enclave 的 Always Encrypted:“连接到服务器”对话框(新的“Always Encrypted”选项卡)中指定 Enclave 证明 URL 的文本字段。Several enhancements have been made to support Always Encrypted with secure enclaves in SQL Server 2019 preview: A text field for specifying enclave attestation URL in the Connect to Server dialog (the new Always Encrypted tab). “新列主密钥”对话框中用于控制新列主密钥是否允许 Enclave 计算的新复选框。The new checkbox in the New Column Master Key dialog to control whether a new column master key allows enclave computations. 其他 Always Encrypted 密钥管理对话框现在可公开列主密钥允许 Enclave 计算的信息。Other Always Encrypted key management dialogs now expose the information on which column master keys allow enclave computations.
审核文件Audit Files 已将身份验证方法从基于存储帐户密钥更改为基于 Azure AD 的身份验证。Changed authentication method from Storage Account Key based to Azure AD-based authentication.
审核文件Audit Files 对已知的审核操作列表进行了更新以包含 FEATURE RESTRICTION ADD/CHANGE GROUP/DROP。Updated list of known audit actions to include FEATURE RESTRICTION ADD/CHANGE GROUP/DROP.
数据分类Data Classification 重新组织了数据分类任务菜单:将子菜单添加到了数据库任务菜单中,并添加了从菜单中打开报表而无需先打开分类数据窗口的选项。Reorganized data classification task menu: added sub menu to the database tasks menu and added an option to open the report from the menu without opening the classify data window first.
数据分类Data Classification 向 SMO 添加了新功能“数据分类”。Added new feature 'Data classification' to SMO. 列对象公开新属性:SensitivityLabelName、SensitivityLabelId、SensitivityInformationTypeName、SensitivityInformationTypeId 和 IsClassified(只读)。Column object exposes new properties: SensitivityLabelName, SensitivityLabelId, SensitivityInformationTypeName, SensitivityInformationTypeId, and IsClassified (read-only). 有关详细信息,请参阅 ADD SENSITIVITY CLASSIFICATION (Transact-SQL)For more information, see ADD SENSITIVITY CLASSIFICATION (Transact-SQL)
数据分类Data Classification 向“数据分类”浮出控件添加了新的“分类报表”菜单项。Added new "Classification Report" menu item to the "Data Classification" flyout.
数据分类Data Classification 更新了建议。Updated recommendations.
数据库兼容性级别升级Database Compatibility Level Upgrade 在“数据库名称” > “任务” > “数据库升级”下添加了一个新选项。Added a new option under Database name > Tasks > Database Upgrade. 此选项将启动新的查询优化助手 (QTA),引导用户完成以下过程 :在升级数据库兼容性级别之前,收集性能基线。This starts the new Query Tuning Assistant (QTA) to guide the user through the process of: Collecting a performance baseline before upgrading the database compatibility level. 升级到所需数据库兼容性级别。Upgrading to the desired database compatibility level. 对同一工作负荷收集第二轮性能数据。Collecting a second pass of performance data over the same workload. 检测工作负荷回归并提供测试建议,以提高工作负荷性能。Detect workload regressions, and provide tested recommendations to improve workload performance. 这类似于在查询存储使用方案中记录的数据库升级过程,最后一步(QTA 不依赖之前已知的良好状态来生成建议)除外。This is close to the database upgrade process documented in query store usage scenarios, except for the last step where QTA does not rely on a previously known good state to generate recommendations.
数据层应用程序向导Data-tier Application Wizard 添加了对使用图形表导入/导出数据层应用程序的支持。Added support to import/export data-tier application with graph tables.
平面文件导入向导Flat File Import Wizard 添加了用于通知用户导入可能已导致列重命名的逻辑。Added logic to notify the user that an import may have resulted in a renaming of the columns.
Integration Services (SSIS)Integration Services (SSIS) 添加了支持,使客户能够在 Azure 政府云中的 Azure-SSIS IR 上安排 SSIS 包。Added support to allow customers to schedule SSIS packages on Azure-SSIS IRs that are in Azure Government cloud.
Integration Services (SSIS)Integration Services (SSIS) 通过 SSMS 使用 Azure SQL 托管实例的 SQL 代理时,可以在 SSIS 代理作业步骤中配置参数和连接管理器。When you use SQL Agent of Azure SQL managed instance via SSMS, you can configure parameter and connection manager in SSIS agent job step.
Integration Services (SSIS)Integration Services (SSIS) 连接到 Azure SQL DB/托管实例时,可以使用“default”作为初始数据库与它进行连接 。When connecting to Azure SQL DB/managed instance, you can connect to it with default as initial db.
Integration Services (SSIS)Integration Services (SSIS) 在“Integration Services 目录”节点下添加了“在 Azure 数据工厂中尝试 SSIS”的新条目项,此条目项可用于启动“Integration Runtime 创建向导”并快速创建“Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime” 。Added a new entry item Try SSIS in Azure Data Factory under "Integration Services Catalogs" node, which can be used to launch the "Integration Runtime Creation Wizard" and create "Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime" quickly.
Integration Services (SSIS)Integration Services (SSIS) 在目录创建向导中添加了“创建 SSIS IR”按钮,该按钮可用于启动“Integration Runtime 创建向导”并快速创建“Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime” 。Added Create SSIS IR button in "Catalog Creation Wizard," which can be used to launch the "Integration Runtime Creation Wizard" and create "Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime" quickly.
Integration Services (SSIS)Integration Services (SSIS) ISDeploymentWizard 现支持命令行模式下的 SQL 身份验证、Azure Active Directory 集成身份验证和 Azure Active Directory 密码身份验证。ISDeploymentWizard now supports SQL Auth, Azure Active Directory Integrated Auth, and Azure Active Directory Password Auth in command-line mode.
Integration Services (SSIS)Integration Services (SSIS) 部署向导现支持创建和部署到 Azure 数据工厂 SSIS Integration Runtime。Deployment Wizard now supports creating and deploying to Azure Data Factory SSIS Integration Runtime.
对象脚本Object Scripting 编写对象脚本时,为“CREATE OR ALTER”添加了新的菜单项。Add new menu items for "CREATE OR ALTER" when scripting objects.
查询存储Query Store 向图表 Y 轴上显示的数字添加千位分隔符,改善了部分报表(资源总消耗)的可用性。Improved usability of some reports (Overall Resource Consumptions) by adding thousands of separators to numbers displayed on the Y-axis of the charts.
查询存储Query Store 添加了新的查询等待统计信息报表。Added a new Query Wait Statistics report.
查询存储Query Store 在“跟踪查询”视图中添加了“执行计数”指标。Added "Execution Count" metric to "Tracked Query" View.
复制工具Replication Tools 在复制监视器和 SSMS 中添加了对非默认端口规范功能的支持。Added support for non-default port specification feature in Replication Monitor and SSMS.
显示计划ShowPlan 如果可用,则在显示计划运算符节点下添加实际运行时间、实际行与估计行。Added actual time elapsed, actual vs. estimated rows under ShowPlan operator node if they're available. 这使实际计划看起来与实时查询统计信息计划一致。This makes the actual plan look consistent with Live Query Stats plan.
显示计划ShowPlan 为显示计划单击“编辑查询”按钮时修改了工具提示并添加了注释,以向用户表明如果查询超过 4000 个字符,则 SQL 引擎可能会截断该显示计划。Modified tooltip and added comment when clicking on Edit Query Button for a ShowPlan, to indicate to user that the ShowPlan might be truncated by the SQL engine if the query is over 4000 characters.
显示计划ShowPlan 添加了显示“Materializer 运算符(外部选择)”的逻辑。Added logic to display the "Materializer Operator (External Select)".
显示计划ShowPlan 添加新的显示计划属性 BatchModeOnRowStoreUsed 以轻松识别正在使用“行存储的批处理模式扫描”功能的查询。Add new showplan attribute BatchModeOnRowStoreUsed to easily identify queries that are using the " batch-mode scan on rowstores" feature. 每当查询执行行存储的批处理模式扫描时,都会将新属性 (BatchModeOnRowStoreUsed="true") 添加到 StmtSimple 元素。Anytime a query performs batch-mode scan on rowstores, a new attribute (BatchModeOnRowStoreUsed="true") gets added to StmtSimple element.
显示计划ShowPlan 为 DW ROLLUP 和 CUBE 添加了对 LocalCube RelOp 的显示计划支持。Added Showplan Support to LocalCube RelOp for DW ROLLUP and CUBE.
显示计划ShowPlan 适用于 Azure SQL 数据仓库中新的 ROLLUP 和 CUBE 聚合功能的新 LocalCube 运算符。New LocalCube operator for the new ROLLUP and CUBE aggregation feature in Azure SQL Data Warehouse.
SMOSMO 为可恢复索引创建扩展 SMO 支持。Extend SMO Support for Resumable Index Creation.
SMOSMO 在 SMO 对象(“PropertyMissing”)上添加了新事件以帮助应用程序作者更快地检测 SMO 性能问题。Added new event on SMO objects ("PropertyMissing") to help application authors to detect SMO performance issues sooner.
SMOSMO 公开了 Configuration 对象上新的 DefaultBackupChecksum 属性,该属性映射到“备份校验和默认值”服务器配置。Exposed new DefaultBackupChecksum property on the Configuration object, which maps to the "backup checksum default" server configuration.
SMOSMO 公开了 Server 对象上新的 ProductUpdateLevel 属性,该属性映射到正在使用的 SQL 版本(例如 CU12 和 RTM)的服务级别上。Exposed new ProductUpdateLevel property on the Server object, which maps to the servicing level for the version of SQL in use (for example, CU12, RTM).
SMOSMO 公开了 Database 对象上新的 LastGoodCheckDbTime 属性,该属性映射到“lastgoodcheckdbtime”数据库属性上。Exposed new LastGoodCheckDbTime property on Database object, which maps to "lastgoodcheckdbtime" database property. 如果该属性不可用,则将返回默认值“1900/1/1 凌晨 12:00:00”。If such property isn't available, a default value of 1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM will be returned.
SMOSMO 将 RegSrvr.xml 文件(注册服务器配置文件)的位置移动到了“%AppData%\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio”(未进行版本控制,因此可以跨 SSMS 版本共享)。Moved location for RegSrvr.xml file (Registered Server configuration file) to "%AppData%\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio" (unversioned, so it can be shared across versions of SSMS).
SMOSMO 添加了“云见证”作为新的仲裁类型,以及作为新的资源类型。Added "Cloud Witness" as a new quorum type and as a new resource type.
SMOSMO 在 SMO 和 SSMS 中添加了对“边缘约束”的支持。Added support for "Edge Constraints" in both SMO and SSMS.
SMOSMO 同时在 SMO 和 SSMS 中为“边缘约束”添加了级联删除。Added cascade delete support to "Edge Constraints" in both SMO and SSMS.
SMOSMO 添加了对数据分类“读写”权限的支持。Added support for data classification "read-write" permissions.
漏洞评估Vulnerability Assessment 在 Azure SQL DW 上启用了漏洞评估任务菜单。Enabled Vulnerability Assessment tasks menu on Azure SQL DW.
漏洞评估Vulnerability Assessment 更改了在 Azure SQL 托管实例服务器上运行的漏洞评估规则集,以便“漏洞评估”扫描结果与 Azure SQL DB 中的保持一致。Change the set of vulnerability assessment rules that are run on Azure SQL managed instance servers, so that "Vulnerability Assessment" scan results will be consistent with the ones in Azure SQL DB.
漏洞评估Vulnerability Assessment “漏洞评估”现在支持 Azure SQL DW。"Vulnerability Assessment" now supports Azure SQL DW.
漏洞评估Vulnerability Assessment 添加了新的导出功能,以将漏洞评估扫描结果导出为 Excel。Added a new exporting feature to export the vulnerability assessment scan results to Excel.
XEvent 查看器XEvent Viewer XEvent 查看器:启用了显示计划窗口以获取更多 XEvent。XEvent Viewer: enabled showplan window for more XEvents.

18.0 中的 bug 修复Bug fixes in 18.0

新建项New item 详细信息Details
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 修复了与 GDI 对象相关的常见 SSMS 故障源。Fixed a source of common SSMS crashes related to GDI objects.
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 修复了选择"脚本作为创建/更新/删除"(已删除 SMO 对象的不必要提取)时挂起和性能不佳的一个常见源。Fixed a common source of hangs and poor performance when selecting "Script as Create/Update/Drop" (removed unnecessary fetches of SMO objects).
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 修复了在启用 ADAL 跟踪期间使用 MFA 连接到 Azure SQL DB 时的挂起现象。Fixed a hang when connecting to an Azure SQL DB using MFA while ADAL traces are enabled.
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 修复了从活动监视器中调用时实时查询统计信息中的挂起(或感知到的挂起)(在使用 SQL Server 身份验证但未设置“持久性安全信息”时显示的问题)。Fixed a hang (or perceived hang) in Live Query Statistics when invoked from Activity Monitor (the issue manifested when using SQL Server authentication with no "Persist Security Info" set).
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 修复了在对象资源管理器中选择“报表”时可能表现在高延迟连接或资源的临时不可访问性上的挂起。Fixed a hang when selecting "Reports" in Object Explorer, which could manifest on high latency connections or temporary non-accessibility of the resources.
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 修复了尝试使用中央管理服务器和 Azure SQL Server 时 SSMS 中出现的故障。Fixed a crash in SSSM when trying to use Central Management Server and Azure SQL servers. 有关详细信息,请参阅使用中央管理服务器时 SMSS 17.5 应用程序出现错误和故障For details, see SMSS 17.5 application error and crash when using Central Management Server.
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 通过优化检索 IsFullTextEnabled 属性的方式,修复了对象资源管理器中的挂起现象。Fixed a hang in Object Explorer by optimizing the way IsFullTextEnabled property is retrieved.
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 通过避免生成检索数据库属性的不必要查询,修复了“复制数据库向导”中的挂起现象。Fixed a hang in "Copy Database Wizard" by avoiding to build unnecessary queries to retrieve Database properties.
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 修复了编辑 T-SQL 时导致 SSMS 挂起/故障的问题。Fixed an issue that was causing SSMS to hang/crash while editing T-SQL.
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 缓解了编辑大型 T-SQL 脚本时 SSMS 变得无响应的问题。Mitigated an issue where SSMS was becoming unresponsive when editing large T-SQL scripts.
故障与冻结Crashes and freezes 修复了处理查询返回的大数据集时 SSMS 内存不足的问题。Fixed an issue that was causing SSMS to run out of memory when handling the large datasets returned by queries.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了“已注册服务器”的连接中未传递“ApplicationIntent”的问题。Fixed an issue there the "ApplicationIntent" wasn't passed along in connections in "Registered Servers".
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了在高 DPI 监视器上未正确呈现“新 XEvent 会话向导 UI”表单的问题。Fixed an issue where the "New XEvent Session Wizard UI" form wasn't rendered properly on High DPI monitors.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了尝试导入 bacpac 文件的问题。Fixed an issue where trying to import a bacpac file.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 修复了尝试显示数据库 (FILEGROWTH > 2048 GB) 属性时引发算术溢出错误的问题。Fixed an issue where trying to display the properties of a database (with FILEGROWTH > 2048 GB) was throwing an arithmetic overflow error.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 解决了性能仪表板报表报告在子报表中找不到的 PAGELATCH 和 PAGEIOLATCH 等待的问题。Fixed an issue where the Perf Dashboard Report was reporting PAGELATCH and PAGEIOLATCH waits that could not found in subreports.
常规 SSMSGeneral SSMS 另一轮修复,通过在正确的监视器中打开对话框,使 SSMS 能更好地识别多监视器。Another round of fixes to make SSMS more multi-monitor aware by having it open dialog in the correct monitor.
Analysis Services (AS)Analysis Services (AS) 修复了 AS Xevent UI 的“高级设置”被剪辑的问题。Fixed an issue where the "Advanced Settings" to the AS XEvent UI was clipped.
Analysis Services (AS)Analysis Services (AS) 修复了 DAX 分析引发“找不到文件”异常这一问题。Fixed an issue where DAX parsing throws file not found exception.
Azure SQL DatabaseAzure SQL Database 修复了连接到 Azure SQL 数据库中的用户数据库而不是主数据库时,Azure SQL 数据库查询窗口中未正确填充数据库列表的问题。Fixed an issue where the database list wasn't populated correctly for Azure SQL Database query window when connected to a user database in Azure SQL DB instead of to master.
Azure SQL DatabaseAzure SQL Database 修复了无法向 Azure SQL 数据库添加“时态表”的问题。Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to add a "Temporal Table" to an Azure SQL database.
Azure SQL DatabaseAzure SQL Database 在 Azure 的菜单统计信息下启用了“统计信息属性”子菜单选项,因为它已受到相当长一段时间的完全支持。Enabled the Statistics properties sub menu option under menu Statistics in Azure, since it has been fully supported for quite some time now.
Azure SQL - 常规支持Azure SQL - General Support 修复了阻止用户显示 Azure 订阅(如果存在超出 50 个)的常用 Azure UI 控件中的问题。Fixed issues in common Azure UI control that was preventing the user from displaying Azure subscriptions (if there were more than 50). 此外,排序已更改为按名称而不是按订阅 ID。Also, the sorting has been changed to be by name rather by Subscription ID. 例如,尝试从 URL 还原备份时,用户可能会遇到此情况。The user could run into this one when trying to restore a backup from URL, for example.
Azure SQL - 常规支持Azure SQL - General Support 修复了在常用 Azure UI 控件中枚举订阅时可能会引发“索引已超出范围”的问题。Fixed an issue in common Azure UI control when enumerating subscriptions, which could yield an "Index was out of range. 必须为非负数且小于集合大小。”Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection." 错误的订阅时常用 Azure UI 控件中的问题。error when the user had no subscriptions in some tenants. 例如,尝试从 URL 还原备份时,用户可能会遇到此情况。The user could run into this one when trying to restore a backup from URL, for example.
Azure SQL - 常规支持Azure SQL - General Support 解决了服务级别目标被硬编码使得 SSMS 难以支持更新版 Azure SQL SLO 的问题。Fixed issue where Service Level Objectives were hardcoded, thus making it harder for SSMS to support newer Azure SQL SLOs. 现在,用户可以登录 Azure 并允许 SSMS 检索所有适用的 SLO 数据(版本和最大大小)Now, the user can sign in to Azure and allow SSMS to retrieve all the applicable SLO data (Edition and Max Size)
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 改进/优化了对托管实例的支持:已禁用 UI 中不支持的选项和用于处理 URL 审核目标的“查看审核日志”选项的修复。Improved/polished the support for managed instances: disabled unsupported options in UI and a fix to the View Audit Logs option to handle URL audit target.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support “生成和发布脚本”向导脚本不支持的 CREATE DATABASE 子句。"Generate and Publish scripts" wizard scripts unsupported CREATE DATABASE clauses.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 为托管实例启用了实时查询统计信息。Enable Live Query Statistics for managed instances.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 数据库属性 -> 文件错误编写了 ALTER DB ADD FILE 脚本。Database properties->Files was incorrectly scripting ALTER DB ADD FILE.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 修复了即使选择某些其他计划类型时仍选择 ONIDLE 计划的 SQL 代理计划程序的回归。Fixed regression with SQL Agent scheduler where ONIDLE scheduling was chosen even when some other scheduling type was chosen.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 调整 MAXTRANSFERRATE、MAXBLOCKSIZE 以在 Azure 存储上进行备份。Adjusting MAXTRANSFERRATE, MAXBLOCKSIZE for doing backups on Azure Storage.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 在还原操作之前编写结尾日志备份的问题(这在 CL 上不受支持)。The issue where tail log backup is scripted before RESTORE operation (this isn't supported on CL).
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 创建数据库向导未正确编写 CREATE DATABASE 语句。Create database wizard not scripting correctly CREATE DATABASE statement.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 连接到托管实例时,对 SSMS 中的 SSIS 包进行特殊处理。Special handling of SSIS packages within SSMS when connected to managed instances.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 修复了连接到托管实例时尝试使用“活动监视器”显示错误的问题。Fixed an issue where an error was displayed while trying to use "Activity Monitor" when connected to managed instances.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 改进了对 AAD 登录(SSMS 资源管理器中)的支持。Improved support for AAD Logins (in SSMS Explorer).
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 改进了 SMO 文件组对象的脚本编写。Improved scripting of SMO Filegroups objects.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 改进了凭据的 UI。Improved UI for credentials.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 添加了对逻辑复制的支持。Added support for Logical Replication.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 修复了导致右键单击数据库并选择“导入数据层应用程序”失败的问题。Fixed an issue, which was causing right-clicking on a database and choosing 'Import data-tier application' to fail.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 修复了导致右键单击“TempDB”会显示错误的问题。Fixed an issue, which was causing right-clicking on a "TempDB" to show errors.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 修复了对 SMO 中的 ALTER DB ADD FILE 语句编写脚本导致生成的 T-SQL 脚本为空的问题。Fixed an issue where trying to scripting ALTER DB ADD FILE statement in SMO was causing the generated T-SQL script to be empty.
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 改进了托管实例服务器特定属性(硬件生成、服务层、使用和保留的存储)的显示。Improved display of managed instances server-specific properties (hardware generation, service tier, storage used and reserved).
Azure SQL DB 托管实例支持Azure SQL DB managed instance support 修复了编写数据库脚本(“脚本作为创建...”)没有编写额外文件组和文件脚本的问题。Fixed an issue where scripting of a database ("Script as Create...") wasn't scripting extra filegroups and files. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/37326799For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/37326799.
备份/还原/附加/分离数据库Backup/Restore/Attach/Detach DB 修复了 .mdf 文件的物理文件名与原始文件名不匹配时用户无法附加数据库的问题。Fixed an issue where the user was unable to attach a database when physical filename of .mdf file does not match the original filename.
备份/还原/附加/分离数据库Backup/Restore/Attach/Detach DB 修复了 SSMS 可能找不到有效的还原计划或可能找到的还原计划并非最优的问题。Fixed an issue where SSMS might not find a valid restore plan or might find one, which is suboptimal. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32897752For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32897752.
备份/还原/附加/分离数据库Backup/Restore/Attach/Detach DB 修复了“附加数据库”向导不显示已重命名的辅助文件的问题。Fixed issue where the "Attach Database" wizard wasn't displaying secondary files that were renamed. 现在,会显示文件并添加了相关注释(例如“找不到”)。Now, the file is displayed, and a comment about it is added (for example "Not Found"). 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32897434For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32897434.
复制数据库向导Copy Database Wizard 生成脚本/传输/复制数据库向导尝试创建一个表,其内存中表不强制将 ansi_padding 设置为 on。Generate scripts/Transfer/Copy Database Wizard try to create a table with an in memory table doesn't force ansi_padding on.
复制数据库向导Copy Database Wizard SQL Server 2017 和 SQL Server 2019 上的传输数据库任务/复制数据库向导中断。Transfer Database task/Copy Database Wizard broken on SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server 2019.
复制数据库向导Copy Database Wizard 先创建生成脚本/传输/复制数据库向导脚本表,再创建关联的外部数据源。Generate scripts/Transfer/Copy Database Wizard script table creation before creation of associated external data source.
连接对话框Connection dialog 启用了通过按 DEL 键从以前的用户名列表中删除用户名。Enabled the removal of usernames from previous username list by pressing the DEL key. 有关详细信息,请参阅允许从 SSMS 登录窗口删除用户For details, see Allow deletion of users from SSMS login window.
DAC 导入向导DAC Import Wizard 修复了使用 AAD 连接时 DAC 导入向导失效的问题。Fixed an issue DAC Import Wizard wasn't working when connected using AAD.
数据分类Data Classification 修复了在数据分类窗格中保存分类时,其他数据分类窗格在其他数据库中打开的问题。Fixed an issue when saving classifications in the data classification pane while there are another data classification panes open on other databases.
数据层应用程序向导Data-tier Application Wizard 解决了由于对服务器的访问受限(例如,无法访问同一服务器上的所有数据库),用户无法导入数据层应用程序 (.dacpac) 的问题。Fixed an issue where the user wasn't able to import a Data-tier Application (.dacpac) due to limited access to the server (for example, no access to all the databases on the same server).
数据层应用程序向导Data-tier Application Wizard 解决了当许多数据库碰巧托管在同一 Azure SQL 服务器上时导致导入速度非常缓慢的问题。Fixed an issue, which was causing the import to be extremely slow when many databases happened to be hosted on the same Azure SQL server.
外部表External Tables 在模板、SMO、IntelliSense 和属性网格中添加了对 Rejected_Row_Location 的支持。Added support for Rejected_Row_Location in template, SMO, intellisense, and property grid.
平面文件导入向导Flat File Import Wizard 修复了“导入平面文件向导”未正确处理双引号(转义)的问题。Fixed an issue where the "Import Flat File Wizard" wasn't handling double quotes correctly (escaping). 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32897998For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32897998.
平面文件导入向导Flat File Import Wizard 修复了(在使用不同浮点分隔符的区域设置上)错误处理浮点类型的问题。Fixed an issue where related to incorrect handling of floating-point types (on locales that use a different delimiter for floating points).
平面文件导入向导Flat File Import Wizard 修复了与值为 0 或 1 时的导入位数相关的问题。Fixed an issue related to importing of bits when values are 0 or 1. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898535For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898535.
平面文件导入向导Flat File Import Wizard 修复了浮点数 输入为 null 问题。Fixed an issue where floats were entered as nulls.
平面文件导入向导Flat File Import Wizard 修复了导入向导无法处理负十进制值的问题。Fixed an issue where the import wizard wasn't able to process negative decimal values.
平面文件导入向导Flat File Import Wizard 修复了向导无法从单列 CSV 文件导入的问题。Fixed an issue where the wizard wasn't able to import from single column CSV files.
平面文件导入向导Flat File Import Wizard 将在 SSMS 17.9 中提供] 修复了已存在目标表时平面文件导入不允许更改目标表的问题。will be in SSMS 17.9] Fixed issue where Flat File Import does not allow changing destination table when table is already existing. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32896186For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32896186.
帮助查看器Help Viewer 改进了有关使用联机/脱机模式的逻辑(仍然有一些问题需要解决)。Improved logic around honoring the online/offline modes (there may still be a few issues that need to be addressed).
帮助查看器Help Viewer 修复了使用联机/脱机设置的“查看帮助”。Fixed the "View Help" to honor the online/offline settings. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32897791For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32897791.
高可用性和灾难恢复 (HADR)High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR)
可用性组 (AG)Availability Groups (AG)
修复了“故障转移可用性组”向导中角色始终显示为“正在解析”的问题。Fixed an issue where roles in "Fail Over Availability Groups" wizard was always displayed as "Resolving".
高可用性和灾难恢复 (HADR)High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR)
可用性组 (AG)Availability Groups (AG)
修复了 SSMS 在“可用性组仪表板”中显示的警告遭截断的问题。Fixed an issue where SSMS was showing truncated warnings in "AG Dashboard".
Integration Services (IS)Integration Services (IS) 修复了同一台计算机上安装有 SQL Server 2019 和 SSMS 18.0 时部署向导将无法连接到 SQL Server 的 SxS 问题。Fixed a SxS issue that deployment wizard will fail to connect to sql server when SQL Server 2019 and SSMS 18.0 are installed on the same machine.
Integration Services (IS)Integration Services (IS) 修复了在设计维护计划时,不能编辑维护计划任务的问题。Fixed an issue that maintenance plan task can’t be edited when designing the maintenance plan.
Integration Services (IS)Integration Services (IS) 修复了重命名部署下的项目时部署向导卡住的问题。Fixed an issue that the deployment wizard gets stuck if the project under deployment is renamed.
Integration Services (IS)Integration Services (IS) 启用了 Azure-SSIS IR 计划功能中的环境设置。Enabled environment setting in Azure-SSIS IR schedule feature.
Integration Services (IS)Integration Services (IS) 修复了当客户帐户属于多个租户时 SSIS Integration Runtime 创建向导停止响应的问题。Fixed an issue that SSIS Integration Runtime Creation Wizard stops responding when the customer account belongs to more than 1 tenant.
作业活动监视器Job Activity Monitor 修复了使用作业活动监视器(通过筛选器)时的故障。Fixed crash while using Job Activity Monitor (with filters).
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了 SSMS 在 OE 中尝试展开“管理”节点(错误配置 DataCollector)时引发“对象无法从 DBNull 转换为其他类型”异常的问题。Fixed an issue where SSMS was throwing an "Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types" exception when trying to expand "Management" node in OE (misconfigured DataCollector).
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了在调用“Edit Top N…”之前 OE 未转义引号会导致设计混淆的问题。Fixed an issue where OE wasn't escaping quotes before invoking the "Edit Top N..." causing the designer to get confused.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了无法从 Azure 存储树中启动“导入数据层应用程序”向导的问题。Fixed an issue where the "Import Data-Tier application" wizard was failing to launch from the Azure Storage tree.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了 SSL 复选框的状态不持久的“数据库邮件配置”问题。Fixed an issue in "Database Mail Configuration" where the status of the SSL checkbox wasn't persisted. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32895541For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32895541.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了尝试使用 is_auto_update_stats_async_on 还原数据库时 SSMS 灰显选项并关闭现有连接的问题。Fixed an issue where SSMS grayed out option to close existing connections when trying to restore database with is_auto_update_stats_async_on.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了在 OE 中的节点上右键单击的问题(例如,右键单击“表”并希望执行某个操作,比如通过转到“筛选器”>“筛选器设置”筛选表,但筛选器设置窗体可能未显示在 SSMS 当前处于活动状态屏幕上)。Fixed an issue where right-clicking on nodes in OE the (for example "Tables" and wanting to perform an action such as filtering tables by going to Filter > Filter Settings, the filter settings form can appear on the other screen than where SSMS is currently active). 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/34284106For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/34284106.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了尝试重命名对象时 Delete 键在对象资源管理器中不工作这一长期未解决的问题。Fixed a long outstanding issue where the DELETE key wasn't working in OE while trying to rename an object. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/33073510https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32910247 和其他重复项。For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/33073510, https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32910247 and other duplicates.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 显示现有数据库文件的属性时,大小显示在列“大小 (MB)”而不是“初始大小 (MB)”下,这是创建新数据库时显示的内容。When displaying the properties of existing database files, the size appears under a column "Size (MB)" instead of "Initial Size (MB)" which is what is displayed when creating a new database. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32629024For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32629024.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 由于当前版本的 SSMS 中不支持此类表,已禁用“图形表”的“设计”上下文菜单项。Disabled the "Design" context-menu item on "Graph Tables" since there is no support for those tables in the current version of SSMS.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了高 DPI 监视器不呈现“新建作业计划”对话框的问题。Fixed an issue where the "New Job Schedule" dialog wasn't rendering properly on High DPI monitors. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/admin/v3/suggestions/35541262For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/admin/v3/suggestions/35541262.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了在对象资源管理器详细信息中显示数据库大小(“大小 (MB)”)的问题并改进了显示方式:仅 2 位小数并使用千位分隔符格式。Fixed/improved the way an issue where a database size ("Size (MB)") is displayed in Object Explorer details: only 2 decimal digits and formatted using the thousands separator. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/34379308For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/34379308.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了创建“空间索引”因“要完成此操作,请设置 PartitionScheme 属性”等错误而失败的问题。Fixed an issue that was causing the creation of a "Spatial Index" to fail with an error like "To accomplish this action, set property PartitionScheme".
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 在对象资源管理器中进行了一些小的性能改进,以尽可能避免发出额外的查询。Minor performance improvements in Object Explorer to avoid issuing extra queries, when possible.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 扩展了重命名所有架构对象的数据库时请求确认的逻辑(可配置该设置)。Extended logic to request confirmation when renaming a database to all the schema objects (the setting can be configured).
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 在对象资源管理器筛选中添加了正确的转义。Added proper escaping in Object Explorer filtering. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/36678803For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/36678803.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复/改进了对象资源管理器详细信息中的视图,以显示带适当分隔符的数字。Fixed/improved the view in Object Explorer Details to show numbers with proper separators. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32900944For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32900944.
“对象资源管理器”Object Explorer 修复了连接到 SQL Express 时“表”节点上的上下文菜单(以前缺少“新建”浮出控件、图形表未正确列出,并且缺少由系统控制版本的表)。Fixed context menu on "Tables" node when connected to SQL Express, where the "New" fly-out was missing, Graph tables were incorrectly listed, and System-Versioned table was missing. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/37245529For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/37245529.
对象脚本Object Scripting 整体性能改进 - 生成 WideWorldImporters 的脚本与 SSMS 17.7 相比需要一半时间。Overall perf improvements - Generate Scripts of WideWorldImporters takes half the time compared to SSMS 17.7.
对象脚本Object Scripting 当编写对象脚本时,将省略具有默认值的 DB 作用域配置。When scripting objects, DB Scoped configuration, which has default values are omitted.
对象脚本Object Scripting 编写脚本时不生成动态 T-SQL。Don't generate dynamic T-SQL when scripting. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898391For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898391.
对象脚本Object Scripting 在 SQL Server 2016 及更早版本中对表编写脚本时,省略图形语法“as edge”和“as node”。Omit the graph syntax "as edge" and "as node" when scripting a table on SQL Server 2016 and earlier.
对象脚本Object Scripting 修复了使用 AAD 和 MFA 连接到 Azure SQL 数据库时数据库对象脚本编写失败的问题。Fixed an issue where scripting of database objects was failing when connecting to an Azure SQL DB using AAD with MFA.
对象脚本Object Scripting 修复了在 Azure SQL 数据库上使用 GEOMETRY_AUTO_GRID/GEOGRAPHY_AUTO_GRID 编写空间索引脚本时引发错误的问题。Fixed an issue where trying to script a spatial index with GEOMETRY_AUTO_GRID/GEOGRAPHY_AUTO_GRID on an Azure SQL DB was throwing an error.
对象脚本Object Scripting 修复了即使“对象资源管理器”脚本设置已设为与源匹配也仍然导致(Azure SQL 数据库的)数据库脚本始终以本地 SQL 为目标的问题。Fixed an issue, which was causing the database scripting (of an Azure SQL database) to always target an on-prem SQL, even if the "Object Explorer" scripting settings were set to match the source.
对象脚本Object Scripting 修复了尝试对 SQL DW 数据库中的表(包含生成错误 T-SQL 语句的聚集索引和非聚集索引)编写脚本时出现的问题。Fixed an issue where trying to script a table in a SQL DW database involving clustered and nonclustered indexes was generating incorrect T-SQL statements.
对象脚本Object Scripting 修复了尝试对 SQL DW 数据库中的表(包含生成错误 T-SQL 语句[重复语句]的“聚集列存储索引”和“聚集索引”)编写脚本时出现的问题。Fixed an issue where trying to script a table in a SQL DW database with both "Clustered Columnstore Indexes" and "Clustered Indexes" was generating incorrect T-SQL (duplicate statements).
对象脚本Object Scripting 修复了没有范围值(SQL DW 数据库)的分区表脚本的编写问题。Fixed Partitioned table scripting with no range values (SQL DW databases).
对象脚本Object Scripting 修复了用户无法编写审核/审核规范 SERVER_PERMISSION_CHANGE_GROUP 脚本的问题。Fixed an issue where the user would be unable to script an audit/audit specification SERVER_PERMISSION_CHANGE_GROUP.
对象脚本Object Scripting 修复了用户无法对 SQL DW 中的统计信息编写脚本的问题。Fix and issue where the user is unable to script statistics from SQL DW. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32897296For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32897296.
对象脚本Object Scripting 修复了在“出错时继续编写脚本”设置为 false 时,“生成脚本向导”显示具有脚本编辑错误的错误表的问题。Fixed an issue where the "Generate script wizard" shows incorrect table having scripting error when "Continue scripting on Error" is set to false.
对象脚本Object Scripting 改进了 SQL Server 2019 上的脚本生成。Improved script generation on SQL Server 2019.
事件探查器Profiler 将“聚合表重写查询”事件添加到了探查器事件。Added "Aggregate Table Rewrite Query" event to Profiler events.
查询数据存储Query Data Store 修复了可能引发“DocumentFrame (SQLEditors)”异常的问题。Fixed an issue where a "DocumentFrame (SQLEditors)" exception could be thrown.
查询数据存储Query Data Store 修复了尝试在内置查询存储报表中设置自定义时间间隔时,用户无法对开始/结束时间间隔选择 AM 或 PM 的问题。Fixed an issue when trying to set a custom time interval in the build-in Query Store reports the user wasn't able to select AM or PM on the start/end interval.
结果网格Results Grid 修复了导致高对比度模式(所选行号不可见)的问题。Fixed an issue that was causing the in High Contrast mode (selected line numbers not visible).
结果网格Results Grid 修复了单击网格时导致出现“索引超出范围”异常的问题。Fixed an issue, which resulted in an "Index out of range" exception when clicking on the grid.
结果网格Results Grid 解决了网格结果背景色被忽略的问题。Fixed an issue where the grid result background color was being ignored. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32895916For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/32895916.
显示计划ShowPlan 有多个线程时,新的内存授予运算符属性显示错误。New memory grant operator properties display incorrectly when there is more than one thread.
显示计划ShowPlan 在实际执行 xml 计划的 RunTimeCountersPerThread 中添加以下 4 个属性:HpcRowCount(由 hpc 设备处理的行数)、HpcKernelElapsedUs(正在使用的内核执行的运行时间等待)、HpcHostToDeviceBytes(已从主机传输到设备的字节数)和 HpcDeviceToHostBytes (已从设备传输到主机的字节数)。Add the following 4 attributes in RunTimeCountersPerThread of actual execution xml plan: HpcRowCount (Number of rows processed by hpc device), HpcKernelElapsedUs (elapsed time wait for kernel execution in use), HpcHostToDeviceBytes (bytes transferred from host to device), and HpcDeviceToHostBytes (bytes transferred from device to host).
显示计划ShowPlan 修复了类似计划节点在错误位置突出显示的问题。Fixed an issue where the similar plan nodes are highlighted in the wrong position.
SMOSMO 修复了 SMO/ServerConnection 未正确处理基于 SqlCredential 的连接的问题。Fixed an issue where SMO/ServerConnection did not SqlCredential-based connections correctly. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/33698941For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/33698941.
SMOSMO 修复了使用 SMO 编写的应用程序在多个线程上试图枚举来自同一服务器的数据库时遇到错误(即使在每个线程上使用单独的 SqlConnection 实例)的问题。Fixed an issue where an application written using SMO would encounter an error if it tried to enumerate databases from the same server on multiple threads even though it uses separate SqlConnection instances on each thread.
SMOSMO 修复了从外部表传输的性能回归问题。Fixed performance regression in Transfer from External Tables.
SMOSMO 修复了导致 SMO 在定位 Azure 时泄露 SqlConnection 实例的 ServerConnection 线程安全问题。Fixed issue in ServerConnection thread-safety, which was causing SMO to leak SqlConnection instances when targeting Azure.
SMOSMO 修复了在尝试还原名称中带有大括号的数据库时导致 StringBuilder.FormatError 的问题。Fixed an issue, which was causing a StringBuilder.FormatError when trying to restore a database, which had curly braces in its name.
SMOSMO 修复了 SMO 中的 Azure 数据库默认为所有字符串比较应用不区分大小写的排序规则,而不是针对数据库使用指定的排序规则的问题。Fixed an issue where Azure databases in SMO were defaulting to Case-Insensitive collation for all string comparisons instead of using the specified collation for the database.
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor 修复了还原默认颜色的“SQL 系统表”意外将颜色设置为暗黄绿色,而不是默认的绿色,使其难以在白色背景上读取的问题。Fixed an issue where "SQL System Table" where restoring the default colors was chancing the color to lime green, rather than the default green, making it hard to read on a white background. 有关详细信息,请参阅还原 SQL 系统表的错误默认颜色For details, see Restoring wrong default color for SQL System Table. 此问题在 SSMS 的非英文版本上仍然存在。The issue still persists on non-English versions of SSMS.
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor 修复了在使用 AAD 身份验证连接到 Azure SQL DW 时 IntelliSense 不工作的问题。Fixed issue where intellisense wasn't working when connected to Azure SQLDW using AAD authentication.
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor 修复了用户缺少对 master 数据库的访问权限时,Azure 中的 IntelliSense 问题 。Fixed intellisense in Azure when user lacks access to master database.
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor 修复了目标数据库排序规则区分大小写时损坏的用于创建“时态表”的代码片段。Fixed code snippets to create "temporal tables", which were broken when the collation of the target database was case-sensitive.
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor 新 TRANSLATE 函数当前由 intellisense 识别。New TRANSLATE function now recognized by intellisense. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898430For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898430.
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor 针对 FORMAT 内置函数改进了 IntelliSense。Improved intellisense on FORMAT built-in function. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898676For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898676.
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor LAG 和 LEAD 当前被识别为内置函数。LAG and LEAD are now recognized as built-in functions. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898757For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035-sql-server/suggestions/32898757.
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor 修复了使用“ALTER TABLE...ADD CONSTRAINT...WITH(ONLINE=ON)”时 IntelliSense 发出警告的问题。Fixed an issue where intellisense was giving a warning when using "ALTER TABLE...ADD CONSTRAINT...WITH(ONLINE=ON)".
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor 修复了多个系统视图和表值函数未正确着色的问题。Fixed an issue where several system views and table values functions weren't properly colorized.
SSMS 编辑器SSMS Editor 修复了单击“编辑器”选项卡可能导致该选项卡关闭而非获得焦点的问题。Fixed an issue where clicking on editor tabs could cause the tab to be closed instead of getting the focus. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/37291114For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/37291114.
SSMS 选项SSMS Options 修复了“工具” > “选项” > “SQL Server 对象资源管理器” > “命令”页未正确调整大小的问题 。Fixed an issue where Tools > Options > SQL Server Object Explorer > Commands page wasn't resizing properly.
SSMS 选项SSMS Options SSMS 现在默认禁用在 XMLA 编辑器中自动下载 DTD - XMLA 脚本编辑器(使用 xml 语言服务)现在因可能存在恶意 xmla 文件而默认阻止自动下载 DTD。SSMS will now by default disable automatic download of DTD in XMLA editor -- XMLA script editor (which uses the xml language service) will by default now prevent automatically downloading the DTD for potentially malicious xmla files. 这通过关闭“工具” > “选项” > “环境” > “文本编辑器” > “XML” > “杂项”中的“自动下载 DTD 和架构”设置来进行控制 。This is controlled by turning off the “Automatically download DTDs and Schemas” setting in Tools > Options > Environment > Text Editor > XML > Miscellaneous.
SSMS 选项SSMS Options 将 Ctrl+D 还原成了 SSMS 早期版本中那样的快捷方式 。Restored CTRL+D to be the shortcut as it used to be in older version of SSMS. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/35544754For details, see https://feedback.azure.com/forums/908035/suggestions/35544754.
表设计器Table Designer 修复了“编辑 200 行”中的故障。Fixed a crash in "Edit 200 rows".
表设计器Table Designer 修复了在连接到 Azure SQL 数据库时设计器允许添加表的问题。Fixed an issue where the designer was allowing to add a table when connected to an Azure SQL database.
漏洞评估Vulnerability Assessment 修复了扫描结果加载不正确的问题。Fixed an issue where the scan results are not being loaded properly.
XEventXEvent 已添加两个列“action_name”和“class_type_desc”,将操作 ID 和类类型字段显示为可读字符串。Added two columns "action_name" and "class_type_desc" that show action ID and class type fields as readable strings.
XEventXEvent 已删除 1000000 个事件的事件 XEvent 查看器上限。Removed the event XEvent Viewer cap of 1,000,000 events.
XEvent 探查器XEvent Profiler 修复了连接到 96 核 SQL Server 时无法启动 XEvent 探查器的问题。Fixed an issue where XEvent Profiler failed to launch when connected to a 96-core SQL Server.
XEvent 查看器XEvent Viewer 修复了使用“扩展事件工具栏选项”对事件分组时 XEvent 查看器出现故障的问题。Fixed an issue where XEvent Viewer was crashing when trying to group the events using the "Extended Event Toolbar Options".

18.0 中已弃用和已删除的功能Deprecated and removed features in 18.0

已弃用/已删除的功能Deprecated / Removed Features

  • T-SQL 调试程序T-SQL Debugger
  • 数据库关系图Database Diagrams
  • SSMS 不再安装以下工具:The following tools are no longer installed with SSMS:
    • DReplay.exeDReplay.exe
    • SQLdiag.exeSQLdiag.exe
    • SSBDiagnose.exeSSBDiagnose.exe
    • bcp.exebcp.exe
    • sqlcmd.exesqlcmd.exe
  • Configuration Manager 工具:Configuration Manager tools:
    • SQL Server 配置管理器和报表服务器配置管理器不再是 SSMS 安装程序的一部分。Both SQL Server Configuration Manager and Reporting Server Configuration Manager are not part of SSMS setup anymore.
  • DMF 标准策略DMF Standard Policies
    • 策略不再随 SSMS 安装。The policies are not installed with SSMS anymore. 它们将移动到 Git。They will be moved to Git. 用户将能够参与并下载/安装它们,如果他们需要。Users will be able to contribute and download/install them, if they want to.
  • SSMS 命令行选项 - P 已删除SSMS command-line option -P removed
    • 出于安全考虑,已删除命令行上指定明文密码的选项。Due to security concerns, the option to specify clear-text passwords on the command line was removed.
  • 删除了生成脚本并发布到 Web 服务的功能Generate Scripts > Publish to Web Service removed
    • 从 SSMS UI 中删除了此已弃用的功能。This deprecated feature was removed from the SSMS UI.
  • 在对象资源管理器中删除了“维护 > 旧版”节点。Removed node "Maintenance > Legacy" in Object Explorer.
    • 无法再访问真正陈旧的“数据库维护计划”和“SQL Mail”节点。The really old "Database Maintenance Plan" and "SQL Mail" nodes won't be accessible anymore. 新式“数据库邮件”和“维护计划”节点将继续按照常工作。The modern "Database Mail" and "Maintenance Plans" nodes will continue to work as usual.

已知问题 (18.0)Known issues (18.0)

  • 安装版本 18.0 时可能会遇到以下问题:无法运行 SQL Server Management Studio。You might encounter an issue installing version 18.0, where you cannot run SQL Server Management Studio. 如果遇到此问题,请按照 SSMS2018 - 已安装,但不运行一文中的步骤进行操作。If you encounter this issue, please follow the steps from the SSMS2018 - Installed, but will not run article.

  • 对于在网格、文本或文件中显示的 SSMS 结果中可以查看的数据大小,存在限制There is a limitation on the size of the data you see from SSMS results shown in grid, text, or file

下载 SSMS 17.9.1download SSMS 17.9.1

  • 版本号:17.9.1Release number: 17.9.1
  • 生成号:14.0.17289.0Build number: 14.0.17289.0
  • 发布日期:2018 年 11 月 21 日Release date: November 21, 2018

17.9.1 是对 17.9 的一个小更新,修复了以下 bug:17.9.1 is a small update to 17.9 with the following bug fixes:

  • 修复了在使用带有 SQL 查询编辑器的“Azure Active Directory - 通用且具有 MFA 支持”身份验证时,用户可能会遇到关闭连接并在每次查询调用时重新打开连接的问题。Fixed an issue where users may experience their connection being closed and reopened with each query invocation when using "Azure Active Directory - Universal with MFA support" authentication with the SQL query editor. 此类关闭连接的副作用包括意外删除全局临时表,有时还会向连接提供新的 SPID。Side effects of the connection closing included global temporary tables being dropped unexpectedly, and sometimes a new SPID given to the connection.
  • 修复了长期未解决的问题,即还原计划无法查找还原计划,或在某些情况下生成低效的还原计划。Fixed a long outstanding issue where restore plan would fail to find a restore plan, or would generate an inefficient restore plan under certain conditions.
  • 修复了“导入数据层应用程序”向导中的问题,该问题在连接到 Azure SQL 数据库时可能出现错误。Fixed an issue in the "Import Data-tier Application" wizard, which could result in an error when connected to an Azure SQL database.


如果安装在以下平台中,非英语本地化版本的 SSMS 17.x 需要 KB 2862966 安全更新程序包:Windows 8、Windows 7、Windows Server 2012 和 Windows Server 2008 R2。Non-English localized releases of SSMS 17.x require the KB 2862966 security update package if installing on: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2008 R2.

中文(中国)| 中文(繁体)| 英语(美国)| 法语| 德语| 意大利语| 日语| 朝鲜语| 葡萄牙语(巴西)| 俄语| 西班牙语Chinese (Simplified)| Chinese (Traditional)| English (United States)| French| German| Italian| Japanese| Korean| Portuguese (Brazil)| Russian| Spanish

下载 SSMS 16.5.3download SSMS 16.5.3

公开发布 | 版本号:13.0.16106.4Generally available| Build number: 13.0.16106.4

中文(中国)| 中文(繁体)| 英语(美国)| 法语| 德语| 意大利语| 日语| 朝鲜语| 葡萄牙语(巴西)| 俄语| 西班牙语Chinese (Simplified)| Chinese (Traditional)| English (United States)| French| German| Italian| Japanese| Korean| Portuguese (Brazil)| Russian| Spanish

此版本已解决以下问题:The following issues were fixed this release:

  • 修复了 SSMS 16.5.2 中引入的问题,即当表具有多个稀疏列时,导致“表”节点扩展。Fixed an issue introduced in SSMS 16.5.2, which was causing the expansion of the 'Table' node when the table had more than one sparse column.

  • 用户可以部署包含 OData 连接管理器的 SSIS 包,这些包连接到 SSIS 目录的 Microsoft Dynamics AX/CRM Online 资源。Users can deploy SSIS packages containing OData Connection Manager, which connect to a Microsoft Dynamics AX/CRM Online resource to SSIS catalog. 有关详细信息,请参阅 OData 连接管理器For more information, For details, see OData Connection Manager.

  • 为现有表配置“始终加密”功能失败,在不相关的对象上出错。Configuring Always Encrypted on an existing table fails with errors on unrelated objects. 连接 ID 3103181Connect ID 3103181

  • 为现有数据库配置“始终加密”功能时,多个架构无法正常运行。Configuring Always Encrypted for an existing database with multiple schemas doesn't work. 连接 ID 3109591Connect ID 3109591

  • 由于数据库包含引用系统视图的视图,“始终加密、已加密列”向导失败。The Always Encrypted, Encrypted Column wizard fails due to the database containing views that reference system views. 连接 ID 3111925Connect ID 3111925

  • 使用“始终加密”功能进行加密时,错误处理加密后刷新模块出现错误。When encrypting using Always Encrypted, errors from refreshing modules after encryption are incorrectly handled.

  • “打开最近的文件”菜单不显示最近保存的文件。 Open recent menu doesn't show recently saved files. 连接 ID 3113288Connect ID 3113288

  • 右键单击表的索引(通过远程 (Internet) 连接)时,SSMS 运行缓慢。SSMS is slow when right-clicking an index for a table (over a remote (Internet) connection). 连接 ID 3114074Connect ID 3114074

  • 解决了 SQL 设计器滚动条的问题。Fixed an issue with the SQL Designer scrollbar. 连接 ID 3114856Connect ID 3114856

  • 表的上下文菜单暂时挂起Context menu for tables momentarily hangs

  • SSMS 偶尔在活动监视器中引发异常和崩溃。SSMS occasionally throws exceptions in Activity Monitor and crashes. 连接 ID 697527Connect ID 697527

  • SSMS 2016 崩溃,显示错误“由于在 IP 71AF8579 (71AE0000) 的 .NET 运行时出现内部错误,进程终止,退出代码 80131506”SSMS 2016 crashes with error "The process was terminated due to an internal error in the .NET Runtime at IP 71AF8579 (71AE0000) with exit code 80131506"

卸载并重装 SSMS 17.xUninstall and reinstall SSMS 17.x

如果安装 SSMS 时遇到问题,并且标准的卸载和重装无法解决问题,可以先尝试下修复 Visual Studio 2015 IsoShell。If your SSMS installation is having problems, and a standard uninstall and reinstall doesn't resolve them, you can first try repairing the Visual Studio 2015 IsoShell. 如果修复 Visual Studio 2015 IsoShell 不能解决此问题,可以尝试下面的步骤来解决许多偶然的问题:If repairing the Visual Studio 2015 IsoShell doesn't resolve the problem, the following steps have been found to fix many random issues:

  1. 像卸载任意应用程序那样卸载 SSMS(使用“应用和功能”、“程序和功能”,具体取决于 Windows 版本) 。Uninstall SSMS the same way you uninstall any application (using Apps & features, Programs, and features, depending on your version of Windows).

  2. 通过提升的 cmd 提示符卸载 Visual Studio 2015 IsoShell :Uninstall Visual Studio 2015 IsoShell from an elevated cmd prompt:

    PUSHD "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\FE948F0DAB52EB8CB5A740A77D8934B9E1A8E301\redist"

    vs_isoshell.exe /Uninstall /Force /PromptRestart

  3. 像卸载任何应用程序那样卸载 Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 可再发行组件。Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable the same way you uninstall any application. 如果计算机上有 x86 和 x64,则卸载它们。Uninstall both x86 and x64 if they're on your computer.

  4. 通过提升的 cmd 提示符重装 Visual Studio 2015 IsoShell :Reinstall Visual Studio 2015 IsoShell from an elevated cmd prompt:

    PUSHD "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\FE948F0DAB52EB8CB5A740A77D8934B9E1A8E301\redist"

    vs_isoshell.exe /PromptRestart

  5. 重装 SSMS。Reinstall SSMS.

  6. 如果当前不是最新版本的话,则升级到最新版本的 Visual C++ 2015 可再发行组件Upgrade to the latest version of the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable if you're not currently up-to-date.

其他下载Additional Downloads

有关所有 SQL Server Management Studio 下载的列表,请搜索 Microsoft 下载中心For a list of all SQL Server Management Studio downloads, search the Microsoft Download Center.

有关最新版本的 SQL Server Management Studio,请参阅 下载 SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)For the latest release of SQL Server Management Studio, For details, see Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).