SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 教程Tutorials for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

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SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 将介绍用于管理 SQL ServerSQL Server 基础结构的集成环境。The SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) tutorial introduces you to the integrated environment for managing your SQL ServerSQL Server infrastructure. SQL Server Management StudioSQL Server Management Studio 提供用于配置、监视和管理 SQL ServerSQL Server实例的图形界面。presents a graphical interface for configuring, monitoring, and administering instances of SQL ServerSQL Server. 此外,它还允许部署、监视和升级应用程序使用的数据层组件,如数据库。It also allows you to deploy, monitor, and upgrade the data-tier components used by your applications, such as databases. SQL Server Management StudioSQL Server Management Studio 还提供用于编辑和调试脚本的 Transact-SQLTransact-SQL、MDX、DMX 和 XML 语言编辑器。also provides Transact-SQLTransact-SQL, MDX, DMX, and XML language editors for editing and debugging scripts.

学习内容What You Will Learn

这些教程将帮助你理解 SSMS 中提供的信息以及如何利用其功能。These tutorials will help you understand the presentation of information in SSMS and how to take advantage of its features.

熟悉 SSMS 的最好方式是进行实践演练。The best way to get acquainted with SSMS is through hands-on practice. 这些教程将使你熟悉 SSMS 中提供的各种功能。These tutorials will familiarize you with the various features available within SSMS. 这些教程将讲述如何管理 SSMS 组件以及如何查找常用的功能。These tutorials will teach you how to manage the components of SSMS and how to find the features that you use regularly.

以下是本教程内容:Here is what the tutorials cover:

  • 教程:使用 SSMS 连接并查询 SQL ServerTutorial: Connect & Query SQL Server using SSMS

    在本教程中,你将了解如何连接到 SQL Server 实例。In this Tutorial, you learn how to connect to your SQL Server instance. 此外,你还将了解用于创建并查询新数据库的一些基本 Transact-SQL (T-SQL) 命令。You will also learn some basic Transact-SQL (T-SQL) commands to create and then query a new database.

  • 教程:在 SSMS 中编写对象脚本Tutorial: Scripting Objects in SSMS

    在本教程中,你将了解如何在 SSMS 中编写各种对象(包括数据库和查询)的脚本。In this Tutorial, you learn how to script out various objects in SSMS, including databases and queries.

  • 教程:在 SSMS 中使用模板Tutorial: Using Templates in SSMS

    在本教程中,你将了解如何使用 SSMS 中的预建模板。In this Tutorial, you learn how to work with the pre-built Templates within SSMS. 模板是一项少有人知的功能,可针对各种数据库管理任务存储大量 Transact-SQL 代码片段。The templates are a little-known feature that store a number of Transact-SQL code snippets for various database administration tasks.

  • 教程:SSMS 配置Tutorial: SSMS Configuration

    本教程介绍有关如何配置 SSMS 环境(例如更改环境布局)的基础知识。In this Tutorial, you learn the basics of configuring your SSMS environment, such as the changing the environmental layout. 本教程还介绍各种不同的 SSMS 组件。This Tutorial also explains what the different SSMS components are.

  • 教程:使用 SSMS 的其他提示和技巧Tutorial: Additional Tips and Tricks for using SSMS

    在本教程中,你将了解使用 SSMS 的其他提示和技巧。In this Tutorial, you will learn additional tips and tricks for using SSMS. 本教程包括以下内容:The Tutorial includes the following:

    • 注释和取消注释文本Commenting and uncommenting text
    • 缩进文本Indenting text
    • 在对象资源管理器中筛选对象Filtering Objects in Object Explorer
    • 访问 SQL Server 错误日志Accessing your SQL Server error log
    • 查找实例名称Finding the name of your instance


本教程面向不熟悉 Visual StudioVisual Studio,但熟悉数据库概念和 Transact-SQLTransact-SQL 的经验丰富的数据库管理员和数据库开发人员。This tutorial is intended for experienced database administrators and database developers who are not familiar with Visual StudioVisual Studio, but who are familiar with database concepts and Transact-SQLTransact-SQL.

要使用此教程,必须安装以下组件:You must have the following installed to use this tutorial:

第一部分将指导你完成数据库的创建,但此处提供其他示例数据库:AdventureWorks 示例数据库The first section walks you through creating a database but other sample databases can be found here: AdventureWorks Sample Databases. 此处提供在 SSMS 中还原数据库的说明:还原数据库Instructions for restoring databases in SSMS can be found here: Restoring a Database.

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